Battlefield 1 Community Maps Confirmed for the Near Future

DICE has confirmed that it is interested in working together with modders and content creators to release Battlefield 1 Community Maps in the near future.

Citing the popularity and warm reception the feature received with Battlefield 4, the development team noted that Battlefield 1 Community Maps are often a subject of discussion during internal meetings. Compared to last time, the collaboration with the player-base might result in more new maps this time around.

“We’ll have some more information regarding maps testing fairly soon,” wrote one developer on Reddit. “The way the community map turned out in BF4 was great, and we really liked it, and it is often brought up in meetings as something we should be doing more of.”

The Battlefield 4 Community Map Project had players vote on certain map aspects such as whether they are interested in an urban or rural setting, what kind of architecture they find pleasing, the overall size and the general “liveliness” of the map, spacing between objectives, and etc.

Once the concept phase ended, DICE moved into production where the map was continuously updated based on feedback provided by players on the Community Test Environment (CTE). The next phase was more testing and polishing, ultimately leading to certification and the official release of Battlefield 4 Community Operations.

It is likely that Battlefield 1 Community Maps will follow the same procedure but on a much larger scale. Based on statements from the developer, DICE is probably going to offer the community with more options and features to vote for in order to shape the map.

However, note that the Community Map will not be released that soon. Every downloadable content pack or expansion for the year has already been scheduled for Battlefield 1. This means that it will be hard for the developer to make room for a Battlefield 1 Community Operations expansion.

Most recently, DICE acted on feedback to increase the amount of daily Scraps earned in the game. A new rewards system raises the limit to 100 Scraps by completing three objectives every day.

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