Battlefield 4 Lancang Dam Map Tips and Strategy Guide

Lancang Dam is one of the 10 multiplayer maps Battlefield 4 launched with. The map, although fictional, is loosely based on the Xiaowan Dam in southwest China.

While the Lancang Dam looks nearly the same as the dam it’s based on, the surrounding landscape is radically different; with military installations all around that do not exist at the actual site.

The dam is also dried up for the most part, dispersing only dust and rocks when brought down during the course of a match.

Battlefield 4 Lancang Dam Map Tips and Strategy

The map has five key locations apart from the dam and the deployment areas for both teams, and most of the combat takes place near these sites. Some of these aren’t present in certain game modes, or become accessible later on, as in the case of Rush.

The assets available at these sites also vary depending on the type and the size of a match.

Directly in front of the dam are two of these strategically important sites: the Power Station, and the Research Facility. These two buildings present the greatest amount of verticality in an otherwise level albeit expansive playing field.

In the center of the map is another crucial site: the Islet. The team which holds this critical spot will find themselves much in control of the surrounding waters.

Apart from these three, a good bit of fighting takes place at the Data Central to the west and the Living Quarters on the east side of the map. In game modes with a larger area of the map available, Data Central and Living Quarters serve as outposts to the RU and CN bases respectively.

Lancang Dam features the destruction of the dam itself as its primary Levolution event. The top half of the gigantic structure’s central wall crumbles and the falling debris levels everything nearby.

The event can be triggered by continually damaging the dam by focusing fire from explosive weapons at the crack close to the top of the central wall.

The destruction of the dam has a major impact on gameplay, as smoke and powder engulfs the entire map, drastically reducing visibility in the playable area next to the colossal structure.

It also kills of electricity, causing a blackout in the whole region. The Levolution event also alters much of the terrain next to the dam, and removes a battle pickup from the match.

Conquest Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad (Small): Assault (x1), Engineer (x2), Support (x1) and Recon (x1)
Recommended Squad (Large): Assault (x1), Engineer (x2), Support (x1) and Recon (x1)

Mobility is essential to winning Conquest on this map. Whichever team mobilizes first and captures the Islet on either map type will get the edge over the other side.

How well a team uses their attack helicopters will determine which force ends up in control of this point. The Power Station and Research Facility should be the most contested points in an evenly-balanced match, and holding at least one of the two is vital.

Dominating both these sites will make defending them with fewer fortifications much easier because of them being in close proximity of each other. This allows for a greater number of players to focus on offense rather than retaining captured points.

The two Conquest variations for Lancang Dam are largely identical, although the smaller variant obviously features a marginally shorter playing area, with only three Control Points and a lesser number of vehicles.

The deployment zones for CN and RU are also moved further towards the dam, with Living Quarters and Data Central respectively acting as their new bases.

You should employ the same battle tactics in both and the overall strategy will remain unchanged.

RU Base
The RU base is situated close to the southwestern edge of the playable area in both versions of Lancang Dam. In Large, it’s rather far away from even the closest Control Point, whereas the deployment area in the smaller version is relocated to Data Central.

The first Control Points RU forces must capture are Islet and Data Central, or Islet and Power Station if it’s Conquest Small. Rush towards these and capture them as quickly as you can.

Make sure you use a vehicle; otherwise you won’t get to these locations in time. The two BTR-90s available at bases in both map sizes are amphibious, so utilize them accordingly.

You’ll find resistance at Islet in both variations of the map, but taking over Data Central in the large variant should be a breeze.

Only a few (even one is enough) should stay around to capture this point, and the rest should move further along towards the dam and contest with CN forces for control of the Power Station and the Research Facility Control Points.

Vehicles (Small): VDV Buggy (x2), BTR-90 (x2), DV-15 (x1), Z-11W (x1)
Vehicles (Large): VDV Buggy (x2), BTR-90 (x2), T-90A (x2), 9K22 Tunguska-M (x1), RHIB (x2), DV-15 (x1), Z-11W (x1), MI-28 Havoc (x1), SU-25TM Frogfoot (x1), SU-50 (x1)

CN Base
The CN base is located on the opposite bank of the dam overflow from the RU base in both map types. Much like the RU base, the deployment zone for CN forces is shifted to Living Quarters from its position at the south-eastern bottom of the battlefield in the smaller map size.

