Battlefield 4 Hainan Resort Map Tips and Strategy Guide

Set in tropic surroundings, Hainan Resort is somewhat identical to Paracel Storm. However, the primary focus of the Hainan Resort is on infantry squads along with some Light Vehicles and Boats.

The whole map is scattered around an island hotel with an oil tanker at the back.

Battlefield 4 Hainan Resort Map Tips

The map also features a bunch of points to trigger Levolution Moments. There is a number of oil spills scattered throughout the map which can be destroyed.

Along with this, both of the wings of the central hotel can be destroyed.

In order to ignite the oil spills, you will need grenades or grenade launchers. As for collapsing the hotel wings, try aiming for the walls of the first floor.

The devastated areas of the hotels will be inaccessible and the fire ignited by the oil spills reduces visibility; thus, causing hindrance in the path of infantry.

Conquest Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

In the Large Conquest of Hainan Resort, the first thing you will see is the addition of two new points in the map i.e. Tennis Court and Bungalows. As there are a total of five flags, you must hold at least three in order to bleed enemy team’s ticket.

The best strategy which would work in the favor of US team is to capture Marina, Tennis Court, and the Hotel. You should have some snipers on the top roof of Hotel with your vehicles pushing enemies to the west at the same time.

As for the CN team, their best bet is to capture Bungalows, the Freighter, and the Hotel. And as stated about the US team, it is always good to have some snipers at the roof top of Hotel, but in case of CN team, it is even better to have air vehicles around Marina and Tennis Court.

The Hotel is most likely to remain a significant flag to capture and both teams will try to do that.

You can also try flanking from the roads on the North via Light Vehicles or by Light Water Vehicles. In the end, you just need three points to win the game but if you find the enemy’s defense weak, don’t hesitate to capture it.

In Small Conquest, there are a total of three points i.e. Marina, the Hotel, and the Freighter.

You should expect a lot of Water Vehicles surrounding and while is most likely to be swarming with infantry units. The US team should go for capturing Marina and the Hotel. And just like in the Large Conquest, having Recon at the rooftop of the Hotel gives an entire overview of the map.

As for the CN team, their best bet is to hold the Hotel and the Freight.

And just like the US team, it is very crucial to have some snipers at the rooftop to provide some cover for other teammates. Besides, capturing the Hotel gives players the hold of Cruise Missile which certainly can turn the tides.

US Base
The US Base is located at the far southern corner of the map and it will take you a lot of time to reach the first capture point i.e. Tennis; especially if you plan on running towards it.

Instead, you should consider the FAVs at your disposal. You can also call for an attack/stealth air-support which will aid your team while destroying enemy vehicles of all sorts and during capturing points.

Along with this, there will be a bunch of Light Water Vehicles which you can use to reach the Freight and catch the enemy off-guard.

For the third capture point, take the AH-6J and head towards the Hotel. Make sure to have a squad mates securing the rooftop while your teammates take the objective.

As for the Small Conquest, it is situated along the shoreline is the US Base. Just as the match starts, make sure to get the Light Vehicles available and reach Hotel as it has the same distance from both US Base and CN Base.

You will also be able to spawn an attack Air Vehicle which will come in very handy while taking out enemies.

You will also see some RHIB spawning in the water which you can use to catch your enemies off-guard and then move in your infantry squads. And lastly, have a LAV-25 from keep the enemies from gaining access to Hotel so as to give your squad mates maximum time to capture the point.

Vehicles Large: M1161 ITV (3x), LAV-25 (2x), RHIB (2x), RCB-90, AH-6J Little Bird, A-10 Warthog, F-35
Vehicles Small M1161 ITV, LAV-AD, RHIB (2x), AH-6J Little Bird, A-10 Warthog

CN Base
Just like the US Base, CN Base is located at a far distance from the objective; at the far northeast part of the map. Capturing Hotel will get you a Cruise Missile which is as fatal as anything could possibly be; so send in all of your Land Vehicles and try to capture it.

You should also consider having some troops at the rooftop of Hotel and take out any enemy Air Vehicles that comes your way. Also consider having you DV-15 near Marina and the Freighter and try NOT to go near the Tennis Court and the Bungalows.

For the Small Conquest, the CN Base is situated at the Northeast corner of the map and has a fairly long distance from almost all the capture points.

Make use of Light Vehicles to reach the capture points. Once again, try and capture Hotel so that your team can get their hands on Cruise Missile and keep on marking the enemies for your Air Vehicles to take them out.

Set perimeter on the rooftop of the hotel and have T-GUS near the elevators for close quarter combat. You can also try and go for Marina while the opposing team is busy with Hotel.

Lack of Attack Boats in this map will work great if you opt for this strategy.

Vehicles Large: LYT-2021 (3x), ZBD-09 (2x), RHIB (2x), DV-15, Z-11W, Q5 Fantan, J-20
Vehicles Small: LYT2021, Type 95 AA, RHIB (2x), Z-11W, Q-5 Fantan

This capture point is located at the west side of the café which should be reached via water. Capturing this point will get your team a PWC and a Light Vehicle.

