Battlefield 2042 Update 3.3 Delayed By Another Week

The scattered Battlefield 2042 player-base will be disappointed to know that their next promised update has been delayed by a week.

In an official announcement earlier today, global community manager Adam Freeman confirmed that update 3.3 was supposed to drop for Battlefield 2042 in the coming days but will now be going live next week.

The delay will better position developer DICE “to support in case of any issues that might have cropped up over the weekend.”

Pushing the update ahead naturally means that Battlefield 2042 will remain without weekly missions for another week. The missions will return once update 3.3 goes live with new content.

Battlefield 2042 will refresh its existing bareboned scoreboard with a new and useful user interface once update 3.3 arrives. The new scoreboard was revealed back in January for a release by late February and will “deaths alongside kills, and a team split to help differentiate leaders per team.”

Battlefield 2042 is still reeling from its rocky launch as DICE continues to try steer the ship around. The new installment has lost pretty much all of its player-base across all platforms, ranging around 2,000 players a day on average on Steam. The first season has also been delayed by several months to give the developer enough time to go through all issues and concerns.

More recently, publisher Electronic Arts was criticized for reportedly blaming Halo Infinite for promoting negativity around Battlefield 2042. The publisher was also said to have blamed most of the poor Steam reviews on players using low-grade hardware; all of which Electronic Arts has denied.

There is a looming fear that Battlefield 2042 might take too long to address its problems. With the first season of content already pushed ahead and players dwindling with every days, the game will need to really shine to convince all of those players to come back.

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