Everything said above for RU forces also applies to players in CN. The order in which you’ll go for the various Control Points changes, of course, though the Islet remains a priority.

The Z-10W’s improved offensive capabilities can ensure the Islet ends up in CN control, provided it is used effectively.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in the large map. Other than the Islet, CN forces should rush the Research Facility or the Living Quarters, depending on the size of the map.

Vehicles (Small): LYT2021 (x2), ZBD-09 (x2), DV-15 (x1), Z-11W (x1)
Vehicles (Large): LYT2021 (x2), ZBD-09 (x2), Type 99 MBT (x2), Type 95 AA (x1), RHIB (x2), DV-15 (x1), Z-11W (x1), Z-10W (x1), Q-5 Fantan (x1), J-20 (x1)

Data Central
This small cluster of three identical buildings serves as the RU base in Conquest Small, and acts as a critical spawn point in the larger variant of the map. All three only have two floors, and the roofs are accessible, making them good vantage points for snipers.

The primary purpose of this site in Conquest Large is to allow the RU forces to deploy closer to the dam. The additional RHIB and the light vehicle give the team controlling this location greater mobility.

Vehicles (Small): Refer to RU Base Vehicles for Conquest Small
Vehicles (Large): RU Control – VDV Buggy (x1), RHIB (x1) / CN Control – LYT2021 (x1), RHIB (x1)

Power Station
The Power Station is an important Control Point in Conquest Large and Small. The flag for it is in between two buildings, but the site is clear enough to allow captures using vehicles, making Tanks a good choice for attacking and defending it.

The walkway above also provides moderate cover to infantry inside and gives them a clear vision of the surrounding area. FAV vehicles also spawn at the Power Station.

Utilize them to quickly reach other parts of the map.

Vehicles (Small): RU Control – VDV Buggy (x1) / CN Control – LYT2021 (x1)
Vehicles (Large): RU Control – VDV Buggy (x2) / CN Control – LYT2021 (x2)

This water-locked piece of land in the center of the map is the most significant Control Point in Lancang Dam. Being in control of the Islet rewards the team holding it with a Gunship, giving them a massive advantage over their opponents.

After the initial conflict at this point, the fights at the Islet will be far less haphazard, and the location is easily defensible against enemies approaching via only water.

Forces planning to (re)capture will have to first dominate the surrounding waters before attacking. Aerial support is also necessary for a successful takeover.

When on defense, look out for enemy soldiers trying to capture the Islet by submerging themselves underwater close by. A few Engineers are critical for holding this spot, as they’re the only infantry type capable of quickly taking out incoming enemy boats.

Make sure you don’t have too many people defending the Islet though, as it’s also a recipe for disaster. Holding just the Islet won’t win you the match, so effectively utilize the Gunship to decimate enemy forces at the Power Station and the Research Facility.

You can use the RHIBs that spawn at the Islet to swiftly reach both of these Control Points.

Vehicles (Small): RHIB (x1)
Vehicles (Large): RHIB (x2)

Research Facility
The Research Facility is another three-building cluster, though one of them is exceptionally tall. The flag is inside; therefore holding it requires defenses in multiple locations.

All three buildings have walkways connecting them, so use them to your advantage when attacking or defending.

The buildings all have several vantage points. Many of these are perfect perches for snipers. Recon units can also place Radio Beacons. Spawning on these will allow players to reach otherwise inaccessible vantage points.

Access to the Research Facility compound for vehicles can be blocked off by raising two sets of bollards on the southern and eastern entrances. This can be done by operating the control panels in the area.

Even with all of this, a simple oversight by the team in control of the Research Facility can lead to losing this location to the opposing forces. The most effective method to capture this site is by silently sneaking through to the inside of the building with the flag.

When defending, deploy motion sensors at blind spots and entrances to avoid enemy soldiers slipping by unnoticed. The squad’s Recon should also focus on taking out soldiers on foot from afar and give them no chances to close in on the position.

The light vehicles that spawn at this site can be used to rush the Power Station or to quickly reach other Control Points that need to be defended once the Research Facility is under control.

Vehicles (Small): RU Control – VDV Buggy (x1) / CN Control – LYT2021 (x1)
Vehicles (Large): RU Control – VDV Buggy (x2) / CN Control – LYT2021 (x2)

Living Quarters
The Living Quarters are two similar buildings with large, concrete walls around their perimeter.