You will also find a .50Cal lying near the capture point which can come in very handy. You can also have some snipers at the rooftop to take out the enemies trying to capture the Freight and the Hotel.

For Small Conquest, the most important strategy to use at this capture point is to access it via Water Vehicles. And like in Large Conquests, access the .50Cal near the capture point to take out enemies using the Water Vehicles to reach it.

You will also get a RHIB for having the capture point. Make sure to set perimeter on the rooftop and have some snipers taking out the enemies trying to flank.

Tennis Court
Capturing this point can be a bit of frustrating as you are completely vulnerable because of no cover. A PWC and a Light Vehicle spawn near this capture point and we would advise you take advantage of this PWC to move on to the next capture point immediately.

Set perimeter on the roof comprising of snipers and engineers to take out the enemy Air Vehicles and Infantry Squads.

The building on the east side of the capture can be used as an excellent cover while defending the objective. However, make sure that you don’t forget to have a look for some defenders camping inside while capturing.

The hotel is located in the middle of the map with this capturing point being in the lobby. The hotel has three floors with the rooftop only accessible via elevator.

Dropping off squad mates on to the roof so that they work their way down would work to your advantage in a number of ways. You teammates can either take the elevator or deploy a parachute as per your strategy.

Setting perimeter on the rooftop is also a good idea as your recon squad will be constantly telling you the approaching plan of the enemy, besides taking them out. Also, check out T-UGS for close combat at the second floor.

While playing the Small Conquest, the only difference in this capture point from the other ones is that no vehicles spawn at this location and most of the engagements take place inside the lobby of the Hotel where the objective is located.

The rooftop of the Hotel is an amazing spot for having an eye out on the enemy approaching from different locations. Your teammates can also come down from the rooftop via parachutes and elevators to engage the enemies.

Near the crashed ship is this capture point.

Drop off your teammates at the top of the crashed ship and set a perimeter on the ship to sniper away the enemies incoming from Hotel and the Bungalows. Along with engaging the incoming targets from above the ship, you can also capture the point from there.

Capturing the flag will get you a PWC and a Light Vehicle. You should, however, consider Water Vehicles during capturing this point. As for the defense, the immersed crates near the ship provide excellent cover.

Controlling this point gets your team a RHIB.

The strategy involved for holding this point is exactly the same as it is in Large Conquest which includes having Water Vehicles to reach the area, dropping off players at the top of the ship and sniping away enemies along with capturing the point from it, and hiding behind large crates to defend the area.

This area comprises of five similar houses connected to each other by wooden docks. However, this should not be your concern as most of the action takes place at the middle of them.

It’s is another frustrating capture point to obtain as there is no proper cover and enemies will have a direct line of sight from almost every location.

Having a great defensive plan while defending this point is a must! You should have a squad heavily composed of engineers or HJ-8 as you are most likely to get surrounded by Light Vehicles and Water Vehicles.

Make sure to take them out quickly before they overwhelm you.

Rush Tips and Strategy

The engagements in this game mode start from the Dockyard and spreads to the Hotel through Hilltop and Marina. Personally, I think, US Team is on a slightly advantage as they have more vehicles than the CN Team.

Still, it’s not like CN Team cannot do anything about it. If planned carefully, CN Team can place set their traps and Engineers to take out US vehicles.

As for the US Team, it is also good to have some Engineers along so as to repair the damaged vehicles.

Another advantage that CN Team has over US Team is the large arsenal of stationary weapons to take out US vehicles. A good blend of Engineers and these stationary weapons will force US Team to fight on land.

Zone 1: Dockyard
Recommended US Squad: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squad: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Engineer, Support

The US Deployment area is in the middle of the ocean with a few Water Vehicles and Air Vehicle. The players can either opt to swim to reach the MCOM Stations or utilize these vehicles.

If you plan on using the vehicles, make sure to keep these vehicle safe using the Scout Helicopter. You will also find a small island to the North of the carrier which will serve as an excellent location for your Recon.

Another thing that I would advise you to do is to throw in some Radio Beacons so as to save your teammates from the hassle of swimming all the way back to action.

The CN Deployment is quite close to MCOM Station #1; thus, it is a good idea to set a perimeter and hold off US Squads.

You will also get a vehicle at the Deployment Zone which will provide as an excellent cover while capturing the Objective. Make sure to use the turrets and launchers carefully as they can easily take out enemy Air Vehicles.

You can also camp inside the small storage building and flank the enemy when they reach the stores. Have your Engineers take out the enemy vehicles and then use ZBD-09 to take out the remaining enemies.

US Assets: RHIB (3x), UH-1Y Venom, AH-6J Little Bird
CN Assets: NA

Zone 2: Hilltop
Recommended US Squad: Assault (3x), Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squad: Assault, Engineer (2x), Support, Recon

The number of vehicles in this zone is fairly less than the previous zone, the US Team will only have LAV-25 which should be used to back up the Infantry Squads.

