Battlefield 4 Golmud Railway Map Tips and Strategy Guide

If you have played Battlefield 3 Armored Core DLC then you may find Golmud Railway somewhat similar to that. This is a huge map with capture point scattered at far ends.

The map is an actual location in China with plenty of mountains and fields.

The map is by far the biggest map of the game and focuses heavily on vehicles ranging from Aircrafts and Tanks to light vehicles such as Quad Bikes.

Battlefield 4 Golmud Railway Map Tips and Strategy

There are a number of Levolution spots scattered throughout the map in the shape of IEDs. These IEDs can be exploded by firing them and have the ability to take out anything that catches the blast.

Along with this, there is a capture point above the train and the train moves in the direction of the home base of the team owning holding that capture point.

As the train moves towards the home base of the team holding the capture point above it, it is extremely difficult for the opposing team to capture it.

In addition to that, there are several mount guns on the train which can take out enemies.

Conquest Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad Large: Assault, Engineer (2x), Support, Recon
Recommended Squad Small: Assault, Engineer (2x), Support, Recon

Both RU and CN teams in this map have a wide arsenal of vehicles at their disposal. Being the biggest of all the maps, it adds two more capture points to the standard of five, thus, making it to a total of seven.

When it comes to the two additional capture points, as the RU Team, it is recommended to capture Bridge Construction whereas for the CN Team, capturing Farm is the way to go. Besides that you can opt for two strategies that either go for capturing School, Village, Communication Mast, and Train.

Capturing the Train will be good as it has mounted turrets which will help defending either Farm or Bridge Construction.

The other strategy will be to control Train, Bridge Construction, Warehouse, and the Farm. This will allow your Commander to gain control of the Gunship for capturing the Warehouse.

In Conquest Small, players will have to control five capture points. These five Capture Points are School, Village, Communication Mast, Train, and Warehouse.

With these five capture points, you need to defend at least three to bleed out the enemy tickets.

You can also opt for two strategies in this Conquest too. You can either go for capturing School, Village, and Communication Mast as they are in close proximity of each other and support can be provided easily.

The other strategy is to capture the other remaining points; doing this will give your Commander a Gunship for capturing the Warehouse and the train will move towards your Home Base.

The mounted turrets will also help you defend the Communication Mast.

RU Base
This large map gives room to many sorts of vehicles ranging from helicopter to IFVs.

Engineers work really well in this map as they can both repair and take out vehicles. A Light Vehicle with the three players needs to leave someone at the Bridge Construction for an easy capture and then make way to Warehouse as it will get your team a Gunship.

The opposing team is most likely to go for Warehouse; leaving the other capture points not guarded. Have your players dropped off at School, Village, and Communication Mast with an escort helicopter guarding them as they capture.

Vehicles Large: VDV Buggy (4x), T-90A (5x), 9K22 Tunguska-M, KA-60 Kasatka, Z11-W, Mi-28 Havoc, SU-50, SU-25TM Frogfoot

Vehicles Small: VDV Buggy (2x), T-90A (2x), SU-25TM Frogfoot, SU-50

CN Base
Tanks will be your primary strength in this map. Although they are a slow mean of transportation, they serve as an undisputed force.

As for the more agile vehicles, those should be headed towards the Train to capture it which will be very difficult for opposing team to re-capture.

Having Engineers and Recon on your squad is a must as taking out vehicles in the open area will be your secondary focus.

While playing the Small Conquest, it is a good idea to throw in Radio Beacons inside the buildings near School and Village so that you don’t have to drive all the way back if you lose these points.

Vehicles Large: LYT2021 (4x), Type 99 MBT (5x), Type 95 AA, Z-9 Haitun, Z-11W, Z-10W, Q-5 Fantan, J-20
Vehicles Small: LYT2021 (2x), Type 99 MBT (2x), Q-5 Fantan, J-20

The buildings nearby can be used to stay in the cover and capture the point. However, these buildings can be destroyed, so keep that in mind. There will be some Light Vehicles spawning in this location which can be accessed to move towards the other capture points.

