Battlefield 4 Flood Zone Map Tips and Strategy Guide

Flood Zone is one of the new maps featured in Battlefield 4. It consists of an urban combat setting involving a number of buildings and road, although not as many high-rises as some of the other maps.

Battlefield 4 Flood Zone Tips and Strategy

There are several important tactical locations on the map, such as the Rooftop Garden, the Garage, the Gas Station, the Shanty Town and the Park.
Levolution occurs on this map as well.

Levolution is the Battlefield 4 term for the permanent altering of the map itself. In this case it happens all over the map. There is a structure known as a Levee near the top of the map, right next to the river/canal.

The Levee can be destroyed, flooding the entire map with water, and forcing players to either swim, or take to higher ground. This also makes the map virtually unnavigable to vehicles.

When the levee breaks and the water floods the map, the team who has control of the high ground usually wins.

Conquest Tips and Strategy

Squad Composition (Large): Assault, Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Recon
Squad Composition (Small): Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Support, Recon

In Conquest, your job is to capture up to five control points on the map and hold them for a certain amount of time.

The most important objectives to control consist of Rooftop Garden and Shanty Town. This is because these two points give you very good vantage points in case the map becomes flooded.

The map is large, and so are the buildings in it, so pilots will be forced to the limit in order to avoid crashing. The buildings also provide good vantage points for snipers, who can access the roofs using elevators.

There are two main strategies that each side can make use of on this map. The US can attempt to capture and hold the Garage, Rooftop Garden and Shanty town points while the CN should go for Park, Shanty Town and Rooftop Garden.

The other strategy is more risky.

Either side can attempt to take control of Garage, Gas Station and the Park. What this does is that it gives you better control of the vehicles on the map. However, since it leaves the Levee open, the enemy can just flood the map and render the vehicles useless.

The Smaller version of Flood Zone Conquest eliminates some of the control points on the map. Sides can only contest three points consisting of the Levee, Shanty Town and Gas Station.

Of these the Shanty Town is the most important as it directly overlooks the Levee. Therefore, whoever controls the Shanty Town controls the Levee, and through it, the levolution of the map.

US Base
The US base for this map is found on the western side. You’ll want to immediately head for the Garage, seeing as it’s the closest point to your base. Make sure to use your aerial units to full effect.

Put some players into the transport helicopter and airlift them straight to the rooftop garden. In the meantime your Little Bird should be trying to slow the CN advance towards the same objective.

Try to make full use of the vehicles that are at your disposal as well as the vehicle respawns system. Have the leader of one squad take control of the vehicle while the soldiers of another squad get in.

Transport them somewhere and have them get out, then the rest of the driver’s squad can spawn inside the vehicle.

In the smaller version of Conquest you’ll start out in the Garage.
Vehicles (Large): 2x Quad Bike, 2x MRAP, 2x LAV-25, 2x RHIB, 2x PWC, 1x AH-6J Little Bird, 1x UH-1Y Venom
Vehicles (Small): 2x Quad Bike, 2x MRAP, 2x RHIB, 2x PWC, 1x LAV-25, 1x UH-1Y Venom

CN Base
The CN strategy in the beginning should be almost identical to the US.

Take your aerial units and attempt to wrest control of Shanty town and Rooftop garden. Meanwhile some of your people should be going towards the park to capture it.

The CN have access to equivalent vehicular firepower as the US, so make use of it. You might even consider moving two of your vehicles to the Gas Station in order to secure the additional ZBD-09 stationed there.

Try using your quad bikes to slip behind enemy lines and capture or delay the capture of the Garage.

In the smaller version of Conquest you start out in the park.

Vehicles (Large): 2x Quad Bike, 2x ZFB-05, 2x ZBD-09, 2x RHIB, 2x PWC, 1x Z-11W, 1x Z-9 Haitun
Vehicles (Small): 2x Quad Bike, 2x ZFB-05, 2x RHIB, 2x PWC, 1x ZBD-09, 1x Z-9 Haitun

This control point is closest to the US base in Conquest Large and is the US base in Conquest Small. It basically consists of a four story parking garage.

There are a number of stairwells that lead to each of the four floors. As such it can be difficult to defend this point. Vehicles can also enter the buildings, but are very susceptible to flanking and destruction through C4.

Helicopters can land on the roof for a two pronged assault on the point, but these are telegraphed very easily. However, getting some men to parachute onto the roof is a fairly effective strategy to sneakily capture the point.

