Battlefield 1 Maps Guide – Tips, Strategies, How to Deal With Snipers

Battlefield 1 Maps Guide to help you better understand each and every map in the vanilla game and how to play on it more effectively.

Battlefield 1 is now out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It releases with nine maps and more will be added in the coming month for season pass holders. Right now, Battlefield 1 players are busy with its intense multiplayer action which, admittedly, can become a little overwhelming on occasion.

Maps in Battlefield 1 are massive, there is chaos everywhere, and snipers can take you out from the opposite ends of the maps.

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Battlefield 1 Maps Guide

Battlefield 1 Maps Guide will help you understand Battlefield 1 maps a little better, use horses to deal with snipers, and tips to do better on different maps.


The maps feature a number of dunes and during, rush, you’ll push into the small town. However, you won’t be able to reach the are due to a number of scouts setting up camps in the small buildings. The best course of action here is to take down some of the buildings and houses you see before moving into the small town.


Getting the objecting point C is a pain on this map as it is out in the open and surrounded by four buildings. These buildings are great for snipers who just sit there in wait for you to attempt taking the objective before they put a bullet in you. What you can do is capture the objective from beneath the bridge it is placed on. This will help you get some cover from snipers but you will need to rush to the point or sneak up to it to avoid be targeted.

Sinai Desert

Snipers are a pain in Sinai-Desert as well but most of the locations they use aren’t as annoying as the stone arc near C. It is the same arc that allows players reach the top of a mountain and snipe from above. It is a great vantage point but from those below, it will become a headache. However, if don’t plan on using it, you blow it up. Yes, the arc is destructible. Take it down to players cannot get up there and those who are already up there are stuck.

Ballroom Blitz

There is a villa in the Ballroom Blitz that has some ladders in the courtyard that lead up to the walkways. They offer a view of the entire area and a couple of snipers placed there can do some serious damage in every direction. You will also find a cover up there and are is only accessible via the ladders.

Fao Fortress

This is the worst map in terms of the cover in offers around objective areas. Snipers will have a field day with you. Objectives are in exposed areas, open to snipers from all directions. You can use support fire to suppress snipers but for this you need either need to play as a support character to rely on help from a teammate. What you can do is use horses to reach unsuspecting snipers.

Empire’s Edge

This map is a little odd in terms of its design. For example, there is a small island in the northeast with objective that is accessible only via a small bridge. Snipers can do some serious damage here due to the bridge being the primary way to reach the island. However, what you need to is reach the island via the boat and take the island with your team. Now you can keep eye on the bridge as well as the boats coming in.

Argonne Forest

Whether you are playing Rush or Conquest, never push the entire squad towards an objective that is taken. Spread out and flank the tight corridors and paths. Always keep anticipating your enemy from the corner. Here’s another tip, lock bunkers door to control the flow and direction of the enemy attacks.

Monte Grappa

Taking a hold of the forest guns is the way to go on this map. Reach the control stations and lock the doors behind, keep in mind that if you are on the opposite end, wait for the guns to reload and attacks before the enemy starts spreading another round.

St. Quentin Scar

If you are playing as a sniper, point F and B is where you need to be. F is hard to flank so you fall victim to the enemy from behind. Meanwhile, B can be flanked but is very useful for spotting enemies and taking a shot. Snipers need to at F and B to succeed in this Battlefield 1 map.

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