Battlefield 5 Assault Class Guide – Assault Unlocks, Combat Roles, Best Weapons, Tips

The Assault class is the main offensive weapon class in Battlefield 5 because it allows you to be effective when engaging in mid-ranged combat. Our Battlefield 5 Assault Class Guide will be helping you understand all the basics of the class so that you are easily able to wreak havoc when on the battlefield using any of the weapons that this class offers.

Battlefield 5 Assault Class

First, we will be taking a look at all of the things that you can unlock for Assault Class and how they scale with the Player Level that you have.

After that, we will be taking a look at some of the combat roles of the weapons followed by other BFV tips and tricks that may be helpful for a new or an inexperienced player.

BFV Assault class gives you a wide berth of weapons and other advantages once you get to a decent enough level; let us see what they are:

Assault Unlocks

These items can be unlocked upon reaching their designated level:

  • Level 1: Gewehr 43 Semi-Auto Rifle
  • Level 2: Incendiary Grenade
  • Level 3: Ruby Sidearm
  • Level 4: Frag Grenade Rifle, Hatchet Melee
  • Level 5: M1A1 Carbine Semi-Auto Rifle, M1911 Sidearm
  • Level 6: Anti-tank Mine
  • Level 7: Club Melee, P08 Sidearm
  • Level 8: Unlocks Vehicle Buster Combat Role, M1907 SF Assault Rifle
  • Level 9: Anti-Tank Bundle Grenade
  • Level 10: Unlocks Assault Proficiency I, Turner SMLE Semi-Auto Rifle
  • Level 11: Repetierpistole M1912 Sidearm, PIAT Rocket Launcher
  • Level 12: Shovel Melee
  • Level 13: STG 44 Assault Rifle
  • Level 14: Pickaxe Melee
  • Level 15: MK VI Revolver Sidearm
  • Level 16: Selbstlader 1916 Semi-Auto Rifle
  • Level 17: Kukri Melee Weapon
  • Level 18: British Army Jacknife Melee Weapon
  • Level 19: Liberator Sidearm
  • Level 20: Gewehr 1-5 Semi-Auto Rifle, Assault Mastery I

STG Only for Close Range

Generally, you want to keep the fights at medium ranges. However, if you do plan to push closer than the STG is the best weapon as it has a very fast rate of fire but high recoil. Other Assault Rifles are better kept behind the frontline.

Finishing Off Enemies

If you do not want to stay behind cover then the Erma SMG could also work for you since it has a good rate of fire along with decent damage.

Make sure that you are comfortable with the weapon before you start using it because the damage fall-off at long ranges could significantly impact your firefights.

Best Explosive

Although the Panzer Faust can be a good tool to take down tanks from afar, the Sticky Dynamite is your best explosive resource that you have at your disposal.

Simply attach it to a tank and then watch it perish to nothing, leaving all the drivers and the riders with nothing to protect them.

Combat Roles

At the launch of the game, there are two combat roles for you. Remember that more roles will be added through DLCs.

Light Infantry
This role is available to you by default and it allows you to scavenge ammunition from fallen soldiers. Apart from that, it also allows you to regain more health through the health-regen system than other soldiers.

Vehicle Buster
The Vehicle Buster combat role is unlocked once you are at Level 8 and it allows you to shoot down vehicles.

The role allows your teammates to see where the vehicles are once you fire at those aforementioned vehicles. You also earn more Requisition Points when you destroy the vehicles yourself.

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