Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm Map Tips and Strategy Guide

Tips and strategies to dominate Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm in Conquest, Rush, Domination, Obliteration, Defuse, Squad and Team Death Match mode.

There’s always a map in ever Battlefield game that is dominated by water, with nothing but boats and air-to-ground attacks.

This challenging map design has become iconic in the series, and Battlefield 4 once again features it in the form of Paracel Storm, a large map that emphasizes on being a man of the sea… and air.

Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm Map Tips and Strategy

Paracel Storm itself is made up of a set of small islands that are surrounded by sea. As a player, you will have to be doing a lot of travel on the waters, though options for aerial travel are also present in Conquest.

Though Paracel Storm heavily emphasizes on the use of vehicles due to its abundance of water and vastly spaced islands, the majority of the combat will actually be infantry-based. This is because the map doesn’t feature too many land vehicles.

Players who get sea sick will have lots of trouble moving on foot.

Levolution in this map is quite different. A storm arises that triggers the crashing of a US destroyer on the shore, changing the playing environment in that region drastically.


The storm intensity increases based on round progression, and ultimately lightning strikes the US destroyer. You can then shoot off the turbine holding the destroyer in position to make it crash into the shore.

As a result, the flagpole (for Conquest) will move, and the team controlling the position will be able to utilize battle pickups and the destroyer’s AA Gun, which is a huge bonus against the intimidating jet fighters.

Conquest Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Engineer, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

Conquest mode will have you capturing various control points located on different islands of the map. Paracel Storm is dominated by sea and air warfare, and you will probably witness a lot of sinking boats and crashing helicopters.

There are two Conquest variants for Paracel Storm: Large and Small. The only difference is that in Large the bases are pushed back from the center even further.

Battles in this map will be predominantly vehicle-based in Conquest mode. You will have a lot of air-to-air, air-to-ground, sea-to-air, sea-to-sea battles.

Land vehicles become available as you gain control of various points, but most of the regions are more easily accessed via sea and air.

US Base
The US Base is located on a large aircraft carrier ship, with plenty of vehicles (including jets) ready to transport you to the islands in the center. The RCB-90 is a powerful asset, and should be used to cover the rest of the lighter vehicles.

You probably won’t be facing attacks from the sea this early on, but there are chances that a skilled enemy jet fighter could take down a few boats.

Utilize the chopper’s capacity as well, and drop off your squad to the Firebase Island, which is your first target as the US team. Your lighter boats can travel fairly fast, so it might be worth it to head to points A and B with them while the RCB-90 covers you.

Utilize the jet fighters to harass enemy ground and air vehicles, and to patrol the entire map. One fighter should ideally target ground/sea vehicles while the other attempts to take out choppers and enemy fighters.

Vehicles (Large): 2x PWC, 4x RHIB, 2x RCB-90, 1x UH1Y-Venom, 1x AH-6J Little Bird, 2x F-35
Vehicles (Small): 1x PWC, 2x RHIB, 1x RCB-90, 1x UH1Y-Venom, 1x AH-6J Little Bird

CN Base
The Chinese base is located in the eastern-most part of the map. Like the US, the CN team has a large variety of vehicles to their disposal.

The CN Base is located on the eastern shores. Your first objective should be capturing control point D (Solar Island), and also heading to E. You can attempt to surprise the US team by attacking C as well, but the fight in those linked islands will take place sooner or later, so it’s better to just focus on gaining an initial advantage with other points instead.

Use your air vehicles in the same manner as suggested above in the US section; utilize the choppers for transport, while using the jet fighters to create pressure and dominance.

Both the CN and US are very evenly matched in-terms of vehicles, which makes for an intense and usually very long-USnning contest on this map.

Vehicles (Large): 2x PWC, 4x RHIB, 1x DV-15, 1x Z-9 Haitun, 1x Z-11W, 2x J-50
Vehicles (Small): 1x PWC, 2x RHIB, 1x DV-15, 1x Z-9 Haitun, 1x Z-11W

Dock Yard
The Dockyard is the northernmost control point of the map. It is a relatively quiet zone, but it is tactically a very important region of the map. Teams that control the area will have additional sea vehicles to their disposal.

There is also a large Radar Tower located south of the dockyard, which is a great place for the Recon to tag enemy boats and take out approaching on-foot infantry.

Subsequent control of B (Barracks) along with docks gives a huge advantage, because the available AA gun at B will make it much easier for you to take out air and ground enemies tagged by allies.

Because the Dockyard is open to access from the sea, it is generally a good idea to make your way through it to gain control of the Barracks.

Assets (Large): 1x RHIB, 1x RCB-90/DV-15

The Barracks are the central strategic regions of the map; controlling the Barracks will allow you to easily access nearly all the control points. However, it is also the most sensitive region, and often becomes the base of large infantry battles and a victim to aerial attacks.

