Battlefield 5 Teaser Information Hints That We Are Indeed Getting A WW2 Game

A fuller version of the Battlefield 5 teaser has been released, and some of the information that we can glean from a short 13-second clip hints that we might indeed be going back to World War 2, rather than a modern-day setting. The Battlefield 5 teaser information isn’t much, but it’s something at least.

It’s something of a dark teaser as well, with the viewpoint character apparently being stealth-killed by someone as they shush them, but looking around there in those few short seconds that we see it gives us at least a little bit of information. Mainly, that the two ticket dispensers on the top of the screen include one flag that has the German Iron Cross on it.

This likely means that rumors that the game will be taking place in World War 2 are true after all, continuing the pattern that started with Battlefield 1 and its foray into the First World War. If we’re right and it does end up being World War 2, hopefully this Battlefield will be just as good as the previous game.

While World War 2 doesn’t have as much experimental technology as World War I (which included small tanks, the world’s smallest gun, anti-tank rifles, Behemoths, horses, and more), if DICE does the same amount of research with World War 2 as they did World War I, including things like Nazi superweapons and other such things, we might end up getting a game just as good as Battlefield 1 was.

We’ll be getting more Battlefield 5 teaser information when the full trailer (possibly alongside gameplay and a lot of other information) comes out on May 23, tomorrow. And after that, we’ll likely be getting even more information at the EA Play conference around the time of E3.

Along with the Battlefield 5 teaser information, the ending screen says that Battlefield 5 will be coming out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.