Assets (Large): 1x RHIB, 1x MRAP/ZFB-05
Assets (Small): US Base

Rooftop Garden
This is another vital control point in Conquest Large as it gives your forces access to higher ground and even overlooks Shanty Town.

The area is well populated by shacks, meaning that the point is fairly easy to defend if you keep a few men hidden in there waiting for someone to attempt a capture.

The attackers can abuse this strategy as well, hiding one or two people in the shacks then having them spawn there. Near the flagpole is a ladder that takes you to the roof of another building.

From here, Recons can lay down a lot of punishment onto both Rooftop Garden and Shanty Town. This location is not a capture point in Conquest Small.

Assets (Large): 1x RCB-90/DV-15

Shanty Town
This is arguably the most important point on both the small and the large version of Flood Zone.

The rooftop is connected to some other roofs so be prepared for this kind of high altitude combat as some of the paths connect all the way to the Rooftop Garden.

Take the time to explore around this point as there are many hidden areas where you can hunker down or use to come around behind the enemy.

The flag itself can only be approached from two paths, and capturing the control point from behind the flagpole will allow you to keep an eye on both of them.

Assets (Large): 1x RHIB
Assets (Small): 1x RHIB

This Control Point is actually the CN base in the smaller version of Conquest. In the larger version, it serves as the control point closest to the CN.

There are a number of small hills in this area that will allow players to get the high ground and a possible advantage over their enemies.

This point can be rather difficult to defend when the map is flooded as you can’t see enemies capturing it underneath the dark waters. Of course, this also means it’s easy to recapture it.

You can also plant T-UGS near the entrance of the area for an early warning.

Assets (Large): 1x RHIB, 1x MRAP/ZFB-05

Gas Station
The Gas Station is a bit of an odd point.

It’s way down south at the bottom of the map and is out of the way for all intents and purposes.

However, it has some benefits that will help you out for certain strategies. You can find a number of vehicles here including an anti-air. This will help you achieve aerial superiority.

A strategy you can make use of as a Recon is to place a radio beacon inside the market around here. This will give you a spawn point that most players don’t expect.

Try to preserve the explosive barrels here, you can probably surprise some of the enemies with them.

Assets (Large): 1x LAV-AD/Type 95 AA
Assets (Small): 1x Quad Bikes, 1x PWC

The Levee is the structure that controls the levolution of the map, aside from that this point is vital to control because it gives the controlling team’s commander the Infantry Scan power.

There’s a pretty big capture and contest radius to this point, consider hunkering down at the northeast when capturing so you’ll have a good amount of cover.

This point can also be very difficult to contest if the enemy has the Rooftop Garden under their control. This is because the Rooftop Garden directly overlooks the Levee as well as the Shanty Town.

Assets (Small): 1x Quad Bikes, 1x PWC

Rush Tips and Strategy

In Rush, the objective is for one team to defend something called an M-COM station while the other team tries to destroy them by arming them. The US team plays as the aggressors while the CN will try to hold their ground.

The attacking team only has 75 tickets, while the defenders can spawn endlessly. In Flood Zone, the battles take place in three zones on the map, which are smaller segments of the overall map.

The attackers have access to better vehicles, but most of the M-COM stations in each zone are located inside buildings, lessening the impact of the vehicles.

Zone 1: Park
Recommended US Squad: Assault, Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support
Recommended CN Squad: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

This zone will be much closer to the CN than the US, but the US have access to a number of vehicles that will make getting there easier. Make use of the hills and uneven ground here in the park to take cover as you approach.

The RHIB that are in the US base are not very beneficial to you as they leave the soldiers traveling in it very open. Only use these for quick transport.

M-COM station A is found to the northeast of the bridge in the middle eastern side of the park surrounded by rocky hills. It’s out in the open and is therefore difficult to contest.

The second station is southeast of the bridge and is surrounded by numerous amounts of rocks, hills and trees. A cool trick that defenders can use is to plant C4 near the station and detonating it when someone comes up to capture the point.

US Assets: 2x MRAP, 1x LAV-25, 2x RHIB, 1x UH-1Y Venom, 1x AH-6J Little Bird
CN Assets: 1x Type 95 AA

Zone 2: Shanty Town/Rooftop Garden
Recommended US Squad: Assault, Assault, Engineer, Support, Recon
Recommended CN Squad: Assault, Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Recon

Once more, the US will have vehicular superiority over the defenders. However this time it will take the US forces some time to arrive, giving you the perfect opportunity to hunker down and prepare the perfect surprise party.

