Battlefield 1 Best Loadouts Guide – Assault, Medic, Scout, Support

Playing Battlefield 1 and getting raped at every turn? Well, it could be due to your not using the right selection of weapons for the class you are playing as.

We are here with a Battlefield 1 Best Loadouts Guide that our recommendations for the weapons and side arms for each class available in Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 Best Loadouts Guide

Assault Class: Gas It Up
Grab shotgun of your choice along with a gas grenade. We recommend Hellfighter Trench Shotgun combined with P08 pistol. Using these weapons will make you feel like a badass overpowered beast.

Assault Class: Armour? What Armour?
Playing as an assault class you will often need to take out armoured vehicles. When facing such a dilemma, you need to use hard hitting weapons like MP18 Trench – M1911 – AT Rocket Gun – Dynamite – Light Anti-Tank Grenade.

Primarily focus on vehicles that are causing issues for your team.

Assault Class: Push Them Hard!
Use the mid-range SMG, mini grenade, anti-tank grenade is are looking to push the enemy forces. Be the support your team needs and take out gunners and target enemies camping in the buildings.

Medic Class: Hail the Healer
As the healer, you primary focus should remain in healing your teammates. Use medical crate, medical syringe, Selbstlader M1916 or M1907 SL Sweeper, M1911, Medic Pouch, Syringe. Go to contested points on the map and heal your teammates so they can get back in action.

Medic Class: Long Arm of the Healer
As a healer, you don’t always need to get up close to your teammates to heal them. Sometimes, you can just stay at distance support your team the best you can. In Battlefield 1, killing, is the best healing. Use Mondragon Sniper, M1911, Medical Pouch, Rifle Grenade, Smoke Grenade.

Bandages will keep your HP up while sniper rifle will give you ranged power.

Medic Class: Take the Tanks
Medics can also take matters into their own hands when tanks are causing a problems. In such situations, use  light anti-tank grenade, rifle grenade HE, medical syringe.  Support the anti tank squad with health and do damage to the tanks as much as possible.

Support Class: On the Front Lines
Support class needs to focus on supporting teammates with suppressive fire so use smoke, mortar AIR, ammo pouch, LMG with a deep magazine. Use smoke grenades wisely and blind the enemy so your team can have an edge.

Support Class: Shell Shock
If you a newcomer but and still trying to learn to play as Support, go with Lewis Gun Suppressive, M1911, Ammo Crate, Mortar Air. Use the Lewis Gun to suppress the enemy, be a support and show less aggression. It’s all about being smart!

Mortar Air can do a lot of damage but you can also use  HE Mortar for Armoured Train.

Support Class: Supply Chain
Use ammo crate, mortar AIR, LMG with deep magazine for this type of role. What you need to do is push the enemy back from objective points and keep supplying your team with ammo. Assault and Scout run of ammon every so often you need to stay close to these guys!

Scout Class: Hit em Hard
Others will hate a stationary snipers but who cares? Who wrote rules to play Battlefield 1? You paid the money, play the way you want to play. Be stationary snipers of that is what you want to be. Use a SMLE MK3 Marksman, P08, Flare Gun Spot, Sniper Shield.

Find a vantage point and hit every target you see. Of course, you will need to be very good with a sniper rifle.

Scout Class: Push, Push, Push!
This loadout is not for everyone; you be need to be very good with quickscoping. Use SMLE MK3 Infantry, P08, Flare Gun Spot, Trench Periscope. Spot the enemies from using the Periscope to let you teammates know where they are. SMLE MK3 is great for up close battles as it is effective even at mid-range.

If you have any questions regarding Battlefield 1 Best Loadouts Guide, take to the comments below!

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