Battlefield 1 Support Class Guide – Best Loadouts, Weapons, Gadgets, Unique Items, Strategy

Battlefield 1 Support Class Guide to help you provide cover fire for your teammates and supply them with ammunition.

You should go for Battlefield 1 Support Class if you like to provide suppression fire for your rushing teammates, resupply your teammates with ammunition, and drop mortar strikes against enemy vehicles.

Battlefield 1 Support Class Guide

While playing Support Class, you basically need to provide your teammates with ammo, provide cover fire, and crowd-control with a ton of gadgets at your disposal. The class enjoys a ton of Lightmachine Guns which are useful for suppressing enemies down.

The class is essentially something between Scout Class and Assault Class – players who are struggling with either of these classes should definitely try out the Support Class.

In our Battlefield 1 Support Guide, we have covered everything you need to understand about playing Support Class in BF1.

Weapons and Gadgets

When it comes to Weapons and Gadgets, Battlefield 1 Support Class is a like a mix of Scout Class and Assault Class from BF4. Most of the time you will find them using  light-machine guns. These weapons are best at mid-range combat to try to engage enemies at long range.

LMGs come with a large amount of ammo capacity and are very effective in suppressing the enemy and cover fire. Keep in mind that if you are looking for bloodshed, support class is not for you. In that case, you should go with Assualt and Sniper if you are good with that.


  • Light Machine Guns:
    • Lewis Gun Suppressive
    • Lewis Gun Optical
    • Lewis Gun Low Weight
    • M1909 Benet-Mercie Storm
    • M1909 Benet-Mercie Optical
    • M1909 Benet-Mercie Telescopic
    • Madsen MG Trench
    • Madsen MG Storm
    • Madsen MG Low Weight
    • MG15 n.A. Suppressive
    • MG15 n.A. Storm
    • MG15 n.A. Low Weight
    • BAR M1918 Trench
    • BAR M1918 Storm
    • BAR M1918 Telescopic
    • Huot Automatic Low Weight


    • M1911
    • P08 Pistol
    • Mle 1903
    • C93
    • No. 3 Revolver
    • Kolibri
    • Repetierpistole M1912
    • Bull Dog Revolver
    • Modello 1915


  • Tripwire Bomb – HE
  • Tripwire Bomb – Gas
  • Tripwire Bomb – Incendiary
  • Ammo Crate
  • Ammo Pack

Apart from these items, the Support class also carries some unique items. These items allow Support players to be very effective against vehicles – Mortar Explosives, Mortar Air Burst, Ammo Pouch, Ammo Crate, Limpet Charge, Repair Tool.

The Support Clas is highly effective during Conquest mode. Assault class can use your help while taking objectives so keep providing cover fire and drop ammo pouches.

The Tripwire Bomb is like a claymore-mine and will explore on contact from the enemy soldiers, horse, or vehicles.

Battlefield 1 Support Class Tips and Strategies

As mentioned earlier, you basically need to provide your teammates with cover fire and ammunition – staying close to your teammates is very important. The idea is to stay behind cover with a Tripwire to watch your back and providing suppression fire.

Support Class weapons have decent range and damage but suffer from accuracy. Due to this, you need to make sure that you do not continue to hold the trigger. Try to fire in short bursts so that you conserve ammo and are more accurate. Moreover, since LMGs in the game has slow rate-of-fire, there is no need to directly jump in against the like of Assault Class and Medic Class.

Try to stay behind cover, but always be active at all times. Moreover, it is a good idea to heavily rely on your Tripwires to keep your six covered. When moving from one objective to the other, try to do so in vehicles, do not move in open areas, and always have your back covered!

If you spot a few enemies inside a building, the gas bomb can prove to be highly effective to flush them out.

In the end, do note that Support Class is definitely recommended if you want to work on your aim and try out the Scout Class. However, with this class, you always need to be on your toes and constantly provide cover fire.

This is all we have on Battlefield 1 Support Class Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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