Battle Chaser: Nightwar Ultimate Weapons Locations Guide

Almost all of the JRPGs have Ultimate Weapons that players can find or craft. Nightwar also has an Ultimate Weapon for pretty much all 6 of the main characters that you can unlock. The process to unlock them is quite long and difficult, so this Battle Chaser: Nightwar Ultimate Weapons Locations Guide will help you along the way.

Our Ultimate Weapons Locations Guide will tell you all that you need to know about the Ultimate Weapons in Nightwar and will help you unlock all 6 of them.

Battle Chaser: Nightwar Ultimate Weapons

In Nightwar, all 6 of the Ultimate Weapons need to be crafted. For the recipes, you should head to the bookshelves of the Pale Cathedral exploration area near Northern Wintervein Blinkstation towards the north east of the map.

Once you have the recipes, you can start looking for the weapons. We will be telling you where to find all of the components of the recipes so you do not have to waste your time tediously searching for them.


Here are the details about all 6 of the Ultimate Weapons in Nightwar.

Gully: Dragonkind
Aramus’ Legacy will be with you by default. For the dragon scales, you need to go through The Iron Outpost dungeon and look for a coffin with a lich known as Bevelros. Let him out and then kill him at the Deadwatch Dungeon to get the Dragon Scale.

The Dragon Heart Phylactery can be found in the Mana Treasure Chests in the Deep Snow region. It’ll be in the chest that’s farthest towards the north.

You will need 5 Infused Crystal Shards to open which is found in The Mana Rifts dungeon. Lastly, the 40 Epic Parts can be found in containers and on dead enemies in The Crimson Garden and The Mana Rifts dungeons.

Calibretto: Calamity
The Salvaged Behemoth Cannon can be found when you defeat Behemoth. Behemoth can be found in one of the airships after you complete the Junktown Dungeon. You may not encounter him in your first try, so keep re-entering the airship until you find him.

The Twin Power Core is done after you complete the Destructive Duo hunt. The Fate Stone is given to you when you kill the Farseer in The Crimson Garden dungeon. Lastly, you will need 40 Epic Parts.

Garrison: The Cursed Blade
This is Garrison’s starting weapon. You can find Shard of the Brave when you complete The Voice from Below hunt. The Desecrated Soul Shard of the Powerful is given to you when you get 3200 Battle Marks in a single run of the arena. Lastly, you will need 40 Epic parts.

Knolan: Ragnarok
You get the Killington’s Restored Cane when you complete The Gentleman Hunt. Phylactery can be found on Lich monsters in The Mana Rifts dungeon and in the Deep Snows region.

The 2 Elemental Cores are dropped from Elemental Monsters in The Crimson Garden and The Mana Rifts dungeons that will also contain the 40 Epic Parts.

Red Monika: Destiny and Destruction
The Resplendent Pistol Handles are a bit tricky to get. You need to first complete Wintervein – The Winding by pressing all 3 pressure plates; which will give you a Crumpled Map.

This map will take you to the northwest section Mana Rifts, where you will find a Crumpled and Torn Map. This final map will lead you to the south section of Wintervein where you can dig up the ground to get the Resplendent Pistol handles.

The Artificer’s Revolver Components will be gained by continuing from the last spot towards Cantina and catching the Engorged Glowing Fish at the fishing spots towards the extreme north.

The Living Stone Slav will be gotten from the Stone gargoyle monsters in The Crimson Garden and The Mana Rifts along with the Epic Parts.

Alumon: Argeas’ Hallowed Bulwark
The Fate Stone and the Epic Parts will be found in The Crimson Garden along with the Mana Rifts. Complete The Hunger hunt to get the Malefic Blood Essence and use the altar in the Banog Cave to get Argeas’ Ruined Bulwark.

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