Battlefield 2042 Beta’s “Missing Essential Components” Will Be There At Release

The recent Battlefield 2042 open beta was missing a few important features which were not only present in past Battlefield games but are also considered pretty basic. Their absence had many players concerned about the final release which developer DICE has now addressed.

In a lengthy blog post earlier today, DICE acknowledged that the Battlefield 2042 open beta “was missing some essential components.” However, they have not been abandoned. The missing features were either disabled due to bugs or were skipped because of ongoing development. Rest assured that they will be present for players when the full game officially releases.

The open beta prevented players from opening up the full map to see the entire battlefield, which will be rectified in the full release. DICE will furthermore be adding a nearby grenade indicator for players in the final release, as well as the ability to vault on moving objects and strafe-to-sliding inputs.

In addition, a ping system to issue commands or updates to friendlies, considered crucial in any tactical game, was present in the Battlefield 2042 open beta but was not working as intended, another concern which will be addressed in the final release.

“Ping wasn’t working as well as we would have liked during the open beta,” said DICE, “but at launch, you can expect it function more responsively when you’re pinging locations, assets, and enemy soldiers.”

DICE previously confirmed that the Battlefield 2042 open beta build was “a few months old” and without a lot of visual and stability improvements which were worked on afterwards for the final release. That is mainly why the recently held open beta was missing the aforementioned features but which will be present on day one of release.

Battlefield 2042 launches for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC on October 22, 2021.

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