Battlefield 1 Elite Classes Guide – Tank Hunter, Sentry, Flame Trooper

Apart from the four base classes, there is such a thing called Battlefield Elite Classes. There are three types of elite classes in Battlefield 1.

The bad news is that you can’t spawn into the map as any one of these classes. You will need to locate a certain kit on the maps to transform into one of these classes.

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Battlefield 1 Elite Classes Guide

Tank Hunter
This class is pretty much a one shot tank killer; hence, Tank Hunter! If you choose to play as a Tank Hunter you will get a chance to use the 1918 Tankgewehr

1918 Tankgewehr is an extremely powerful and large anti-tank rifle. This weapon is more than enough to take down enemy soldiers and vehicles. It is advised that you target engines to render the vehicles useless before it completely explodes

In Battlefield 1, enemies often bring vehicles to push your team from the objective in Conquest. You need to stay out of sight and attack these vehicles near the objective to help your team keep the enemies at bay. Keep changing your position after taking down vehicles to keep the enemy guessing.

The only downside of playing as a Tank Hunter is that the gun needs to be mounted on a window edge or other low-sitting ledges or get down prone due to its massive size.

You can also carry a knife and a grenade.

Flame Trooper
Flame Trooper is probably the most wanted Elite Class in Battlefield 1. Flame Trooper can melt your brains out with their Wex. Wex is a powerful Flamethrower that can take out a number of enemies at a decent amount of distance. Infantry needs to watch out around a Flame Trooper as it does go down easily.

However, a well-placed shot on the back of the tank he carries will cause the Trooper to explode. At close range, Flame Trooper is deadly so trying not to engage in CQC.

As a Flame Trooper lurk around buildings and houses to ignite the enemies inside. You can also equip a knife and a grenade.

If you are a fan massive weaponry, Sentry class is for you! Becoming a Sentry means holding a giant machine gun and spreading terror on the map. You will be using the MG 08/15.

This weapon can spread bullets at an alarming rate. But keep in mind that you won’t be able to equip gas masks nor can you aim down sight. This means that you need to avoid gas as well as long range engagement.

Make use of your heavy armor and attack enemies head on. Taking down a Sentry will take a team effort. Like other classes, Sentry also equips a knife and a grenade.

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