Battlefield 1 Companion App Lets You Keep a Track of the Battlefield

EA DICE has detailed the Battlefield 1 App for iOS and Android. Battlefield 1 Companion App is now available to download for smartphone users. EA DICE has overhauled the Battlelog Mobile App to bring it in line with Battlefield 1’s theme, World War.

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The app is, for some reason, also available for Windows 10 mobile devices. Thanks to the companion app, players can keep track of their Battlefield stats, classes, and much more.

The app already has over 5 million downloads on Android alone.

Jumping into the Battlefield Companion you’ll notice its new refreshed look, improved navigation, and support for Battlefield 1. The Battlefield Companion will enable you to track Battlefield progress, customize your loadout, connect with friends, and more.

Battlefield 1 is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 21. However, early access is now available to Early Enlister’s Edition buyers.

The game takes players back to the origin of all warfare, World War 1. Review embargo has been lifted and critics are loving the new Battlefield. Multiplayer refined and each element is exceptionally implemented. Meanwhile, single player campaign is just as refined as its multiplayer.

Single player campaign puts you in the role of different soldiers across the globe during WW1. Before release, EA DICE was worried about the campaign not being as good as the multiplayer, but it is safe to say they did a great job.

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