Battlefield 1 Best Sniper Positions and Tips – Sinai Desert, Monte Grappa, Empire’s Edge and More

Sniping in Battlefield 1 is nothing short of an art. However, you need to know about the best sniper positions in BF1.

Battlefield 1 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. And with it, we have four different classes of soldiers we can choose from. We have tried every class in Battlefield 1 and each has its own merits and weaknesses.

The following guide will discuss the Sniper class and the best positions for the players who choose to play as the Scout. Keep in mind that you should not be afraid to camp. Camping is how a sniper should play and support his team from a distance.

Battlefield 1 Best Sniper Positions and Tips

Battlefield 1 Sinai Desert Sniper Positions

Sinia Desert is a massive map and hosts plenty of different positions for snipers. You will find a water tower near objective B which gives you a clear view of C, D, and A. What you need to do is be support you team from this position and take out enemies that are charging towards these objectives.

However, you will need to keep moving from one position to other so if you are being attacked or killed, respawn and move to the desert to hide take cover behind sand hills, depending on the objectives you do control and not control.

If you are controlling objective A, reach the top of the right mountain and camp. You will have a clear view of D and A from this position.

Here’s a tip, if you are playing with your friends in a Squad and have a couple of snipers with you, go up the big mountain near F. There stone arc that takes you up the mountain where you can camp with your friends. However, that stone arc also gives way to other players who can come up and take you out.


What many don’t know is that stone arc can be destroyed. This is where you need teamwork; one of your team members, need to use a tank or explosives to blow up the stone arc so no one can get up there while you are targeting the enemies on the ground.

Battlefield 1 Argonne Forest Sniper Positions

This map is not sniper friendly so there aren’t any positions that are suitable. However, if you do plan to play as the sniper on this map, make sure you are good at quick scoping.

Battlefield 1 Montre Grappa Sniper Positions

If you are a sniper and like to camp at one place for a prolonged period of time, Montre Grappa offers amazing spots. There is a tunnel that hosts objective C. Move toward the tunnel from A and right from the edge of the tunnel facing E, head left toward the mountain. At the base of the mountain, next to a tree you will see a large patch of grass.

Lay on the grass and you will be hidden from the enemy sight. You will have a clear from enemies charging up the opposite mountain toward B, and D.

Enemies coming from E and trying to enter the tunnel to capture C will also be visible to you and it your line of sight. This is the best sniper position on the map that not only lets you hide in plain sight but gives you clear shots at three different objectives.

Battlefield 1 Ballroom Blitz Sniper Positions

Ballroom Blitz is an amazing map based on a French Chateau. There is a villa in the Ballroom Blitz that has some ladders in the courtyard that lead up to the walkways.

They offer a view of the entire area and a couple of snipers placed there can do some serious damage in every direction. You will also find a cover up there and are is only accessible via the ladders. The upper corridor shown in the image is where you need to be for a view of inside the villa as well as of the outside area.

Battlefield 1 Suez Sniper Positions

The only thing you need to know about this map is to stay in the desert area or camp on top of the rooftops for the best view  of the maps. It is a flat map so using the sand hills or the rooftops will open up the entire map for you to see.

Fao Fortress Sniper Positions

Battlefield 1

Fao Fortress is the best map for snipers as comes with side open areas that are a haven for snipers. However, you want to pick one area where you can sit down, relax, and blow some head off, I would recommend hanging around the mountains where objective D is located.

Keep changing your position to shift your focus between C, B, A, and D.

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