Battlefield 4 CTE Heading to Xbox One “Really Really Really Really Soon”

DICE LA, the studio taking the lead on patches and updates for Battlefield 4, is planning to bring Battlefield 4 community test environment to Xbox One. In fact, they have already started teasing it on Twitter.

Julian, who is an engineer at the studio, teased an image on Twitter with the caption “What is going on here?”

In the image, we can see two Xbox One consoles hooked to monitors. Both of them are running the CTE version of Battlefield 4. According of a separate Tweet from Julian, both of these consoles are standard retail systems, not dev kits.

This doesn’t come as a surprise at all, DICE LA has shared their interest in the past regarding a CTE for consoles. However, DICE LA producer David Sirland at the time said that Sony and Microsoft aren’t ready. He mentioned Sony and Microsoft’s patch and update certification processes as one of the reasons CTE isn’t yet available on consoles.

These hurdles may no longer be an issue, as Julian said in another Tweet that users will be able to play in the Battlefield 4 CTE on Xbox One “really really really really soon.”

It seems we may hear something at E3.

The PlayStation 4 CTE isn’t mentioned so far.

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