Battlefield 4 Zavod 311 Map Tips and Strategy Guide

Zavod 311 is a medium-large map featured in the multiplayer of Battlefield 4. Zavod means ‘factory’, and the appellation certainly describes a lot about the map.

It basically consists of a large facility in the middle of a forest, with every pathway ultimately converging to the central facility. Since it has its tight perimeters and stationary obstacles, Zavod 311 is one of the more relatively claustrophobic maps in the game.

Battlefield 4 Zavod 311 Map Tips and Strategy

Levolution in this map is carried out in the manufacturing building. There is a countdown timer that can be triggered, which when reaching zero blows a warhead.

The result is a big smoke stack falling down in the central region.

Because of this, the area around the manufacturing and assembly plants becomes very difficult to pass through with vehicles. A radiation field will also be present within the vicinity of the warhead explosion, which can injure you.

However, additional pathways open up, with the accessibility of the tunnel below, while other paths have closed down.


The strategic values of the various smaller factory branches and the large central facility give this map a great touch for Conquest, while its narrow design make it perfect for Rush scenarios as well.

Conquest Tips and Strategy

Squad Composition (Large): Support, Engineer, Engineer, Assault, Assault

Squad Composition (Small): Support, Support, Assault, Assault, Recon

Conquest game mode will have you running about throughout the map, capturing and holding various control points.

This is the oldest and most well-known multiplayer mode in the Battlefield series, and is iconic for its heavy emphasis on vehicle usage and massive distances between key points.

In case of Zavod, Conquest Large (64 player) adds two new control points when compared to the smaller variant. There is the Bunker, located near the RU base, and the Radio Tower near the US base.

The two arguably most important regions in the map are the Assembly and Manufacturing buildings. These two buildings, located at the heart of the map, have ladders that allow you to climb and patrol the regions, this is particularly useful in Conquest Small, as your Recon can take out enemies from these buildings while support gunners defend the zone.

Another major factor in the larger Conquest map is that the Bunker spawns a BTR-90, while the Radio Tower spawns a LAV-25 for the US team.

These two vehicles can turn the tides in battle very quickly, especially in the central Assembly and Manufacturing zones. It is important for both the teams to capture their nearest respective control points for this.

Another major important thing to remember is that you’ll be facing aerial threats as well from the choppers on both sides. For this reason, using internal cover of the central area and Bunker is essential for on-foot infantry.

US Base
The US base in Conquest Large is an open area, while for the smaller variant it starts on the Radio Tower itself.

For Conquest Large, have the MRAPs accompany as many personnel as possible, while a few troops set for the Radio Tower. This should be your first essential capture point.

Your birds should be alive at all times, and their basic objectives should be to pressurize enemy forces and patrol already captured points. Have a few engineers ready at key points such as the Radio Tower and Assembly/Manufacturing zones with Anti-Air weaponry.

Engineers play an extremely essential role in the large variant of the map. At least one of your engineers in a squad should be carrying an Anti-Air while the other focuses on Anti-Armor.

You should also attempt to take your M1 Abrams towards the Bunker, along with at least a couple of engineers for repairs.

Make sure you capture your LAV as quickly as possible and utilize its firepower against on-foot infantry, while at least one engineer accompanies you for necessary repairs.

Vehicles (Large): 1x Quad Bike, 2x MRAP, 1x M1 Abrams, 1x LAV-AD, 1x AH-6J Little Bird, 1x UH1Y Venom

Vehicles (Small): 1x Quad Bike, 1x MRAP, 1x M1 Abrams, 1x UH1Y Venom

Russian Base
The Russian Base starts off near the Bunker control point in the large variant, while it is on the Bunker in Conquest Small. You have easier access to the Assembly and Manufacturing plants from the Russian Base, and you should immediately stack up the SPM-3 to head over there.

Quad Bike personnel should head directly to the Bunker and capture it immediately, while the Tank can attempt to take a long route all the way to the Radio Tower and assault it.

Make sure your engineers are well-equipped for repairs and to repel enemy armor.

Other engineers should hold positions in the Assembly and Manufacturing areas to take out the enemy choppers. Remember: these two regions are the most important in the map, and holding them along with the Bunker will keep you in a dominant position.

Have your Tunguska defend the assembly and manufacturing, but be wary of on-foot enemy engineers on the roads. The Russians generally tend to start off with a bit of advantage in this map because of easier access to the central regions of the map.

