Battlefield 2042’s Battlehub Mode Rumored To Be The “Ultimate Sandbox Experience”

The “redacted” multiplayer mode of Battlefield 2042 will allegedly be called Battlehub (or Battlefield Hub) as “a new way to play Battlefield.”

According to well-known leaker Tom Henderson, who notably leaked the existence of Battlehub before the game was officially announced, the third and final mode will be the “ultimate sandbox experience” and will be the “fun game mode when it comes to Battlefield 2042.”

Battlehub will apparently pay homage to past installments in the franchise by infusing some of their gameplay content such as remastered versions of older Battlefield games, all of which will be running on the new engine and most of which will be supporting the increased 128 player-count.

Specialists will furthermore be available in Battlehub and the mode will also be updated with each seasonal battle pass. Hence, any new content added to the base Battlefield 2042 such as new weapons, vehicles or maps, will be added to Battlehub as well with each new season.

The rumored Battlefield Hub however remains to be officially revealed. Hence, fans should take everything with a pinch of salt. That being said, the additional claim of Battlehub being a sperate download holds significance. If true, players will be able to choose whether to install Hazard Zone or Battlehub, which in turn suggests that Battlefield 2042 will require a large amount of storage space on par with Call of Duty: Warzone and its recent two installments.

The new Battlefield 2042 maps will be some of the largest ever maps to grace the franchise. According to developer DICE, a new map-designing policy was created for this very goal. The maps were not only increased in scale but also designed to host “clusters of objectives.” That way, players will always have plenty to do (and fight) with disregard to where they are on the largest map to ever be designed for a Battlefield game.

Battlefield 2042 releases on October 22 as a live service product, meaning that there will be plenty of new maps coming down the road with potentially new dynamic events and other related surprises.

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