To counter these aerial attacks, an Anti-Air mobile unit will spawn here. This unit will be very handy, but do note that there are multiple air vehicle, and it can thus be hard to counter all of them.

For this, you would need at least a couple of Stinger-equipped engineers that could assist the AA unit, while also repairing it, since it will be the subject of constant harassment and assault from air and ground.

The region itself has quite a few buildings for cover, but that would probably disappear in not time because of aerial attacks and ground rocket launchers. However, utilize them by placing Recon and engineer units there for as long as they are intact.

Assets (Large): 1x RHIB, 1x LAV-AD/Type 95-AA

Firebase Island
The Firebase Island is the closest point to the US base. It is probably the first base that will be captured by the US team.

The biggest feature of the island is its large four-story building. This building is a vital strategic point for US Recon, as it gives a vantage point to view the entire map, and to spot vehicles.

Levolution in Paracel Storm directly affects this control point; it will be split in half, and the building will be completely destroyed. However, control point holders will be able to use the destroyer’s AA gun as a result, so it might be a worthwhile bargain if you can’t get hold of the one in the Barracks, or just want to be greedy and have two very different AA units.

Assets (Large): 2x PWC

Solar Island
This Island is the closest point to the CN base. Its landscape is abundant with sandbags and solar panels, which give excellent cover against enemy infantry, making it one of the easier islands to defend, but hard to capture.

In addition to sandbags, the Island grants a 0.50Cal and two HJ-B launchers to boost further defense, allowing point holders to destroy approaching sea vehicles and pin down invading infantry.

The roof of the building here also provides a great view of the map, allowing your Recon players to tag and shoot enemies from a far.

Both the Firebase Island and Solar Island are interlinked by a bridge, and there is often a constant tussle between the US and CN teams for control of both the islands, making it a very busy region with lots of infantry warfare.

Assets (Large): 2x PWC

The southernmost control point, the Shipwreck, is a destroyed aircraft carrier. It is one of the more difficult control points to attack/defend in the map, mainly because it is highly exposed, with the flagpole on the cratered surface of the vessel.

The team who captures this point will gain access to another scout helicopter, which will assist the team greatly. Therefore, it is essential to attempt to capture this point, though defending it can become tedious and boring because of its distance from the other control points.

Defenders can however choose to hide inside the carrier, which can be accessed through an opening. This will force the opposing team to take the fight to the surface or inside of the carrier, giving you a better chance.

Assets (Large): 2x PWC, 1x AH-6J Little Bird/ Z-11W

Rush Tips and Strategy

Rush in Paracel Storm will have the US army attacking, arming eight MCOM stations in four different zones while the CN try to defend. The mode starts off with the US attacking from their ship, and gradually pushing northwards, while the Chinese attempt to defend these stations.

Zone 1
Recommended US Squad: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squad: Engineer, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

Zone 1 will have the US attacking from the southwestern part of the map from a US carrier, while the CN start off north of the island next to the destroyed ship.

The US have an advantage on sea thanks to the RCB-90 and transport helicopter, which can actually allow them to deploy troops on the station quicker.

However, it is important that no one is left behind; make sure all the troops are packed in vehicles and no one has to swim all the way. Attack together and utilize the advantage.

For the CN, you will start off nearer, but with the lack of air transport and methods to counter it, you will have to make-do with plenty of Stinger-wielding engineers. You will have a DV-15 to counter the enemy RCB, so it’s important to take full use of it, and to keep a couple of engineers ready to repair it.

MCOM station A is a bit difficult to defend because of the destroyed ship’s stUScture, but if you can manage to position yourself early, you’ll have a fighting chance.

MCOM B is located on the south end of the ship. Use the underwater ramp northwest from the station to protect yourself from attacks by enemy choppers. Use the hallway there to surprise enemies and take them out when they attempt to get near the stations.

US Assets: 3x PWC, 3x RHIB, 1x RCB-90, 1x UH-1Y Venom
CN Assets: 1x RHIB, 1x DV-15

Zone 2
Recommended US Squad: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squad: Engineer, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

The US starts off from the same place, but this time the CN has much more time to prepare for the attack. The MCOM statins are quite far away, and it would be stupidly unfair if you leave anyone behind; make sure everyone’s in one vehicle or the other (you have plenty, so be patient and let them load), and then set out.

The stations are positioned on the Solar Island, meaning there’s plenty of cover for the CN to take behind the sandbags and panels. Not only that, the stations themselves are located in positions that give the CN advantage.

It’s actually best to wait out for the US team; even though that lone DV-15 will be tempting, it will be useless against so many enemy vehicles.

The MCOM station A is heavily fortified by the satellite and surrounding buildings. Make sure to use these. MCOM station B is located outside a building.

That building is excellent once again for cover and snipers, and especially for engineers to use Javelins on enemy sea vessels. However, it can be destroyed, which should be the objective for the RCB, in order to give easier access to the station.