If you manage to get hold of the Manufacturing plant quickly, you can consider initiating the Levolution to restrict enemy ground vehicles from entering the central region.

Vehicles (Large): 1x T-90, 2xSPM-3, 1x 9K22 Tunguska-M, 1x Quad Bike, 1x Z-11W, 1x KA-60 Kasatka

Vehicles (Small): 1x T-90, 1x SPM-3, 1x Quad Bike, 1x KA-60 Kasatka

Radar Tower
The Radar Tower is located near the US base, making it very difficult for the Russian team to get to it. However, with the tanks, it is quite possible to take the long road along with a few set of engineers to attack this point.

This should be the US army’s primary control point.

The tower itself is an extremely important vantage area for Snipers. It is very hard to accurately take out the snipers here, except from maybe a chopper, in which case you should have an engineer patrolling the area and attempting to take out any aerial threat.

Though the Radar Tower is pre-dominantly a US-oriented control point, the Russians have an excellent advantage, as they have easier access to the Assembly and Manufacturing.

They can then push forward to the Radio Tower, forcing the US to come back and defend. In the meantime, Russian Bunker and central regions control will ensure that the US points keep ticking down.

Assets: 1x LAV-25/BTR-90

Train Tracks
This control point is a haven for infantry, and an absolute nightmare for vehicles. The region is tight and enclosed, with lots of cover provided with the destroy trains.

Navigating through these regions for a team that is not controlling this point is fairly difficult, because there are quite a few places to hide as a defender.

Vehicles will be foolish to enter this place, as it is heavily surrounded by trees.

Anyone who makes this mistake is doomed to failure against good players, because there are plenty of places to lay mines and C4s, not to mention the cover is excellent for engineers to surprise them.

Engineers will generally be best here with their close-quarter combat weapons. Shotguns and rapid-firing SMGs work very well in this region.

For the US, this is a very important capture point, and the team should send away a couple of engineers here quickly. Its close proximity to the Assault and Manufacturing will make it a vital control point.

The Russians will want to wipe out this area as quickly as possible, as it can become a vital spawn point for the opposition, which can easily overwhelm the central region.

Assets: 1x Quad Bike

Living Quarters
This region is another claustrophobic portion of the map that encourages close-quarter combat.

Assaulters with medium-ranged, rapid-firing SMGs will be encouraged to take control of this region. Both the attackers and defenders have an equal chance in this region, as it features a set of closed buildings further enclosed in a concrete fence.

All these buildings can be demolished easily which can work well for both the attackers and/or defenders.

The large amount of available cover will be great for attackers, so defenders can choose to destroy the buildings for better visibility, and take position to counter pathways that lead to this control point.

Assets: 1x Quad Bike

The Assembly, along with the Manufacturing plant, is the most important part of the map.

A tunnel runs beneath the plant that heads straight to the train tracks, giving a tactical advantage to the team who controls it. However, you will need to carry out the Levolution (initiated from the Manufacturing plant) to actually make the tunnel accessible.

There are various ramps that can be used for defense in the assembly near the flagpole, making it a relatively difficult control point to capture.

As an attacker, make sure you check out these ramps, and also look at the room underground, just below the flagpole; infantry inside will be able to capture the point, so you need to ensure it is clear as well.

The top of the assembly, accessible via a ladder, is an excellent point for recon. You can also plant a Radio Beacon here to allow allies to spawn at this key location, which allows you to cover most of the area.

The Manufacturing plant along with the Assembly is the key position in the game, and also the region where the Levolution can be initiated.

In addition to the Levolution, you can also activate a generator here that will start manufacturing machines; players who come under the machines will be victimized.

The flagpole itself is located inside the manufacturing building itself, which is fairly large, ideal for all kinds of classes (except Recon). There is also a ladder that leads to the roof.

Use it as a vantage point and for the Recon team to snipe anyone coming from outside. It is also recommended to place anti-air engineers here to take out any scouting/assaulting enemy choppers that patrol the skies above this area.

Outside the plant is an M142. You can aim six missiles from the computer inside the vehicle.


The fast-paced, determined, and heavily organized game mode Rush is adored by almost all Battlefield players for its intensity. While Conquest is a test of patience and determination, Rush is a test of teamwork, vehicle skills, and war-strategy.

