Battle Chaser: Nightwar Ultimate Burst Attacks Locations Guide

Our Battle Chaser: Nightwar Ultimate Burst Attacks Locations Guide is for finding and unlocking all the Ultimate Burst Attack Abilities for each one of the six characters in Battle Chaser: Nightwar. Being so powerful in nature, you can’t overlook their worth so unlocking them is a must.

Battle Chaser: Nightwar Ultimate Burst Attacks

In this turn-based RPG, you fight terrifying monsters in dungeons and throughout the world. Since combat is such an important aspect of the game, you’d better learn all the tricks and strategies you can.

Contributing to this are Ultimate Burst Attacks that are powerful armor breaking moves dealing massive damage to foes. Look down below for Ultimate Burst Attacks Locations Guide for each character.

Might of Aramus – Gully

After completing ‘The Dig’ dungeon, you need to head to Beastmaster Raha in Harm’s Way. There, you need to select the ‘Train’ option. If you’re around Level 12, you’ll be taught Level 3 Ultimate Burst Attack. If not, you’ll have to grind your way to the required level to unlock the attack.

War Machine – Calibretto

Same requirement as Gully for completing ‘The Dig’ dungeon and same location as well. Talk to Raha and complete ‘An Ancient Weapon’ quest. After successfully carrying out this side quest, return to the Beastmaster and get your reward i.e. Level 3 Ultimate Burst Attack by choosing the ‘Train’ option.

Blademaster – Garrison

Perform the same dungeon quest and travel to the same location to talk to Beastmaster Raha and select the ‘Train’ option. Once done, move southeast of the Iron Outpost to reach Talkos Arena.

For unlocking the Tenets of Blademaster item, rack up 600 Battle Points in a single arena fight. You can now return to Raha and unlock the Ultimate Burst Attack if you have the Tenants of Blademaster in your inventory.

Time Warp – Knolan

After talking with Beastmaster Raha, you’ll need to obtain three pieces of Lore Entries hidden in 2 dungeons and in Harm’s Way. The first one can be collected from Murcuri at the Enchanters Tower in Harm’s Way.

The second piece will be present in ‘Deadwatch’ Dungeon while the last one is located in ‘Strongmont’ Dungeon. Return to Harm’s Way and exchange this set of Lore Entries to acquire the Time Warp ability.

Love Bomb – Red Monika

An additional requirement than the ‘Dig’ dungeon is having unlocked the Bomb Expert Beast perk for Red Monika that can be acquired after you eliminate 20 Lycelot Bomber enemy type.

The locations for these types of enemies fall in many dungeons like ‘Path of Fangs’, ‘The Dig’, ‘Deadwatch’, and ‘The Crimson Garden’. Head back to Raha in Harm’s Way after unlocking the perk to acquire the Ultimate Burst Attack by choosing the ‘Train’ option.

Doom – Alumon

After talking to Raha, head to Deadwatch Dungeon and collect the ‘Caldeus Skull’ key. You may need to replay the dungeon until you find the key in the loots. After finding it, make your way to Southern Wilds and in this region head east to reach Tomb of Caldeus.

Head north to enter the main tomb and move forward to discover an altar in a large throne room. Use the Caldeus Skull to trigger the boss fight.

Caldeus can perform quick blows and then use Stealth after his attacks through his ‘Fade Slash’. His ‘Spine Sheath’ will also deal massive amounts of damage especially when he’s in Stealth Mode. Additionally, Caldeus will also have increased mobility buff and attack speed.

To take down the boss, you can use Red Monika’s Debuffs and Garrison’s Bleed attacks to take down a chunk of Caldeus’ HP and prevent him from dealing any damage in Stealth Mode. The Love Bomb attacks will also come in handy.

Lastly, a healing character should also be present in the team. Alumon is best for this job so ensure you also have one Alumon.

After killing Caldeus, you’ll get Caldeus’ Twin Ambushers and a Heart of Caldeus and some more things. Head back to Beastmaster Raha, select the train option and unlock Alumon’s Doom Ultimate Burst Attack.

This is all we’ve in our Battle Chaser: Nightwar Ultimate Burst Attacks Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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