Battle Chaser: Nightwar Voice From Below Guide

Our Battle Chaser: Nightwar Voice From Below Guide will comprehensively guide you through the entire Voice From Below mission in Nightwar and give you tips on how to defeat the final boss.

Not only does The Voice from Below have many complicated patterns that you need to memorize, but it also has a boss that has 4 different abilities that you need to be aware of. For that reason, it is imperative that you utilize this Battle Chaser: Nightwar Voice from Below Guide.

Battle Chaser: Nightwar Voice from Below

Once you have this quest from the Beastmaster Raha in Harm’s Way, head to the Southern Gate exploration Area and find a well. The well will be positioned to the left of the main gate of the lower area.

Interact with the well and then throw 100 Gold into it followed by 500 Gold. After that, buy Pauper’s Slop from the innkeeper at Harm’s Way and throw it into the well.

Once you have done all that is mentioned above, purchase Junker’s Stew and Scummy Grog from the bartender at Ponte Break Cantina to throw into the well followed by 1000 Gold. After doing all of this, get a Ladder from the rooms of the Junktown dungeon and use it to climb down into the well.

Head on over to the main chamber to start a fight against King Slime boss.

How to Defeat King Slime

The King Slime has a Slime Bomb that can debuff a slime that ticks down for 3 turns, explodes, and deals damage to all heroes depending on its remaining health.


It also has Lick which does little damage but places a debuff increasing damage received for 3 turns. Slime Invasion is another attack that summons a slime and finally, we have the Super Slime Puke that does massive damage to all heroes.

Defeating King Slime is not that difficult if you have an idea of what to do. Be extremely careful of the Super Slime Puke and the Ticking Slime Bomb as they do damage very quickly and can take you out.

In order to deal with it, you should have a designated healer on your team to deal with all of the attacks that will surely be coming your way. All of the other heroes can be used to constantly attack the king. When a ticking slime bomb is placed, switch all of your attention to the slime and take it down as quickly as possible so that it does not explode.

Once the slime is dead, turn your attention to the boss once again and continue repeating the above pattern.

Once you have defeated King Slime, you will get a Slime King’s Crown along with a Forlorn Soul of the Brace (other loot will be randomly generated).

You can also recover all the Gold you threw down the well. Hand in the side quest to Beastmaster Raha to get a Greater Tome of Knowledge, 700 Gold, and 14 Shadow Coins.

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