In Rush mode, the map is divided into various zones. Each zone has two points that need to be neutralized by an attacker, while the defender defends those points.

The attackers have a limited amount of respawns in which they must successful neutralize the points, if they manage to do so, they move to the next zone, and the process continues till all zones are successfully neutralized.

For defenders, they must attempt to defend each zone. If they fail in defending the map, they fail the mission.

Rush in Zavod 311 is fast-paced and intense because of its narrow setup. However, unlike Conquest, you will have access to air-to-ground jet fighters available, making the intensity of the battles rise greatly for both teams.

The Rush map is generally more suited for the US defenders, as they will have superior vehicles and better positions. Russians will have to traverse wide open regions, only to end up in close-quarter combat. Thus, they are susceptible to attacks from above from US jets and choppers.

Zone 1
Recommended US Squad: Assault, Assault, Recon, Support, Support
Recommended Russian Squad: Assault, Assault, Assault, Support, Recon

Zone 1 will give the defenders a huge advantage with 4 Quad Bikes and an LAV that can be accessed easily to the US. You can station the LAV near the M-COMs while your Recon takes out a few respawn tickets initially from a distance.

M-COM station B is a very strong area for the US defenders, as it allows for a variety of different options to take out attackers. Since the Russians will be on-foot, you want to utilize your vehicles and the neighboring cover as much possible.

When it comes to the Russian squad, it will be all about traversing the long road safely. Have your Recon take out any fool that may be visible near the stations, while your infantry squad is wary of C4s and mines around the area.

It’s actually very easy to get carried away as the US defenders because of the seemingly large advantage, and the fact that the Russian attack consists of 100% infantry.

However, it’s foolish to underestimate the capabilities of a strong infantry attack, and if the Russians manage to acquire the vehicles, they can be unstoppable.

As the Russians, you want to divide your attack – have a strong set of squads attack from the center and take majority of the focus, while additional squads take the assault from the sides, in an attempt to get close to the stations.

Assets: 4x Quad Bikes, 1x LAV-25

Zone 2
Recommended US Squad: Assault, Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support
Recommended Russian Squad: Assault, Assault, Engineer, Support, Recon

Zone 2 consists of the living quarters. Since both teams will now have vehicles, it’s time to call in engineers. The US Squad will need more engineers because of the Abrams tank, and also an LAV-25.

The Russians will get a BTR along with an SPM. You’ll need to be careful not to encounter the enemy Abrams, so it’s best to try and use a longer, indirect route with the BTR to utilize its firepower in the best possible manner.

The stations themselves are located near buildings, so there is a lot of cover for the defenders. However, the buildings are destructible, so use your BTR and rockets to demolish them with minimum casualties.

The Recon plays an important role for the Russians.

If he can get close to the M-COM stations and lay a Radio Beacon there, it should make it much easier to attack. The western building is very important for both the teams – any team that controls this building will have a huge overall advantage.

US Assets: 1x M1 Abrams, 4x Quad Bike, 2x LAV-25
Russian Assets: 1x BTR-90, 1x SPM-3

Zone 3
Recommended US Squad: Assault, Support, Engineer, Engineer, Support
Recommended Russian Squad: Assault, Support, Engineer, Support, Recon

Zone 3 will have the Russians starting from the same position as Zone 2, while the US will be pushed back to the Assembly and Manufacturing regions. US will again have disposal to an M1 Abrams here.

Since as the defenders you are at the heart of the map, your Recon members should take positions on top of the Assembly and Manufacturing plants. These vantage points are excellent to hold of the defenders.

As the Russians, you’ll have to traverse a lengthy road with an SMP and BTR. There won’t be many options for vehicles to get up-close, but make sure you use your IFVs to counter the lightweight US vehicles.

Again, make sure you stay away from the Abrams. Have your engineers collectively take it out while your remaining squads focus on neutralizing the Recon and clearing the external regions of the building.

There are a lot of options for cover in the vicinity of the plants, but the US have a strong advantage in this zone.

US Assets: 1x M1 Abrams, 4x Quad Bike, 2x LAV-25
Russian Assets: 1x BTR-90, 1x SPM-3

Zone 4
Recommended US Squad: Assault, Support, Engineer, Engineer, Recon
Recommended Russian Squad: Assault, Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Recon

The final Zone will have the Russians occupying the strong Assembly and Manufacturing region, while the US are pushed back all the way to the Radio Tower.

