Battlefield 1 DDOS Attack Only One Of Many Affected Services

If you’re having issues connecting to the Battlefield 1 servers, you’re not alone. It would appear that the Battlefield 1 DDOS attack is only a part of the wide range of website outages. The outages have come as the result of a DDOS attack on a major DNS provider, Dyn, across the United States.

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The attack, which has hit a variety of websites ranging from the Wikia website to Spotify to Twitter and more, has taken down a wide variety of websites across America, particularly along the country’s East Coast. However, it seems like the Battlefield 1 DDOS attack has only affected the Playstation version of the game; EA has reported that its other platforms were not affected.

The timing of the DDOS attack makes one think that it’s another petty cyberattack perpetrated by trolls that have nothing better to do with their life; Battlefield 1 is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and it just launched today, so it’s likely that other Lizard Squad idiots or some other hacker group are taking down Playstation Network and a number of other websites in order to mess with people.

In addition to the Battlefield 1 DDOS attack, EA Sports’FIFA 17 is also experiencing issues, along with, Elder Scrolls Online, and Runescape. When it comes to other websites like Twitter and Spotify, other websites like PayPal, Pinterest, Netflix, and even the Starbucks rewards website are also down.

Hopefully, considering that it’s just the start of the weekend, the damage from the DDOS attacks will have been fixed in all of the affected websites by later today so that eager Battlefield 1 players will be able to play its multiplayer, instead of being limited to the game’s single-player campaign, which for now is the only real option to play the game in due to it not being online.