The flag is in the parking area for the building to the east in Conquest Large, whereas in the smaller variant, it replaces CN’s deployment zone to the south of it and becomes their base.

Although it’s well positioned on the map, and a critical spawn point for CN forces in the larger map size, it’s one of the toughest points to defend in Lancang Dam. This is primarily because both buildings are structurally weak, and extremely vulnerable to explosives.

When defending, mines on the roads leading up to the Living Quarters are a must; otherwise enemy team’s tanks will leave you exposed against their infantry once they get close enough and bring down the walls.

Have an Engineer at the ready to counter them, and snipers should position themselves on the roofs and on the second floor to thwart incoming infantry.

Vehicles (Small): Refer to CN Base Vehicles for Conquest Small
Vehicles (Large): RU Control – VDV Buggy (x1), RHIB (x1) / CN Control – LYT2021 (x1), RHIB (x1)

Rush Tips and Strategy

Rush on Lancang Dam is divided into three zones. RU forces are tasked with taking out the M-COM stations in each one, while the CN players must hold them off.

The water for the most part is not within the designated play area for each stage of Rush, rendering the Islet inaccessible in all 3 zones.

There is a distinct lack of boats when playing this map in Rush, and there aren’t any watercrafts available to CN forces at any of their deployment areas either.

Much like the Islet, the Living Quarters area and the CN base from Conquest Large are both also not reachable throughout Rush.

Zone 1: Data Central
Recommended Squad (RU): Assault (x2), Engineer (x1), Support (x1) and Recon (x1)
Recommended Squad (CN): Assault (x1), Engineer (x1), Support (x2) and Recon (x1)

The first zone for Rush on this map is set along the stretch from the RU base (same as the one in Conquest Large) to the Data Central buildings. Both M-COMs are in the open and directly behind containers, so planting a bomb and subsequently defusing it are equally difficult.

M-COM Station A is located at the wharf to the southeast.

Recon units won’t be able to provide much cover since there are plenty of blind spots at this site, as the M-COM is boxed in between multiple containers.

When attacking, use these to your advantage and hide inside one of the containers once the bomb is armed. Defenders will need to have someone stationed at this point, as RU forces can get to it unnoticed using the boat available to them.

M-COM Station B is somewhat more defensible. The team holding the two buildings to the south can place two snipers in each of them, which will grant them vision of the entire area around this M-COM.

Similarly, if the attacking team is in control of these two structures, they’ll find it just as easy to provide cover to their players trying to arm the bomb, and to stop the opposing forces from defusing it once it’s planted.

RU players charging in on the M-COM stations should try to use different means of transportation and not cram an entire squad into a single vehicle.

This will save them from losing a bunch of precious tickets should their transport be taken out by land mines or by some other form of explosive munitions.

Assault units with defibrillators are vital for keeping your ticket counter high, and Engineers will ensure that vehicles don’t get destroyed when skirmishing for extended periods.

The defending CN forces only have a single tank spawn and just one ZBD-09 at their disposal. They do however; have a number of stationary guns placed around the Data Central.

Make sure there’s always someone manning the .50Cal and the HJ-B Launcher. The former will provide valuable support fire to your frontline soldiers, while the latter is absolutely necessary to keep the area clear of incoming enemy vehicles.

Always have a few Engineers roaming about at the base. The RU forces have six vehicles, and the Engineers are absolutely critical for stopping them.

Vehicles (RU): SPM-3 (x2), BTR-90 (x1), T-90A (x1), Z-11W (x1), KA-60 Kasatka (x1)
Vehicles (CN): ZBD-09 (x1), Type 99 MBT (x1)

Zone 2: Power Station
Recommended Squad (RU): Assault (x2), Engineer (x1), Support (x1) and Recon (x1)
Recommended Squad (CN): Assault (x1), Engineer (x1), Support (x2) and Recon (x1)

The playable area this time will be fixed to Data Central, the Power Station and the roads in between. Like before, a little bit of water will still be part of this region.

RU forces will have their base pushed up to Data Central, while CN’s deployment will be forced to relocate to the Power Station.

The first M-COM for this zone is inside the west wing of the Power Station. Regardless of whether you’re attacking or defending, expect a lot of close-quarters combat at this point.

Vehicles will have limited attack options against infantry inside, so they won’t be much of a threat even after many of the walls are brought down. Placing Claymores at the stairs and the walkway connecting this building to the one in the east should make holding this site much easier. The roof is a great location for snipers, as it provides a good overview of almost the entire map.

