Battlefield 3 Vehicles Guide

Every vehicle you will come across in Battlefield 3.

Vehicular gameplay is the pride of Battlefield 3 and to keep that pride intact, it features a wide range of armed vehicles that you can use one way or another in Battlefield 3. In this guide, we will give you an overview of all the Battlefield 3 vehicle classes.

Battlefield 3 Vehicles


VDV Buggy
Russian, seats for three (Driver, passenger, gunner)

Also known as the Humvee, US. seats for four (driver, machine gunner and two passengers)

GAZ-3937 Vodnik
Russian armored vehicle, four players (driver, two passengers and a gunner)

Growler ITV
This is a US light buggy, it can hold three players. (Driver, Passenger and a gunner)



Equipped with an automatic grenade launcher the QLZ-87 and a KORD 12.7mm machine gun, the Barsuk is utilized as a support vehicle.


PLR and RGF forces use BM-21 to fire rocket at the US air force. You would destroy them when to do the mission called “Thunder Run”.

Desert Patrol Vehicle:

A fast three-seater armed with a M2 Browning on a 120 degree Mount. A driver can travel in it with a gunner and a side passenger. But you cannot defend its rear as the M2 doesn’t rotate that behind.


A heavy/light troop transport vehicle used in the game. Fitted with armor and a MG but lacks in engine power for knocking down obstacles.


This is a light troop transport vehicle.

Transport Vehicles

These are used for transporting large number of units or packages, and are quite big in the size.

The only boat in the game, and is used for transport purposes. It can hold a driver, gunner and two passengers.

UH-1Y Venom
Transport Chopper, five players: Four passengers, one pilot.

KA-60 Kasatka
Russian, can hold upto 5 players: A pilot, two mini-gunners and two passengers.

AAV-7A1 Amtrac
US transport vehicle, it has six seats (driver, a gunner and four passengers). The gunner has the choice of using a heavy machine gun or a 9-round cannon.

Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Used by the Russians, can seat six players (a driver who has access to a six shot cannon, a player who is mounted on to a heavy machine gun and four other passengers who can use the ligh machine guns from the sides.)

This is an IFV for the US, it can also have up to six players. (A driver with the six shot cannon, a gunner mounted to a heavy machine gun and the 4 players with light machine guns).

Infantry Vehicle Upgrades
There are few upgrades/perks which can be used on the IFVs.

  • Belt Speed – The delay between firing bursts of the main vehicle weapon is decreased.
  • Proximity Scan – The scanner will show enemy units on your minimap.
  • Maintenance – Vehicle Recovery is improved.
  • Thermal Camo – This will increase the enemy locking but it also decreases the time when you’re revealed to the enemy.
  • Reactive Armor – Your stregnth is increased.
  • Gadgets – IR Smoke, Zoom and Thermal Optics
  • Weapons – ATGM Launcher, Coaxial LMG, APFSDS-T Shell and Guided Missiles.

Main Battle Tanks

Russian Tank, it can seat two players, a driver who has access to a cannon and the player who has to use the mounted MG.

M1 Abrams
U.S Marine Corps, two players (a driver who has access to a cannon and the player who has to use the mounted MG.)


  • Gadgets – IR Smoke, Zoom and Thermal Optics
  • Upgrades/Perks – Proximity Scan, Autoloader, Maintenance, Thermal Camo, Reactive Armor.
  • Weapons – Coaxial LMG and HMG, Guided and Canister Shells.

2S25 Sprut

A light tank based on BMD-3 chassis with the difference of a larger 125mm smoothbore gun, manufactured by Volograd tractor factory. Its portability by carrying it in an out of a battlefield is what makes it stand out. This ability is due to its armor being made of aluminum along with a composite skin. But this lightness doesn’t compromise its defense capability cause 24mm rounds are still no match for it from 500 meters away.


Being able to withstand itself from 14.5mm projectiles, small weapons and throwables is one of the main qualities of this tank. Russian use it as their IFV. KORD machine is mounted at the top and is operated by the second passenger. It even has better driving capabilities than the BMP-2 other than being able to turn at one point.


Its cannon capabilities matches to that of a MBT and its chassis and seating capacity is the same as that of an IFV. This tank destroyer has the capability to fire rounds and still keep moving at the same time but stability is its weakness. Its speed is it main power using which it can gain superiority in a fight despite its weak armor.


It is only used by the enemies mostly by PLR in Thunder Run. They are easy to destroy.

Attack Helicopters

AH-64 Apache:

An attack helicopter with a twin engine and four blades, US army got it developed from Hughes Helicopters. This was during an advanced attack helicopter program with the purpose to replace AH-1 cobra. Armed with a 30mm M230 Chain Gun accompanied bu Hydra Rocket pods, this heli was complete killing machine.

CH-47 Chinook:

You will encounter a destroyed CH-47 at A Flag on the Roof  crashed near the Quarters DLC map Scrapmetal.

Eurocopter AS350:

There are multiple appearances of this vehicle in BF3. It is even used by France’s National Police in the game. It is not piloted by the player however.

