Battle Chaser: Nightwar Trial by Fire Guide

Trial by Fire is a side quest that you would definitely want to attempt in Nightwar since it offers you a host of reward which is simply too good to pass up. The mission has a particularly difficult boss at the end of it, and this Battle Chaser: Nightwar Trial by Fire Guide will definitely help you defeat it.

Battle Chaser: Nightwar Trial by Fire

You get this side quest from Beastmaster Raha in Harm’s Way once you have cleared the Path of Fangs Dungeon.

Get to the Balefire Cavern Exploration Area towards the east of Gold River Runs and head to the blue portal that can be found towards the north side of the cavern.

Head up the ramp and use 11 Flint to light up the torches. Once the Brazier on the central platforms is lit, head to it and interact with it to begin a fight with Fire Lord R’zahl.

How to Defeat Fire Lord R’zahl

This lord uses a lot of fire-based attacks and debuffs. One of them is the Rising Flame that explodes upon reaching 5 stacks to deal massive damage.

The other one is Combust that deals a fair amount of damage to everyone around and additional damage for each stack of Rising Flame.

Not only will your characters be ignited when hit, you might also have to deal with the Rising Flame. Rising Flame works similar to ignite but it has a lot more damage potential due to its explosion and combust.

The damage of Rising Flame also increases with each stack before the 5th one so you have to be extremely careful to avoid this as much as you possibly can.

The way to beat the Fire Lord is to use Calibretto due to his Burst attack Purify that can remove any debuffs from your character. Calibretto will be your main healer who will support the team in this fight.

Apart from this, chances are that you will be using Gully and Garrison. Try to use the bleed debuff that Garrison has so that you can continuously deal damage to the boss as time goes on.

Gully should be the primary attacker but you also have to ensure that she places shields on other heroes if you find yourself unable to cope with the massive damage output of the Fire Lord.

Once you defeat the Fire Lord R’zahl, you will receive a Fire Lord’s Ember and you will be able to access a Treasure Chest nearby if you hold an Inferno Prism and an Amulet of Combustion.

The Fire Lord’s Ember that you get can be used on the forge towards the back of the area to get some enchantments such as the Somael’s Flame that gives you 10% chance of igniting the enemy or the Inner Fire that enhances your amour and increases your Crit Rating by 140.

Once you are done with everything. Head over to Beastmaster Raha to get a Cinder of the Fire Lord, 300 Gold, and 10 Shadow Coins.

That is all we have for our Battle Chaser: Nightwar Trial by Fire Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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