Battlefield 1 Errors, Crashes, Freezing, FPS, Performance, Black Screen, DirectX and Fixes

When Battlefield 1 got revealed for the first time, fans across the globe developed high expectations from this year’s shooter. Battlefield had been struggling since the release of Battlefield 4.

However, with an impressive beta and the great World War imitation, the game has managed to earn a lot of praise this time. One thing that remained was its release performance, specially on PC. If the reports from early access users are to be believed, the game is doing great on PC. We will know it for sure when the game comes out for everyone on October 21.

In the meanwhile, we have shortlisted the common problems being faced by the users and the possible fixes. This for now is a work in progress as the game hasn’t been released yet for everyone. We will update the article once we have more information and feedback on various issues.

Battlefield 1 Errors, Crashes and Possible Workarounds

#1 Battlefield 1 FPS Fix
FPS drops can happen due to multiple reasons. However, many users have reported that disabling windows update services have fixed the random FPS drop issues for them. You can do that by using cmd (command prompt). Make sure that you run it as admin. The command you need to type in the command prompt is “Net Stop wuauserv”. After that, make sure that you also disable the update services from task manager.

Needless to say that in order to avoid FPS issues, you should have capable hardware and your GPU drivers should be up to date. Windows 10 users have also reported that disabling Xbox DVR has helped them in fixing the issue.

#2 Battlefield 1 Random Freezing Issue
If your game freezes for a couple of seconds during the gameplay, you should try the fixes mentioned in #1. Also, make sure that your security tool/firewall/antivirus is not blocking the game.

#3 Battlefield 1 Performance Issues for I5 Machines
Some users have reported that they are getting terrible performance even with high end GPUs. Based on various reports it’s safe to assume that Battlefield 1 utilizes the CPU resource more heavily than other games.

So reducing your graphics settings might not do the trick. What then? Well, it has been mentioned that if you use the DX 11 version of the game, it should work fine. Also, if you have any other applications running in the background, try disabling them.

#4 Battlefield 1 Connectivity Issues
Battlefield 1 is a highly anticipated game. Regardless of team’s efforts, the game is bound to have connectivity issues around launch. So if you can’t connect to the server, you should check the service status. If that’s not the issue you should try restarting your router. Make sure that your game is not being blocked by any firewall or security tool.

If you are behind a router, make sure that these ports are open.

#5 Battlefield 1 Startup Crash Fix
If your game crashes on the startup after a couple of seconds, there are a few things you should try. If your drivers are up to date, you should re-install Origin and restart your PC.

If that doesn’t work, try disabling directx 12 for the game from config file (c:\Users\User\Documents\Battlefield 1\settings\”PROFSAVE_profile”). Open the files with notepad and where it says “Dx12Enabled 1”, change the 1 to 0. Save changes.

For Gigabyte users, there have been reports that uninstalling the Gigabytes software suite fixes the problem so that’s worth of a try too.

#6 Battlefield 1 Screen Tearing Fix
If you are experiencing screen tearing with Vsync off, you should try running the game with dx 11 as it seems to have fixed the issue for some.

#7 Battlefield 1 Mouse Scroll Fix
If your mouse scroll is not working as it’s intended to be in Battlefield games, you can find a fix here.

#8 Battlefield 1 Directx Errors
If you are getting any directx related errors, you can try a few things to fix it. First, in the game directory, you should run all the exectuables in the redist folder. Restart, your PC and the problem should be fixed. If it doesn’t, try running the game using DX 11.

#9 Battlefield 1 Blurry Screen Workaround
Some users have reported that running the game in windowed mode fixed the problem for them. You can also try running the game in DX 11 mode.

#10 Battlefield 1 Windows 10 Directx Crash Fix for Full Screen
Not able to play in full screen can be annoying. If you are facing this issue on windows 10, here is a workaround that might just do the trick for you.

#11 Battlefield 1 Stuttering Fix
If you are experiencing constant stutter even with your capable enough hardware, you should try disabling third party applications like Shadowplay and Geforce experiencing running in the background.

#12 Battlefield 1 Sound Issue
If you are not Getting any sound, you should go to game’s settings and select the appropriate sound card from there as sometimes, games can identify the wrong hardware for the output.

#13 Battlefield 1 HDR Issue
Although not confirmed yet, but according to user reports, Battlefield 1 doesn’t support HDR yet. We will hopefully get something later with the patch, but there is no news on it for the time being.

If you are facing any other issues, let us know in the comments below.

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