Battlefield 2042 PS4 Build Spotted Ahead Of Technical Alpha

Electronic Arts (EA) has reportedly started preparing Battlefield 2042 for its promised technical alpha playtest on PlayStation 4.

According to a report by MP1st earlier today, a Battlefield 2042 PS4 build has been uploaded on the PlayStation Network which weighs roughly around 20 GB. While the build only mentions an alpha version of a Battlefield build, the said build does appear to be for the upcoming new installment.

EA has already confirmed that there will be a technical playtest for Battlefield 2042 in the beginning of July 2021 which will “not be a Closed Alpha similar to those created for previous Battlefield games.” The publisher has further noted that the technical playtest will be done in a closed setting and will use “a grey box environment of the game.”

Unfortunately, the technical alpha will be invite-only and as such, EA will presumably be inviting professional players alongside content creators and social media influencers to “play the game and test things like stability.”

The spotted Battlefield 2042 PS4 build from earlier today hence should be the build alpha testers will be accessing next month. The mentioned 20 GB size of the build though should not be confused with the final size of the game which will understandably be much larger. This build will probably be just the base game where base stands for the bare minimum being offered to alpha testers.

Battlefield 2042 has been rumored to allow players to install its given modes separately much like how players can install Call of Duty: Warzone without allocating additional storage for the base multiplayer mode or single-player games. That makes it evident that the new installment in the franchise, particularly on current-generation consoles, will require a large amount of storage space, possibly nearing the 100 GB threshold if players are interested in the complete experience.

Battlefield 2042 releases on October 22 as a live service product, meaning that there will be plenty of new maps coming down the road with potentially new dynamic events and other related surprises.

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