The Village is really close to School; you should consider having tanks to defend both of these along with providing support and cover fire. The tanks will also come in handy in case the surrounding buildings get destroyed.

Assets Small: VDV Buggy and LYT 2021
Assets Large: VDV Buggy (2x) and LYT 2021 (2x)

Just like School, capturing the point will get your team Light Vehicles which can be used to move towards the other capture points at a faster rate. The Village also has some turrets and grenade launchers which can come in handy when defending this point.

The houses provide excellent cover along with being a spot for capturing the point. It is advised to move along different houses to befuddle the enemies. However, Recon can throw in some Motion Sensors to know the location of moving units.

Assets Large: VDV Buggy (2x) and LYT 2021 (2x)
Assets Small: VDV Buggy and LYT 2021

Communication Mast
Situated at the center of the map, it’s the hub of large engagements. Players get a transporting helicopter and two Light Vehicles which are of significant value as you would be able to move to other capture points easily.

Being at the center of both School and Village, it holds crucial importance and both teams will try to capture it at all costs. The area has many small buildings which can be used to set perimeter for Recon and Engineer as they clear the pathways and take out enemies along.

As for the attacking team, going in without support from the tanks and helicopters will get your nothing except defeat; avoid that!

Assets Large: VDV Buggy, Z-11W, LYT2021
Assets Small: VDV Buggy and LYT 2021

The train has machine-gun turrets both at the front and the back which can be used to defend this objective. The main reason for capturing the train is that it moves in the direction of Home Base of the team holding the capture point on it. This adds an advantage of having it near your deployment base.

If you couldn’t capture it before the other team does, re-capturing it will be a suicide. There are no particular strategies which could help you out except capturing it before the other team does.

As for defending it, have a few vehicles near it and make use of the machine-gun turrets. Also make use of the Recon squad which can take out enemies easily.

Assets Large: NA
Assets Small: NA

Bridge Construction
Situated at the Southeast of the RU Base, capturing this point will get your team an IFV and a Light Vehicle. Since this zone is near the RU Base, they naturally have more chances of capturing it than the CN Base.

The only chance CN Team will have is when the RU Team let go of their defenses. Expect a lot of Light Vehicles in the area. So, you need to have Engineer set up mines along the way to take out these vehicles.

Assets Large: BTR-90 and ZBD-09

This objective is at equal distance both from RU Base and CN Base. The rooftops of the two buildings in the surroundings provide good location for snipers and help them stay in the cover.

It is good to have your Engineers damage the enemy vehicles before capturing points. This objective spawns a M142 which can be used to provide cover fire for your teammates trying to reach the objective.

Capturing this point is very crucial since it will get your teammates with Gunship. Since this map is really very large, it will be very useful for taking out the enemy vehicles.

Have your helicopter drop off infantry at the rooftops of the buildings and gain quick access to the capture point.

Assets Large: VDV Buggy, LYT2021, M142
Assets Small: VDV Buggy, LYT2021, M142

This capture point is situated among some open fields and mountains. Most of the engagements will take place on foot as there are only two narrow alleyways for vehicular access.

Capturing this point will get you an IFV which can be used to reach Warehouse to get the Gunship.

A mixture of Recon and Engineer is ideal for defending this point as your Recon will be able to take out the enemies on foot whereas the Engineers will play their part by destroying the incoming vehicles.

Same goes for the attacking team who should not push in with the vehicles as there will be Engineers waiting. There are also two sets of Levolution elements which can be destroyed either by RU Team or CN Team to take out the standing or approaching vehicles.

Assets Large: VDV Buggy, LYT2021, BTR-90, ZBD-09

Rush Tips and Strategy

In this game mode, RU Team must make their way to the Warehouse first and then to Communication Mast, School, and finally to Village. Engineers are a must in RU Team as they will be able to constantly repair the damaged vehicles and tanks.