This zone battle will allow the US helicopters to shine, conversely the CN will want to station a number of engineers with stingers to prevent the helicopters from dropping opponents onto the rooftops.

Station A is found on one of the roofs there inside a shack against the building. Expect close quarters fighting here since there are a bunch of shacks for defenders to hide in.

Station B is located more to the north of the last one, between a shack and a stack of crates. Just north of it you can find a roof which is the highest point that you can reach on foot. Use this vantage point to protect station B.

US Assets: 2x MRAP, 1x LAV-25, 2x RHIB, 1x UH-1Y Venom, 1x AH-6J Little Bird
CN Assets: 1x Type 95 AA

Zone 3: Garage
Recommended US Squad: Assault, Assault, Engineer, Recon, Support
Recommended CN Squad: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Engineer, Support

This zone is quite large. It consists of parts of the park as well as the rooftop garden and the gas station. However, both the stations are to be found in the Garage building, and as a result the majority of the fighting will occur there.

The US will again have vehicular superiority and should try to use their helicopter to drop players onto the roof of the building, making for a two-pronged assault.

If the map is not flooded, the US team can drive their vehicles right into the building. However, this will make their boats useful.

The US will want to plant some Radio Beacons nearer to the Garage as the distance between the Base and the Stations is quite significant.

US Assets: 1x LAV-25, 2x RHIB, 1x UH-1Y Venom, 1x AH-6J Little Bird
CN Assets: 1x Type 95 AA, 1x RHIB

Obliteration Tips and Strategy

Squad Composition: Assault, Engineer, Engineer, Support, Recon

Obliteration is one of the newer game modes that are being introduced in Battlefield 4. It’s similar to Rush in that it involves the destruction and defense of certain objectives, but the similarities end there.

Both teams have a number of targets that they need to destroy on the enemy team’s side. Players need to destroy these, whilst simultaneously defending their own.

The way you destroy these points is by taking control of a bomb that spawns somewhere near the Plaza randomly. Players need to take control of the bomb and take it to one of the targets, fighting their way past the defenders.

After a target is destroyed, the bomb respawns in a slightly different area.

Since the bomb can spawn in different areas, it would be a good idea to keep your forces slightly spread out so you can take control of it quickly. Make good use of the numerous vehicles available to either side.

They are very useful for moving across the map quickly.

US Assets: 2x MRAP, 1x LAV-25, 2x RHIB, 1x AH-6J Little Bird, 1x UH-1Y Venom
CN Assets: 2x ZFB-05, 1x ZBD-09, 2x RHIB, 1x Z-11W, 1x Z-9 Haitun

Defuse Tips and Strategy

Squad Composition: Assault, Assault, Assault, Support, Recon

This is another new game mode for Battlefield 4.

In this one players only have one life per round, similar to counter-strike, and the objective consist of two laptops found in two different locations. The US team will be the aggressors, looking to wrest control of the computers from the defending CN team.

The first laptop is found in a wooden shack west of the Rooftop Garden.

The CN forces can camp in these shacks and surprise the attackers. The second laptop can be located west of Shanty Town and is also found inside a shack.

Attackers can use grenades to make defenders scatter from their hiding spots. There will be a lot of close range fighting here due to the shacks and the rooftop fighting.

Attackers should attempt to use the inside of the buildings to move forwards while the defenders build a perimeter around the rooftop gardens.

Squad Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch Tips and Strategy

Recommended Squad: Assault, Support, Engineer, Recon

In Squad Deathmatches, there are four teams of 4 players each, and they all face off in a grand battle royale to see who can rack up the highest number of kills first.

Supports are nigh useless in this game mode, as reviving teammates doesn’t help. Unlike the other game modes such as Rush and Conquest, you don’t have a limited number of respawns, so the usefulness of a Support is debatable.

The difference between team and squad Deathmatches is that in Team Deathmatches you only have two team and the maximum number of players per team is increased to 10.

A great deal of rooftop fighting occurs here, on this small segment of the map.

Try to control the high area and you and your team should dominate. Avoid the IFV on the ground. It may be tempting, but since the majority of the action occurs up top it’ll be nigh useless.

The rooftop garden also house many shacks, which provide a significant amount of cover.

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