Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Expansion Details Have Been Revealed

Battlefield 1 is now being prepared to receive Turning Tides, the upcoming third expansion pack for the installment that focuses on naval warfare.

Battlefield 1 is now being prepared to receive Turning Tides, the upcoming third expansion pack for the installment that focuses on naval warfare.

Posting on the official website last week, DICE revealed that the “amphibious battles of the great war” will be released in two separate waves. Majority of the expansion pack will arrive in December, with the remainder of the new offering pegged for January. This will ensure a “steady stream of new maps and other content” in the upcoming months.

December 2017

  • Achi Baba (Map): Throw yourself into the British assault on the Gallipoli peninsula of 1915 in an intense, fast, and infantry-focused setting.
  • Cape Helles (Map): Storm the beaches of the Gallipoli peninsula with the British forces or defend the Ottoman Empire’s fortifications.
  • Gallipoli (Operation): Defend or attack sectors on the Cape Helles and Achi Baba maps in a new, epic Operation.
  • 6 New Guns: Find your new favorite weapon among the M1917 Trench Carbine, Maschinenpistole M1912/P.16, Farquhar-Hill, M1917 MG, Carcano M91 Carbine, and Type 38 Arisaka.
  • 2 New Melee Weapons: The new Naval Cutlass and Grappling Hook melee weapons are perfect for close and personal fights.
  • L-Class Destroyer: Rule the waves with the mighty Destroyer and take on sea, air, and ground units with its cannons, torpedoes, AA guns, and mines.
  • C-Class Airship: Deliver death from above in a nimble airship with room for a pilot with three gunners.
  • Infiltrator Elite Class: Hide in plain sight and move faster across the battlefield with the new Infiltrator Elite pickup.

January 2018

  • Heligoland Bight (Map): Engage in an epic naval clash as the British Royal Marines and German Navy pit dreadnoughts, destroyers, and aircraft against each other while infantry troops fight by the iconic red cliffs of Rocky Cove.
  • Zeebrugge (Map): Take part of the daring British raid on the Belgian port of Bruges-Zeebrugge with rough waves and a vast German mole as backdrop. Fight at sea, in the air, and in close-quarter infantry environments.
  • Royal Marines (British Army): Don the characteristic blue uniform of the British Empire’s elite naval troops and charge into battle with the new Royal Marines.

Take note that the aforementioned breakdown is for the owners of the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass. This means that there is the possibility of some of the new content being exclusive. In addition, non-holders must wait a few weeks before accessing Turning Tides.

That being said, DICE has promised to host a Battlefield 1 Premium Trials event in December to let others join the fun for a limited time. More details have been promised to arrive in the coming weeks.

Battlefield 1 is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. They Shall Not Pass and In the Name of the Tsar, the first and second expansion packs respectively, are already out for those interested in spending more on post-release content.

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