Battlefield 1 Tanks Guide – How to Destroy Tanks, Kill Tanks, Repair, Tank Tips and More

Battlefield 1 Tanks Guide to help you understand how to get rid of enemy tanks in the game and get an advantage for your team.

Vehicles – especially tanks – in Battlefield games can put the enemy team on a massive advantage. Not only these vehicles allow the opposing team to rack up kills but also reach objectives in a much safer way.

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Battlefield 1 Tanks Guide

In our Battlefield 1 Tanks Guide, we have discussed everything you need to know in order to get rid of enemy tanks in the game.

How to Destroy Tanks in Battlefield 1

The first thing that you need to know is that game’s anti-vehicle class is Assault Class. From AT Mines to AT Grenades, AT Rocket Gun, to Dynamites – there are plenty of tools at your disposal.

All of these tools are pretty effective against tanks, but you must acquaint yourself to using them properly. When it comes to using dynamites, you need to judge a tank’s movement before throwing them. Moreover, it is important that you constantly move in/out of cover in order to avoid getting return-damage.

As for AT Mines, you must place them in choke points i.e. areas leading in or out of capture points. The best tool, however, remains the AT Rocket Gun. This thing can easily make short work of tanks in a couple of shots. It is recommended that you use this from an area which provides a lot of cover.

Similar to dynamites, you need to fire a shot and quickly get behind cover followed by another shot.

How to Repair a Tank in Battlefield 1

Tanks are very useful in game modes such as rush, domination, and conquest. They not only let you rack up a lot of easy kills but are excellent at capturing flags and objectives. You need to make sure your tanks are in good health if you are playing as a medic.

Your job as the medic is not only to keep you teammates healthy but your tanks as well. In order to repair a tank you to need to step outside and press the prompted button to repair, on PC, the button is usually X.

It takes five seconds to repair 20% of the tank; keep in mind that the action in cancelled in your tank is attacked during the repair process. If you spawn inside a tank you will get a key that can repair the tank from inside and the action won’t be cancelled if you are attacked.

Battlefield 1 Tanks Tips

Tanks are killing machines is Battlefield 1 but they have some weaknesses that you need to keep in mind. They can be destroyed with anti-tank grenades and Tank Hunter class etc. Moreover, canon guns have a cool down time so you need to not wildly shoot at everything because an enemy vehicle may appear at any time.

Tanks have heavy armor so use them to capture objectives and flags in domination and conquest. Moreover, keep switching seats if you are the lone gunner in a tank. On PC, use F1, F2 and so on to switch seats in order to take care of enemies at different positions on of the map.

No matter what type of tank you are using, never drive alone. The driver needs his comrades to control the canons and machines guns mounted on the tanks.

Trains are also highly effective against armored trains.

This is all we have on Battlefield 1 Tanks Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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