Battlefield 4 Levolution Guide – How To Trigger Map Events

Battlefield 4 takes DICE’s trademark destructive environments to a whole new level. Called Levolution by the developers, it’s a sequence which triggers destruction on a massive scale somewhere in the map, completely transforming the battlefield.

All 10 of Battlefield 4’s maps feature a Levolution event, and each one alters the war zone in its own unique way.

Each Levolution event not only changes the battlefield visually, but presents new gameplay opportunities. Teams have to change their strategies on-the-fly as the map around them dynamically changes.

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Battlefield 4 Levolution Events and Map Triggers

Every Levolution event has its own triggering factor. Some require players to dole out a ton of damage; using explosives, on a certain structure, while others must be triggered in a more sophisticated way.

We’ll go over each map and its respective Levolution event in alphabetical order.

The Levolution sequence in Dawnbreaker causes the bridge at the heart of the map to collapse.

To trigger the event, you must maximize the pressure in the gas pipes nearby using their respective valves, which can be found beneath the street. The increased pressure results in an explosion, which causes the overpass to fall down onto the street below.

The bridge’s debris blocks the road below, obstructing vehicle use from one end of the central avenue to the other, while also providing valuable cover for infantry encounters in one of the map’s most hectic fighting spots.

Flood Zone
In Flood Zone, a levee blocks a massive amount of water from flooding the area. The structure can be destroyed using explosives, by focusing on the crack in the structure.

Destroying the levee will fill the map with water, closing down certain routes while opening up new ones. Players fill find themselves forced to move to rooftops to avoid the flood. Bringing the levee down also enables the use of different amphibious vehicles.

Golmud Railway
Golmud Railway doesn’t feature anything massive in it. The Levolution is rather strategic rather than destructive.

The map features a moving train with mounted artillery that makes its way towards one of the two team’s spawn points, based on who’s in control of the capture point on it.

The map also has smaller landscape altering events in the form of explosives littered around the battlefield. These IEDs look like a bunch of shells bundled together and can be triggered using their detonators that can be found by following the wires attached to the shells.

The shells create large craters when detonated. Grenades, rockets and other explosives can also be used to make them explode.

Hainan Resort
The left and right sides of the Hainan Resorts can be brought down. This kills off access to certain parts of the hotel, and blocks a few other pathways with all the rubble. To bring down the sides, just go crazy with explosives on the ground floor for each side, and they will begin to collapse.

The resort also has a number of oil spills around it which can be set on fire using explosives. This closes down certain routes, and the smoke leads to reduced visibility.

Lancang Dam
This is one of the toughest Levolution events to trigger, as a massive amount of damage needs to be dealt to the enormous structure to bring it down. You’ll need to hurl as many explosives at it as you can, and primarily focus on the large crack close to the structure’s center.

Once destroyed, the falling debris will level the landscape in its immediate vicinity and will cause a power outage throughout the map.

There won’t be any water spilling out of it though, as the dam is dried up. A lot of dirt and boulders will roll down however, destroying much of the area nearby.

Operation Locker
The Operation Locker map has two major map and gameplay altering events. One is a blizzard raging in the outdoors, its intensity changing on its own. The players have no control over it, and it affects visibility depending on how strong it is at any given time.

The Levolution event however is a large guard tower that can be brought down by using enough explosives on its base.

The map also features a ton of remotely controlled gates that can be strategically used to bar enemy movement and trap them in different parts of the map.

The crumbling tower can be used to level an entire enemy squad if destroyed after trapping them inside the prison gates.

Paracel Storm
This is one of the most impressive to look at Levolution events in Battlefield 4. The Levolution in Paracel Storm isn’t entirely player controlled, although the event can be rushed by players.

After some time, a lightning will strike a wind turbine in the map. Destroying this wind turbine will cause a massive battleship to crash onto the shore, obliterating everything in its wake, altering much of the map.

The ship will still crash eventually even if no player destroys the turbine.

Once inland, players can board the ship and use its AA turrets. The storm will continue to grow stronger over the course of the battle, and the sea will become even more violent making battles on water even more intense.

Rogue Transmission
The Rogue Transmission map features a large radio telescope which can be brought down by taking out the support cables holding it in place.

Once all 10 cables holding it are taken out with explosives, the telescope will crash into the playable area beneath it, crushing anyone unfortunate enough to be directly underneath it. This will also cause a vehicle to stop spawning as its spawn point is at the exact same spot where the telescope falls.

Siege Of Shanghai
The impressive Levolution event first showcased at 2013’s E3 is a sight to behold. The sky-scraper at the center of the map comes crashing down floor by floor, and smoke and powder engulfs the entire map, severely reducing visibility.

To take out the broadcast tower, you have to destroy the support pillars on the ground floor holding it in place.

Each pillar needs at least two shots from a tank, or any other combination of explosives dealing equivalent damage. Once all four pillars are taken out, the whole tower will collapse.

Shanghai also has some player-controlled bollards on bridges which can be used to disable vehicle access along those bridges.

Zavod 311
Centered around an abandoned tank factory, Zaivod 311 has an interesting and strategic Levolution event.

The event can be triggered by arming a warhead using a laptop which can be found inside the central building. Once armed, a timer will start counting down from 3 minutes, at the end of which the warhead will go off.

Anyone caught in the immediate explosion will die, but that’s not all. The area where the structure will collapse will become irradiated, causing damage to all players who enter the nearby region. Vehicle use in the area also becomes rather impossible.

That covers up all the Levolution events currently in Battlefield 4. Let us know which ones you like the most in the comments below.

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