There is a arsenal of Stationary Weapons at CN Team’s disposal which can take out enemy vehicles. M15 AT mines are very suitable to destroy the incoming enemy vehicles and catch the enemy off guard. While in the last zone, get to the rooftops and send in Recon to sniper units coming from the South.

Zone 1: Train
Recommended RU Squad: Assault, Engineer (2x), Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squad: Engineer (3x), Support, Recon

RU Team will start off at a hilly plain which can be used by CN Team to ambush them. The North road which leads you to the MCOM Station should not be used to have TA-90s. It is good to clear the both sides of the train tracks before arming the MCOM Stations. Enemies at East and West side will have a clear line of sight which can initiate a gun fight.

Throw in some Radio Beacons so as to spawn in the same location.

CN Team will spawn with two tanks; take these tanks to both Southwest and Southeast to know what your line of action of should be! RU Team will have a number of vehicles at their disposal so it is good to have Engineers who can take out these vehicles.

Have your Recon near the deployment zone to sniper the enemies trying to take the objective. Also make use of the Stationary Turrets so as to push the RU Team away from the objective.

RU Assets: VDV Buggy (3x), T-90A (3x), Z-11W
CN Assets: Type 99 MBT (2x)

Zone 2: Communication Mast
Recommended RU Squad: Assault, Engineer (2x), Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squad: Engineer (3x), Support, Recon

Both the MCOM Stations in this location prefers close quarters combat. So, it is time you take out your favorite shotgun or SMG and be a slayer. As RU Team, make sure that you tanks are at the East Hill so as to avoid the HJ-08 Launchers on the West and then flank from North.

Since CN Team doesn’t have many vehicles, not having Engineers is okay as it is mostly Infantry vs. Infantry.

As CN Team, surrounding the MCOM Stations are many buildings which can be used to take out the Infantry Units coming in from the South. Having Engineers in your squad is a must as the RU Team will be having a large number of vehicles at their disposal.

Have a T-UGS inside a building to know your enemy location. Placing them near the objectives is recommended.

RU Assets: VDV Buggy (2x) and T-90A (2x)
CN Assets: Type 99 MBT

Zone 3: Hillside
Recommended RU Squad: Assault, Engineer (2x), Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squad: Engineer (3x), Support, Recon

As RU Team, there will be only two tanks at your disposal. However, these tanks will be quite far from each other but taking them is very crucial since they have proven to be really useful.

Having them together is recommended because in this way they will be able to support each other and instead of engaging in 1 on 1 fight, why not go for 2 on 1?

The nearby buildings of the MCOM Stations can easily be destroyed; do that so as to cover your squad mates while the arm the charges. Most of the engagements after a building is crumbled down will be medium range so choose your class accordingly.

As for CN Squad, like in the previous zone, it is really very crucial that you have Engineers on your squad as the enemy will be having multiple tanks.

Place mines on both East and West roads as the enemies will definitely take this route.

And lastly, try to flank from three side i.e. East, West and South. In this way, you could engage the enemy in the middle while your teammates plant the arm the charges.

RU Assets: T-90A (2x)
CN Assets: Type 99 MBT

Recommended RU Squad: Assault (3x), Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squad: Assault (3x), Engineer, Recon

RU Team will begin with two Light Vehicles at their disposal which they could use to reach the objective earlier than the enemy team.

From what I have seen, enemy team tends to set a perimeter on the rooftops of the buildings near the MCOM Stations. Have your Engineers take these buildings down allowing you a good way to breach in.

Also try flanking the enemies from both East and West sides to catch them off-guard. And finally, have your Recon player camp near the obstacles between the deploying zone and MCOM Stations to take out enemies without being spotted.

As for CN Team, although there will be no vehicles on the RU Team doesn’t mean Engineers will be no longer useful as they could easily devastate the buildings.

