World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Mining Guide

In the many changes that Battle for Azeroth brought in the World of Warcraft series, the profession of WoW: Battle for Azeroth Mining has received some. We have covered details regarding how to join up the mining process, the best locations for farming materials, and what resources you can expect thanks to your skill.

WoW: Battle for Azeroth Mining

First, the Level Cap for any profession in the game is lowered and will be 150. Mining can differ based on the faction chosen by the player. For class chosen in the Alliance faction, there is the Kul Tiran Mining while Horde players will be training in Zandalari Mining.

For training purposes, as an Alliance member, you need to head to Myra Cobat in Boralus. Similarly, for players belonging to the Horde faction, you need to make your way Secott the Goldsmith who you will find in Dazar’alor. Note that for learning the profession for the first time, you will need to pay 50 Gold Pieces to the Mining Trainer.

How to Level Up Mining

Each time you are able to obtain an ore via mining or otherwise, you will be making your way into progressing the mining skill.

In addition to the many ores returning from the previous entries, Battle for Azeroth introduces three new ones: Monelite Ore, Storm Silver Ore, and Platinum Ore. Platinum Ore will be used by many NPCs of other professions to create high-level gear.

Generally, you are more likely to find the Monelite Ore in common areas, one of the more barren, dirty, and dusty ones. Silver Ores may be found in locations which are colder while Platinum Ores are rare and their location of spawn cannot be predicted.

Additionally, you can obtain ores by using a new feature introduced in this expansion: The Scrappers. These may be found near Myxle Gutwrench for Horde players and near Crenzo Sparkshatter for Alliance players.

Use these machines to break down some of your weapons and gear to obtain an ore of a different kind in return.

As you level up and progress in your mining profession, you will be increasing your chances of successfully mining each type of ore from a deposit. You can get more skilled in your mining skill by completing certain quests or learning it from your trainer.

Ores How to Get
Monelite Deposit Learned from your mining trainer.
Monelite Deposit Lumbering Away A Need For Coal
Monelite Deposit Insufferable Bloodsuckers Spiderphobia
Monelite Seam Learned from your mining trainer.
Monelite Seam Lending a Hand Don’t Pick a Fight
Monelite Seam An Exquisite Brooch Seams Familiar
Storm Silver Deposit Learned from your mining trainer.
Storm Silver Deposit Ritualistic Preparations Ritualistic Preparations
Storm Silver Deposit Brined Justice Brined Justice
Storm Silver Seam Learned from your mining trainer.
Storm Silver Seam Three Sheets to the Wind Three Sheets to the Wind
Storm Silver Seam The Wrath of Grapes The Wrath of Grapes
Platinum Deposit Learned from your mining trainer at skill level 25.
Platinum Deposit An Exceptional Platinum Shard An Exceptional Platinum Shard
Platinum Deposit An Ore for an Eye A More Challenging Career

Ores are also important when it comes to some of the daily quests that Battle for Azeroth has introduced. In the new Warfront feature, players may need to give in some of their ores as required to begin a quest.

You can also bring ores to Jewelcrafters to make unique and magical rings while Blacksmiths can craft deadly weapons using ores.

Best Farming Locations

For mining resources including ores, we have put together some locations which you will find much success in. You can grind these areas or at least pay a visit to them for some decent amount of resources.

  • The southern region of Nazmir has some good potential for mining.
  • Going towards the north to Norwington Estate, you mine ores effectively there.
  • Zuldazar has mining locations to the west but the terrain is somewhat of a challenge.
  • In Vuldun, you will find some good mining locations on the cliffs in the north and southern regions.
  • One of the better ones, Tiragarde Sound, has some great mining locations in the extreme southeast near Freehold.
  • In the middle of Stormsong Valley, in the Deadwash region, you will find some enemies to defeat but some great mining spots.
  • In Drustvar, you can find many good spots for mining starting from the mountainous region in Coreain and continuing until you reach the shores of Carver’s Harbor.

This is all we have in our WoW: Battle for Azeroth Mining Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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