M-COM Station B on the other hand, is out in the open. Its position at the northeast area of the Power Station makes it relatively easier for snipers on the roof of the building to the south to take out players arming or disarming this M-COM.

There are some fortified walls around it that obstruct vision, so it’s best to take out the wall to the south when defending the M-COM. The north and east entrances to this point are both out of bounds, so you need only cover the west and south sides.

The vehicles available to each team at their respective deployment areas will remain the same in every zone, but the varying terrain will necessitate minor changes in how you employ each one.

The attacking team should use their helicopters to drop off Recon and Support units on the roof of the building with M-COM Station A. Placing Radio Beacons on top will help in quickly respawning at this site should things go awry in the first try. It would also kill off the need for an air vehicle every time a squad needs to get to this site.

The CN forces will have three HJ-B launchers available to them this time, therefore, a greater number of squad members can switch to Support or Recon roles. You’ll still need to plant explosives and mines around the entrances to the Power Station and the roads leading up to it.

Recon units should also place some Motion Sensors at the two M-COM Stations, as they don’t really have a clear vision of these spots until the walls near each are brought down.

Vehicles (RU): SPM-3 (x2), BTR-90 (x1), T-90A (x1), Z-11W (x1), KA-60 Kasatka (x1)
Vehicles (CN): ZBD-09 (x1), Type 99 MBT (x1)

Zone 3: Research Facility
Recommended Squad (RU): Assault (x2), Engineer (x1), Support (x1) and Recon (x1)
Recommended Squad (CN): Engineer (x3), Support (x1) and Recon (x1)

The final zone ends up being the most intense of the three Rush stages on Lancang Dam, primarily because of the short distance between the new RU deployment area and the last CN base. The playable region for Zone 3 is locked to the Power Station and the Research Facility.

Both M-COM stations are inside buildings, rendering close quarters combat a must. M-COM Station A is in a room on the second floor of the Laboratory (northwest building).

As with all interiors, Claymores at key entrances and Motion Sensors around the area make defending a whole lot easier. Attackers should equip themselves with Shotguns or any other close quarters’ firearm they’re comfortable using.

The roof is accessible from the inside, which makes it possible to reach the M-COM Station by parachuting to it.

The other M-COM station is located at the top floor of the building to the southeast. Offense and defense for this point work pretty much the same way as they do for M-COM Station A.

There are four ways to get to this M-COM. Three of these are entrances leading up to this floor from the ground. The last one is to drop in from the roof. Claymores work great on the narrow stairwells and Support units can also cover these points with an XM25 Airburst.

CN forces should keep the bollards at the two entrances to the Research Facility raised at all times. That way, no land vehicles will be able to get inside the compound for the Research Facility.

Enemies trying to get in will have to take the aerial route, or get out of their vehicles at which point they’re likely to be taken out by CN’s Recon snipers, provided they’re in good positions.

Paratroopers will remain a problem, so keep some Support or Assault units close by the sniper’s vantage points to cover them.

Engineers will play a critical role in destroying enemy vehicles and the CN team will need at least two in each squad to counter RU’s initial and subsequent vehicular assaults.

When on the assault in the final zone, RU forces should parachute down to the roofs of these buildings. Those utilizing the land vehicles should keep circling the perimeter and destroy cover for CN’s snipers and other infantry.

Once bollards are down, RU players can even move these into the compound. A synchronized strike on the M-COMs is essential to winning the game though, as any attempts to arm the targets individually will most certainly end in vain.

Vehicles (RU): SPM-3 (x2), BTR-90 (x1), T-90A (x1), Z-11W (x1), KA-60 Kasatka (x1)
Vehicles (CN): ZBD-09 (x1), Type 99 MBT (x1)

Obliteration Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault (x1), Engineer (x2), Support (x1) and Recon (x1)

Obliteration on Lancang Dam features the same map as the one in Conquest Large. Both forces have their bases at the same location as the larger variant of Conquest and must destroy three sites in their opponent’s half of the map while simultaneously defending their own.

RU players are tasked with planting the bombs at the Living Quarters, the Research Facility and the Islet; whereas CN forces’ targets are at the Islet, Data Central and the Power Station.

The bombs spawn near the north bridge between the Research Facility and the Power Station. It’s a good strategy for either team to place snipers on rooftops to prevent the opposing force from picking up their respective bombs.

