Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Might Go Live As Soon As Next Week

Battlefield 2042 open beta will go live as soon as next week on September 7 and conclude on September 11, according to a product listing.

Battlefield 2042 was previously confirmed by publisher Electronic Arts to host an open beta somewhere within September but with the month already started, an exact release date still remains pending, at least officially.

According to a product listing by retailer Media World (via Reddit) earlier today, the said Battlefield 2042 open beta will go live as soon as next week on September 7 and conclude on September 11. The listing has since then been edited to remove the beta dates and currently only mentions that every pre-order will guarantee an early access to the open beta.

Electronic Arts should have announced the Battlefield 2042 beta dates by now. The delayed announcement has already stemmed rumors that developer DICE had to pushed the beta ahead in order to iron out a few kinks. Electronic Art remains committed to the open beta taking place within September either way. Hence, the Battlefield community can expect an update to arrive fairly soon.

Battlefield 2042 hosted an invitation-only technical test last month on Xbox Series X and PC to gather feedback and to put its online servers under load. The technical test was scrapped for PlayStation 5 because for a “critical issue” but PlayStation owners will get their chance with the upcoming open beta.

The new installment in the franchise will be using Easy Anti-Cheat at launch which is being used by many popular games like Apex Legends, Dead by Daylight, Fortnite, Smite, and Rust, among many others.

The mention of an anti-cheat is important because unsurprisingly, Battlefield 2042 cheats are already being sold online months ahead of release.

Battlefield 2042 will officially launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC on October 22, 2021.

The standard edition costs $60 and $70 on previous-generation consoles and current-generation consoles respectively. The PC version will still retail at $60. Fans looking to go big can opt for the Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition for $110 and $120 on PC and consoles respectively.

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