AH-1Z Viper
This is used by the US Marine Corps, it has the space for two players (A pilot who has access to the 14 shot rocket pod and the gunner who can control the 30 shot cannon).

MI-28 Havoc
Russian and has the space for two players (A pilot who has access to the 14 shot rocket pod and the gunner who can control the 30 shot cannon).

Pilot Upgrades

  • Upgrades – Stealth, Autoloader, Proximity Scan, Air Radar, Maintenance, Laser Painter, Guided Rocket
  • Gadgets – IR Flares, Extinguisher, ECM Jammer
  • Weapons – Heat Seekers

Gunner Upgrades

  • Upgrades/Perks – Stealth, Autoloader, Proximity Scan, Maintenance
  • Gadgets – IR Flares, Zoom Optics, Thermal Optics
  • Weapons – TV Missiles, Guided Missiles

Scout Helicopters

These are smaller and have limited weapons, so they are more cheaper and experimented a lot.

AH-6J Little Bird
US’ chopper, 4 players (Pilot who has a minigun and 4 passengers)

This is a refined version of the Chinese helicopter, it also holds a Pilot who has a minigun and 4 passengers.

Scout Helicopter Upgrades

  • Upgrades/Perks – Stealth, Belt Speed, Proximity Scan, Air Radar, Maintenance, Laser Painter
  • Gadgets – IR Flares, Extinguisher, ECM Jammer
  • Weapons – Heat Seekers, Guided Missile


These airplanes have multi-roles. They can do air-to-air and air-to-ground attacks too. Some of these are very fast where some are very powerful. You can land the aircrafts anywhere (flat surface).

Antonov An-22:

World’s heaviest attack aircraft before the arrival of American C-5 and Soviet An-124 and An-225, the Antonov An-22 Antei is rocking 4 pairs of contra-rotating turboprops and is still the largest craft powered by them.

B-1B Lancer

You can see it in the mission Thunder Run. Two of them will fly over the smoke covered area to drop heavy ordinance and one of them will player over you but you wouldn’t be able to use it.


The Lockheed C-130 Hercules Dropship is powered by a four-engine turboprop and is an outclass dropship which has no thermal signature making it amazing for stealth operations and other attackers cannot lock on this dropship using their laser designators.

F16 Fighting Falcon:

It was in the trailer cut of the game but couldn’t make its way to the final version. The F/A-18E took its place in the game and played the role of the main aircraft of US air force.


Equipped with a 25mm cannon and air to ground Rocket Pods, the F-35 is a multirole fighter. For air to air combat it features Guided missiles and even heat seeking missiles.

Su-37 Flanker F:

An un-used fighter jet but has many qualities such as super-maneuverability and speed. It is a single seater and was experimental.

A-10 Thunderbolt
USAF, it is for CAS (Close Air Support) and only one player operates it.

SU-25TM Frogfoot
This CAS jet is for the Soviets, it’s also operated by a single player.

F/A-18E Super Hornet
United States fighter, it is faster than the thunderbolt.

SU-35BM Flanker-E
Also known as Flanker-E, it is Russian and only two dozen of such pieces are created by now.

Jet Upgrades

  • Upgrades/Perks – Stealth, Belt Speed, Proximity Scan, Air Radar, Maintenance, Beam Scanning
  • Gadgets – IR FLARES, Extinguisher, ECM Jammer
  • Weapons – Heat Seekers, Rocket Pods, Guided Missile

Mobile AA

AA stands for Anti-Air, these vehicles are specially built to counter enemy helicopters and fighters.

A refined version of the LAV-25, its built by the US. It has only one seat – for the driver who can also use the mini-gun which is very effective against flying targets.

9K22 Tunguska-M
Russian, same attributes as the LAV-AD which can also engage ground targets as-well.


  • Upgrades/Perks – Belt Speed, Proximity Scan, Air Radar, Maintenance, Thermal camo, Reactive Armor
  • Gadgets – IR Smoke, Thermal and Zoom Optics
  • Weapons – Anti-Air Missile

Stationary AA

Centurion C-RAM
United States equipment, it is the refined version of the Phalanx CIWS.

It’s used by Russia and has a good damaging power.

Stationary AT

Fixed weapons for the support of the infantrymen, A single man can control it and resist a full platoon if he knows whats he doing. These are very exposed and open-era so almost everybody of the opposition aims for it first.

M220 Tow Launcher
M220 Tow Launcher is built and used by the US. These are located on almost every conquest/rush map. It takes 7 seconds to reload.

9M133 Kornet Launcher
Russian, same characteristics as the M220 Launcher.


Arleigh Burke-Class Destroyer

Built around Aegis combat system along with using SPY-1D multi-function phased array radar. It is named after the most well-known destroyer officer Admiral Arleigh Burke.


Henry J. Kaiser-Class Oilers:

When you do the mission Going Hunting you will see this oiler in the US Navy.

US Essex:

It carries most of the US aircrafts.

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