Transport helicopters are important for quickly making your way through the expansive battlefield. Watercrafts ease traversal to the Islet, and are particularly strong at defending the site.

Overall battle tactics can be borrowed from Conquest Large, and players should use each locations individual strategy to successfully defend and attack these points. The map also features a bunch of vehicles in different locations other than the ones that spawn at each team’s respective base.

Effectively utilizing these is the key to victory.

Vehicles (RU): VDV Buggy (x1), BTR-90 (x1), T-90A (x1), DV-15 (x1), SU-25TM Frogfoot (x1)
Vehicles (CN): LYT2021 (x1), ZFB-05 (x1), Type 99 MBT (x1), DV-15 (x1), Q-5 Fantan (x1)
Vehicles (Neutral): VDV Buggy (x2), LYT2021 (x2), RHIB (x4), PWC (x4)

Defuse Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault (x3), Support (x1) and Recon (x1)

The play area in Defuse is confined to the Research Facility near Lancang Dam.

The mode has no vehicles, so its infantry versus infantry in a fraction of the actual map. Laptops are located at points inside the Lobby (the tall building in the center) and the Laboratory; rendering tips related to combat in these buildings from Rush’s Zone 3 viable.

Laptop A is to be found on the second floor of the Laboratory. The spot is almost exactly the same as M-COM Station A, so employ the offensive and defensive tactics explained there.

Smoke Grenades and Flashbangs work great in the small corridors and the stairs, allowing you to surprise your enemies or slip past them undetected. Laptop B is located in a room at the back of the Lobby.

The walls here cannot be destroyed making defense a whole lot easier. Placing Claymores at the entrance will bar the attackers from accessing the room.

Running around the Facility’s compound is a sure-shot way of dying, as there’s virtually no cover to be found.

Avoid moving along this path and try to use alternate ways to quickly get from one building to the other. The sky-bridges are a natural choice, and the side entrances to the Lobby are relatively safe as well.

Domination Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault (x2), Engineer (x1), Support (x1) and Recon (x1)

Domination is virtually the same as Conquest, albeit drastically reduced in scope.

When playing it on Lancang Dam, the map is shortened down to the Research Facility, and Control Points are placed in each of the three building in the area. Since Domination doesn’t have any vehicles, both forces are left to duke it out on-foot.

Control Point A is within the Laboratory while B and C are both respectively in the Lobby and the Research Facility. We’ve covered the interior of each building along with different tactics in the other game modes, and they’re all applicable here as well.

The sky-bridges play a pivotal role in Domination. Use them to swiftly make your way from one building’s Control Point to the next. Players in a team should focus on holding two of these three points.

Trying to hold all three points will spread your forces thin, making it easy for the enemy to retaliate and take the upper hand.

The rooftops for Laboratory and Research Facility allow you to capture the Control Points below from up top. Use this to your advantage when attempting to take control of these locations.

Squad Deathmatch Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault (x1), Engineer (x2), Support (x1) and Recon (x1)

Like Defuse and Domination, the map in Squad Deathmatch is limited to the Research Facility. There really isn’t much left to tell about the Research Facility at this point. Use your knowledge of the interior to make the most of the gunfights that take place inside the three buildings.

There’s also an IFV that squads can occupy. When in control of it, roam along the roads outside or in the parking lot to avoid being snuck up on by opponents. One well-placed C4 is all it takes to destroy it.

If an opposing squad obtains the IFV, attempt to C4 the vehicle. If they’re careful, then have the Support and Engineers in your squad destroy it before they stack up too many points.

Team Deathmatch Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault (x2), Support (x1) and Recon (x2)

Team Deathmatch at Lancang Dam plays out much like the Squad Deathmatch. The playable area is once again confined to the Research Facility. Employ the tactics we’ve covered for this location in the other game modes, as they’re all just as effective in Team Deathmatch.

Wandering about in the parking area is a surefire way of getting killed, so stay away from the area. Stick to the interior of the three buildings for the most part.

Dominating the walkways connecting the Lobby with the other two buildings will help your team stay in the lead. The rubble to the north edge of the map is also has some good cover for your team to utilize.

Drawing out the enemy team to that site and stealthily picking them off here is a viable tactic.

This completes our Strategy Guide for Lancang Dam. For the rest of the maps, head on over to the Battlefied 4 guides section of our website. If you have any tips to share, post them in the comments below!

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