The Light Water Vehicles should be used to flank the enemy from the West and catch them off-guard. As for the CN Base, they will have Turrets at the top of Hilltop so it is advised that US Team should have Smoke Grenades equipped.

Although there are not much vehicles in this zone but as CN Team, you shouldn’t underestimate the LAV-25 at US Team’s disposal.

Consider it taking out by Engineers equipped with Launchers. Planting Claymores at the entrances of the trailer will work to your advantage. Also consider having Recon at the East of the MCOM Station B and take out the advancing enemies.

Zone 3: Marina
Recommended US Squads: Assault, Engineer (2x), Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squads: Assault (2x), Support (2x), Recon

LAV-25 at US Team’s disposal is its primary asset and should be used to take out CN Team’s ZBD-09. Make sure to fill in the seats of LAV-25 and have an Engineer so as to keep it going on.

Coordinating with your teammates and deciding whether to flank from water or land will make things easy. The ZBD-09 at CN Team’s disposal with a mixture of Engineers can take out the US Team’s LAV-25 with relative ease.

The fences at the East of MCOM Station A will provide great cover and you would be able to take out enemies approaching from South.

Having a few players at the rooftop of MCOM Station B will give you an overview of the whole map but make sure to stick near the stairs so as to make a quick escape if the enemy spots you.

Make sure that you Assault Squad use the M320 HE to destroy the walls and expose the enemies inside. As for the MCOM Station B, you need to watch the bridge as the enemy team is more likely to approach from there.

Almost whole of the building is destructible and both teams can use this to their advantage.

US Assets: LAV-25
CN Assets: ZBD-09

Zone 4: Hotel
Recommended US Squad: Assault (2x), Engineer, Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squad Assault, Engineer (2x), Support, Recon

US Squad is once again equipped with LAV-25 which should be used to push towards the Hotel.

You should have your Recon players take care of the CN Squads with the Stationary Weapon which can cause an imminent threat to your LAV-25. Also, don’t try and accumulate at the same place; instead, flank from different positions try to catch the enemies off-guard.

Drop in the Radio Beacons to save the time to get back to action.

Just like the US Team, the CN Team will be again without a vehicle so it is a good idea to have an Engineer so as to take the LAV-25. As the CN Team, set perimeter inside the Hotel before the US Team approaches.

Place Radio Beacons on the second floor of the Hotel to keep spawning there. Having players near the elevator on the second floor of MCOM Station B will allow you to have eye on both the objectives.

If you could successfully defend the Hotel, you have very think chances of winning this zone.

US Assets: LAV-25
CN Assets: NA

Obliteration Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault, Engineer (2x), Support, Recon

While playing as the US Team, you need to defend the Bungalows and the Freighter areas. As for the CN Team, their primary focus should be the areas around the Marina.

This leaves us with the Hotel which holds the bomb.

Set a strong defense inside the Hotel and make sure to take the bomb first. It is good idea to move the bomb by utilizing the IFV which can also be sent inside the enemy base to take out any resistance before the Bomb Carrier approaches.

Also don’t forget to have some Recon and throw in Radio Beacons to stay in the action with an additional respawn point.

US Assets: M1161 ITV, LAV-25, PWC, RCB-90, AH-6J Little Bird
CN Assets: LYT2021, ZBD-09, PWC, DV-15, Z-11W

Defuse Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault (3x), Support, Recon

You will find the Laptop-A in the Conference Room situated on the West wing. This is an open space which is great for the attacking team. As for the Laptop-B, it will be inside the Bar on the second floor. Defender will have a good chance by taking cover behind the bar counter.

For the CN Team, consider setting perimeter on the second floor which will provide excellent cover to take out the enemy team. As for the US Team, don’t try and rush from the inside and get killed. Instead, try aiming for the glass overhangs and flank from outside.

Domination Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault (2x), Engineer, Support, Recon

The three points that you need to hold are Bar, Conference Room, and the Parking Lot. You will find a M32 MGI near the Bar which will come in very handy when watching over the Parking Lot from the second floor. It is always better to have a look on the Objectives from the elevated area as it gives you a clear line of sight.

You will also be able to destroy the pillars in the Hotel which will open up new paths and lines of sights for the Bar and the Conference Room.

As for the Parking Lot, you should have Smoke Grenades while capturing as you’re without any cover.

Team Deathmatch/Squad Deathmatch Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squads: Assault, Engineer, Support, Recon

While playing the Squad Deathmatch, expect a lot of sniper on top of the hill as they are camouflaged from the other enemies. Recon players will also be able to snipe from the Bungalows and have some cover at the same time.

Drop in some M15 AT mines to take out the enemy IFVs coming in. Basically the whole match is a Guerilla Warfare due to the Desert Jungle areas nearby.

As for the Team Deathmatch, setting perimeter near the Northwest shore allows you to gain control of the whole area and you can always head towards the fences in case enemies spot you.

The second floor of the Hotel is the area where the most engagements will take place and have some battle pickups and cover. Throw in some Radio Beacons to stay inside the Hotel and keep enemies at front and pool doors.

Don’t forget to share your own strategies with us in the comments below!

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