How to Call In Vehicles in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has shaken up the typical Battlefield formula in a number of ways. One such shake-up happens to be how the infantry uses vehicles in-game. Instead of picking up parked tanks and other vehicles, players can now call-in their vehicle of choice at any place. However, the new system is a bit complicated so allow us to explain how to call-in vehicles in Battlefield 2042.

How to Call in Vehicles in Battlefield 2042

A Battlefield game won’t be complete without a plethora of vehicles in your arsenal. This much is true in Battlefield 2042 where vehicles are one of the most valuable, adaptable assets that you can use. Imagination is the limit when it comes to vehicles, use it in the traditional sense to traverse long distances or use it as a weapon for mass destruction.

Thanks to the Vehicle call-in system in BF 2042, traveling and killing have become rather easy. How to accomplish this task? Here is a comprehensive list of how to access this feature on each platform where Battlefield 2042 is available on:

  • PC: Pressing the B key will trigger the call-in tablet. Choose your preferred vehicle, click on it with your left mouse button. Select the location where you would like it to be dropped with the LMB. Accept and begin the sequence with the same button (LMB)
  • Xbox: Press and hold RB to activate the ‘call-in’ tablet. Choose your preferred vehicle by using the left thumbstick. Press the A button on the vehicle of your choosing. Select your desired location with the left thumbstick. Press the A-button to begin the call-in.
  • PlayStation: Press and hold the R1 button to activate the call-in tablet. Choose your preferred vehicle with the left thumbstick and then press the X button to select it. Choose your desired location with the left thumbstick then click with the X button to successfully select the drop-in location.

Note that it probably won’t be a good idea to call down a vehicle in the middle of a firefight, as you’ll be exposed to enemy fire immediately. Therefore, you should call your vehicles just behind the front line so that you can enter the vehicle safely while still being close to the action.

There is a limit to how many vehicles of a certain type can be deployed by the entire team at once. On top of that, after you call in a vehicle in BF 2042 there is a cooldown for a few minutes before you can call in the next one. So keep that in mind before using the vehicle call-in feature in a hotspot and instantly losing it to enemy fire.

A little tip, it’s best to find cover during a firefight before calling down a vehicle. You could also retreat and find safety behind the front line but be aware of high grounds since snipers can easily pick you off.

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