Battlefield 2042’s New “Tactical Beanie” Revealed To Be Reused Content

It seems like nothing is going right for Battlefield 2042 as even an offering of new gear can end up creating a storm of criticism.

Battlefield 2042 is currently hosting a new weekly mission where players have the opportunity to unlock a “Tactical Beanie” for Constantin “Angel” Anghel. The beanie, while being labelled by developer DICE as an “epic headgear” for players to collect, is just a plain beanie in every sense.

It goes without saying that the player-base was not amused at all with the freebie. Many have called out DICE to make more of an effort because new and fresh content is something Battlefield 2042 clearly lacks. There was however still room enough to make the situation even more embarrassing.

Earlier today, a streamer pointed out that the epic Tactical Beanie headgear of Angel is actually the same headgear Emma “Sundance” Rosier wears in her base skin. The weekly reward is hence just DICE reusing existing content.

Battlefield 2042 has been spiraling in a downwards direction since its release last November. The player-base has dwindled at an alarming rate as more and more players are either turning to other games or returning to older Battlefield games.

The situation was bleak enough for DICE to delay the release of the first season by several months and use the extra time to address a long list of pressing issues.

Elsewhere, an online petition blaming publisher Electronic Arts for false advertisement and asking for a full refund across all platforms has surpassed 145,000 signatures in less than 24 hours. The petition hopes that enough signatures will convince “one of the best class-action lawsuit lawyers in the country” to file a lawsuit against the publishing giant.

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