US Assets: 3x PWC, 3x RHIB, 1x RCB-90, 1x UH-1Y Venom
CN Assets: 1x DV-15

Zone 3
Recommended US Squad: Assault, Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support
Recommended CN Squad: Engineer, Engineer, Support, Support, Recon

Zone 3 is fairly tough for the US, because the CN have a heavily fortified area in the Barracks. Make sure you take out the buildings and neighboring structures to make your assault easier.

The US will start off on the Solar Islands, which is your new base. You will get slightly less vehicles, but that’s okay, since the targets aren’t too far off, and since you’ll mostly be pushing forward with your infantry.

Nevertheless, utilize your gunboat to terrorize the CN troops located on the shore. The CN also have a gunship, which they would want to use to counter, but it’s the only vehicle available to them.

The true strength for the defenders lies in the positioning of the MCOM stations. MCOM station A is located in a trench that has an abundance of 0.50Cals and stationary launchers. Station B is a little more exposed, but it still has a guard building with a 0.50Cal.

These buildings, along with your Recon, are invaluable to your defenses. Make sure your engineers are ready to take out the irritating scout helicopter, and also keep the sea vessels silenced.

The US will want to take down the buildings ASAP, and utilize the scout chopper to mark most of the CN infantry.

US Assets: 2x PWC, 1x RHIB, 1x RCB-90, 1x AH-6J Little Bird
CN Assets: 1x DV-15

Zone 4
Recommended US Squad: Assault, Assault, Assault, Recon, Support
Recommended CN Squad: Assault, Assault, Assault, Recon, Support

The final Zone is a metal-free battle of men against men. This is an all-infantry zone, with the US starting near the shore of the Barracks, while the CN are pushed back to the Dockyard.

Although no vehicles are involved, it is generally recommended to keep an engineer to use rocket launchers here. This will prove useful against the Radar Tower that can be used by the CN during the defense.

The CN will actually be at an advantage, but you can gain a lot with a collective assault from all directions, which will heavily upset the balance of their defense.

Both the stations are in open area, you would want to move as a team and use your Recon to take out enemy troops that are exposed.

Obliteration Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

This new intense mode will have you roaming throughout the map for control of a bomb, as you attempt to battle and take out three enemy targets, while simultaneously preventing the same to happen to you.

The map-scale for Obliteration is similar to Conquest Small for Paracel Storm, with the US base located on the carrier and the CN on the eastern shores. The bomb itself is located in the central region of the Barracks.

The CN will aim for the targets near the Firebase Island, while the US attempt to destroy the ones located around the Solar Island.

Use the helicopters to scout the entire regions, while using the RCB/DV gunboats to move around the bomb carrier. Controlling the tower near the Dockyards is very important for dominance in the Barracks region, so make sure you try to fight for it.

Vehicles: 1x PWC, 2x RHIB, 1x RCB-90, 1x UH1Y-Venom, 1x AH-6J Little Bird
Vehicles: 1x PWC, 2x RHIB, 1x DV-15, 1x Z-9 Haitun, 1x Z-11W
In Field:  8x Quad Bike, 10x PWC, 6x RHIB

Defuse Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault, Assault, Assault, Support, Recon

This mode greatly resembles Counterstrike and Search & Destroy from the Call of Duty series. The map is confined to the region around the Barracks, with the US team attacking, while CN defends.

The CN start off in the east, while the US team spawns near the western shores.

Laptop A is located between the two main buildings of the Barracks, while Laptop B is in the building to the south of the Barracks. Have your CN team spread throughout and use the cover available from the buildings near the Laptops.

The US team would want to utilize the trenches to the south and take the longer way for increased safety. This should allow them to flank the CN defenses as well.

Domination Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault, Assault, Engineer, Support Recon

Domination is a miniaturized version of Conquest with only three control points that are very close to each other. It is a challenging and fast-paced contest with no vehicles in Paracel Storm, limited only to land.

Using C4s and Claymores here works very well, and working as a team is the way to go in a fast-paced Domination game. There is a US battle pickup north of the control point B, which can be utilized to defend the region surrounding the point.

The trenches are a viable option for moving around the map, as they are generally safer than the open fields of the Barracks. B and C can easily be defended by occupying the building to the west.

Squad Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad (Squad): Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon
Recommended Squad (Team): Assault, Assault, Support, Recon, Recon

Deathmatch is as old as first-person shooters themselves, and they are also featured in Battlefield. The intensity of Deathmatch still remains, with a miniaturized map around the Barracks region, though slightly larger than that of Defuse and Domination.

Team work is essential in Squad Deathmatch, whereas TDM is more about survivability and skill.

Use the trenches for cover and tactical purposes, and utilize the buildings. Don’t be shy of using your rocket launchers as an engineer to take out the buildings if multiple enemies are holding up. It’s important to spread out in TDM to prevent becoming sources of multi kills.

There’s very little to say regarding TDM and SDM other than to enjoy and use your skills in the best ways.

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