Latest Battlefield 4 PC Patch Tweaks Spectator Mode and Weapons Among Other Fixes

New Patch for the PC version of Battlefield 4 has been released and it includes numerous tweaks to the vehicles and the weapons of the game. The update also fixes some of the bugs that were being experienced by players in the Spectator Mode.

The weapons that have been tweaked include grenades, rifles, pistols, carbines and especially shotguns which receive more accuracy. The vehicle tweaks includes decreasing the number of missiles that can be carried by mobile anti-aircraft vehicles.

For Spectator Mode, a new chat feature has been introduced which let the players talk to each other regarding the situation of the match. Spectators will now be able see which of the players are carrying bombs in Obliteration and Defuse game modes.

Few icons like ammo and health have been removed from the user interface to have a better view of the combat.

Aforementioned were only major updates that arrived in the update, it also includes some small Improvements like general stability that reduces the crashes that the players were experiencing. Boat mechanics have also been improved to make the ride more easily controllable.

The maximum rank has now been raised to 120. There was an issue that closed the kill cam, it has now been fixed. The new update overall provides good improvements to the Battlefield 4 experience.

You can see the list of all the patch notes in the official Battlelog.

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