Have a Recon player at the top of the rooftop near the MCOM Stations to take out the Infantry Units. And like in the previous zones, place a T-UGS near the objectives inside the buildings to stay alerted of enemy movements.

RU Assets: VDV Buggy
CN Assets: NA

Zone 5: Village
Recommended RU Squad: Assault (3x), Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squad: Assault (3x), Support, Recon

For this zone, RU Team won’t have to deal with the vehicles anymore. It is time to suit up in your best Infantry Units and get in the fray. Head straight towards the central Dirt Road will not do you any good.

Stick to the buildings and you will be good.

Since there are no vehicles in this zone, don’t opt for too many Engineers. Instead, go for Assault so that you could crush down the buildings.

Most of the engagements will be from short range to mid-short range. The only thing you should worry about is the .50Cal that can be very frustrating; try flanking them from either side and then take them out.

CN Team should consider the high point on the hill to have an overview of the map and take out the enemies trying to flank from West and East. As for the Recon, move to the farthest location near the Dead Zone and take out the enemies near the MCOM Station B.

RU Assets: NA
CN Assets: NA

Obliteration Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault, Engineer (2x), Support, Recon

CN Team targets can be found on the Village, North side of the map, and on the Farm. As for the RU Team targets; they can be approached at Bridge Construction and in the West side of the Village.

The bomb will be near the Communication Mast; in order to pick up the bomb, you will have to set up a defensive perimeter at the location so that your teammates can pick it up easily. Make use of the wide arsenal of Light Vehicles at your disposal to travel between the objectives.

However, you will also want to stop enemy from taking the vehicles for them by placing M15 AT mines and having Engineers who will take out enemy vehicles and repair yours at the same time.

RU Assets: VDV Buggy, BTR-90, T-90A (2x), 9K22 Tunguska-M, SU-25 TM Frogfoot
CN Assets: LYT2021, ZBD-09, Type 99 MBT (2x), Type 95 AA, Q-5 Fantan

Defuse Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault (3x), Support, Recon

This battle is commenced at the School/Village area. The RU Team is deployed near the East side and CN Team is deployed at the West side. Laptop A can be found in the Eastern side of the map where you should expect Defenders trying to ambush you.

As for the Laptop B, it will be situated in a classroom. While playing as the RU Team, you need to keep out an eye for the Claymores and C4 placed outside the class. Rooftops in the surroundings can be used to give an overview of the whole map to CN Team.

However, these buildings are destructible and Smoke Grenades can force the CN Team to come down for a better vision of the objective. Have someone at the back to take out the CN Team units when they drop down.

Domination Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault (2x), Engineer, Support, Recon

The three points that you need to capture are Backyard, School, and Hillside. Having M320 for the Assault Class will work towards your advantage as you will be able to smash through the buildings.

Rooftops provide an excellent cover spot and you will be able to take out enemies with relative ease.

If you see a point being captured, throw in a flying C4 to take out the capturer instead of going in yourself; which can get you killed. Try and capture Backyard and School and force the enemies to spawn at North.

Squad Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch

Recommended Squad: Assault, Engineer, Support, Recon

For the Squad Deathmatch, try to go for setting perimeter on the rooftops of the buildings that will give you a clear line of sight of all the engagements. However, these buildings are destructible and a speeding IFV can ram through them to crush them down. If not, shoot them!

Always have an Engineer at your team to take out if the other team gets an IFV or to repair yours. And finally, place a T-UGS inside the buildings to know the positions of the enemies when they reach near.

Like in the Squad Deathmatch, rooftops play an important role in the Team Deathmatch as well. Get a clear line of sight on the ground enemies and take them down. As for the ground soldiers, take out your Launchers and Grenades and bring those buildings to dust.

Sticking to one building is never recommended. Move from one building to another and confuse the enemy team. Move to and fro at the same location and try to catch the flanking enemy for an easy win.

Share your own strategies with us in the comments below!

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