The Radio Tower obviously means lots of Recon, which is an obvious choice for the open roads that lead to the place. However, M-COM station A is located in a position that is quite difficult, especially since the enemy team has three vehicles, including your once pride possession: the M1 Abrams.

Have your engineers positioned and ready to take out the vehicles. As the US, you will be in a massive disadvantage here. Hopefully your Recon is highly skilled.

For the Russians, stack up your SMP and take the M1 Abrams along with engineers for a ride. Have the BTR go from an alternate route, and use it to take out enemy recon located near the radio tower.

The Russian Recon should place a Radio Beacon near the train tracks or main road to allow for easy infantry deployment. You’ll have to do a lot wrong to lose this Zone as the Russian team.

US Assets: 1x M1 Abrams
Russian Assets: 1x
M1 Abrams, 4x Quad Bike, 1x BTR-90

Obliteration Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

Obliteration is a new multiplayer mode that, like Rush, offers fast-paced, intense combat. Unlike Rush, both teams have multiple enemy stations they need to destroy, while simultaneously defending their own.

The real twist is that there is one mutual bomb that needs to be taken and used to destroy the enemy station.

The US team should establish perimeters near the Radio Tower and Train tracks for defenses. Recons and Support gunners are ideal for this situation.

The Russian team should defend the Bunker and Living Quarters. The Living Quarters region is best defended by a group of close-quarter assaulters, while the Bunker should be defended with Recon and Support.

The Bomb itself is located in the Manufacturing building. Both teams should take their tanks early on and battle it out. Patrolling the Manufacturing and Assembly buildings, and dominating the combat that initiates there is the key determiner of the winner in this map.

The bomb-carrier would need to get into safety in an IFV or (ideally) tank, where he would be delivered from one target to another.

US Assets: 2x MRAP, 1x M1 Abrams, 1x LAV-AD, 1x AH-6J Little Bird
Russian Assets: 2x SPM-3, 1x T-90A, 1x Tunguska-M, 1x Z-11W
Neutral Assets: 12x Quad Bike

Defuse Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault, Assault, Assault, Support, Recon

This fast-paced, intense game mode is very similar to Counterstrike and the infamous Search & Destroy mode from Call of Duty. In this mode, the attackers will have to search for two laptops which they need to acquire, while the defenders attempt to prevent this from happening.

Each players has only one life in this mode, so you need to be very careful with whatever you do.

The Russian team will be the assaulters, finding themselves spawned in the northern part of the map, while the US are spawned at the south end.

Laptop A is located in the Manufacturing building, in the tunnel that connects it with the Assembly plant. Laptop B is found between the disabled tanks west of the Assembly building.

Have your Defenders spread out, with some immediately going to B and a few to A. Use the Assembly building to access the tunnel and defend through there.

As the Russians, you want to tactfully distribute your team and attempt to have one or two players flank to weaken the US defense. Counter-strike and Call of Duty players should have no trouble creating strategies in this kind of mode.

Domination Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault, Assault, Engineer, Support, Recon

Domination is a miniaturized and heavily fast-paced version of Conquest. In Zavod 311, this infantry-based mode is dominated by C4s and Claymores. Place them around the control points you capture, and watch as enemies are blown out.

There are three control points in Domination here.

Control Point A is in Manufacturing, while B is in Assembly and C is located in the destroyed tank area. Utilize the ladders of the manufacturing and assembly and plant Radio Beacons there to ease up the spawning regions.

There is very little time and very little room to cover the entire map successfully, but moving and defending as a team can lead to great results.

Squad Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault, Assault, Engineer, Recon

These infamous modes need little introduction; Deathmatch is as old as first-person shooters themselves. Both the similar game modes are located in the same vicinity, with the Assembly and Manufacturing plants, and the destroyed tank region.

Make sure to utilize the ladders to get on the roofs of both the buildings. Also keep an eye out for the tunnel that connects the Manufacturing plant to the Assembly building. This area will likely be used a lot, and will be very crowded.

If you can manage to fire up some rocket launchers without friendly fire, you’ll have a lot of advantage. You should always keep an eye out for the rooftops.

Make sure you try to chip in some grenades there to clear out any enemy Recon.

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