Check Out Battlefield 2042’s New Scoreboard, Voice Chat Coming Next

Battlefield 2042 will soon receive a completely refreshed scoreboard when update 3.3 goes live on March 8, 2022.

Following a nearly two-month wait, Battlefield 2042 will soon receive a completely refreshed scoreboard when update 3.3 goes live on March 8, 2022.

In a new blog post earlier today, developer DICE showed off the new scoreboard while reminding that the user interface was redesigned based on community feedback. The refresh is hence only the first iteration and DICE is willing to return with further improvements or changes should players feel the need.

The new scoreboard of Battlefield 2042 now splits both teams while displaying the deaths of each player, which was missing before. Alongside that will be other stats to monitor such as the total score, kills, assists, and objectives taken.

The match overview window has been improved as well for added clarity and has now been shifted to the left side of the refreshed scoreboard. It will retain match-specific information from before such as objective progression and ticket counters alongside the current in-game latency.

“This is the first version of the Scoreboard, and further improvements will be made to this in subsequent updates, based upon your continued feedback such as the Scoreboard being available during the End of Round screens,” noted DICE.

DICE also confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will receive its next update in early April. Update 3.4 or whatever its gets called will introduce voice chat for squads for the first time alongside “a large set of changes and fixes.” The developer is also looking to balance weapons and vehicles, “alongside an overhaul of Attachment behavior for infantry weapons across the board.”

Last week, DICE highlighted five core issues which are responsible for making maps feel like walking simulators. The developer intends to introduce a number of design changes on a map-by-map basis, starting with Kaleidoscope which will be updated before the first season goes live.

DICE had to delay the first season in order to improve the current state of the game. There is still no confirm date for when the first seasonal wave of content arrives but the community has been asked to be prepared in the summers.

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