Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Will Be Revealed on June 12 at EA Play

After the amazing reveal of Battlefield 1, DICE’s latest adventure into the Battlefield series, many people were both gushing over the trailer and demanding footage of the Battlefield 1 multiplayer that would undoubtedly be coming soon (helped by DICE saying that we’d see more of the game at EA Play). Now, DICE has been true to their word. They’ve announced that we’ll be getting footage of the game’s multiplayer on June 12, at the EA Play event two days before E3.

Like many Battlefield games (except for Bad Company and Bad Company 2), the main focus of Battlefield 1 will be on the multiplayer, not on the story. For what story there is, in Battlefield 1 we’ll likely be taking control of a number of different soldiers as we visit various theaters of the First World War across the globe.

However, the multiplayer promises to be a very fun experience, as we’ll have tanks and machine guns. We’ll also have entrenchment tools and maces to use as melee weapons, and things like zeppelins and biplanes. The trailer has even shown us that we’ll have horses during gameplay, at least in desert areas.

If the rumors about the various map names are true, we’ll also be getting a wide variety of different multiplayer maps. These will range from Italy, to the Middle East, to the Western Front. More may even be coming after that.

The Battlefield 1 multiplayer event at EA Play will be known as Battlefield Squads, and will involve 64 different players playing on one Battlefield 1 map, Several famous faces in the Battlefield community such as BATTLEFIELD NOOB-FRIENDS and StoneMountain64 will also be there, and this event brings to mind the “Siege of Shanghai” demo that we got before Battlefield 4 came out.

Hopefully Battlefield 1 will be better than that, when it happens.

If you want to be a part of the Battlefield 1 multiplayer event, you simply have to tweet @Battlefield and include a video on why you think you should be enlisted in #BattlefieldSweepstakes by June 3 (that’s Friday) to have a chance. For the rest of you, keep an eye out for the livestream at 2:00 PM Eastern Time to see how the stream goes.