Battle Chaser: Nightwar Destructive Duo Guide – Boss Battle Tips, How To Defeat, Rewards

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The Battle Chaser: Nightwar Destructive Duo Guide is for helping you out regarding the side quest titled Destructive Duo in Battle Chaser: Nightwar. Since you will have to overtake some challenges during this mission including a boss fight, it will be best to learn some strategies and tips we have compiled for you.

Battle Chaser: Nightwar Destructive Duo

The quest can be obtained from Beastmaster Raha in Harm’s Way when you first arrive in Southern Wilds.

You will be first required to craft a resource and defeat some robots to fulfill the first part of the quest’s requirement. The second part will require you to face against two boss enemies.

You will first need to enter a tavern. It will be located west of Pointe Break Cantina in the Siege Coast area. Here, take the stairs to find two machines that are not active yet.

Grab the book nearby to craft the OEM Energy Cell. As the book informs you, you will need 2 Power Cells, a Wild Elemental Shard, and 6 Uncommon Parts.

These are random drops from any enemies you encounter. The last part of the recipe is a Mana Infused Deep Iron Ingot.

To get this particular item, first head south of ‘The Dig’ dungeon in Rushlands to talk with Wel at the Welt’s Tent three times. Each time you start the conversation, offer him an ore. In the end, you will receive the item and book needed to craft this unique Iron Ingot.

After having all the 4 resources, head to a crafting table or a Blacksmith like the one in Harm’s Way to craft OEM Energy Cell.

Grab the S.U.Z.I.E Core from the ‘Junktown’ dungeon as well and then interact with the pair of robots in the tavern to face against two boss robot enemies: Ruckus and V.L.A.D

Ruckus can deal massive damage to opponents and generate overcharge as well through its Burst Shot and Wild Barrage attack moves. The ‘Twin Fury’ move can bring the opponent almost to 0 HP while Ruckus can also use ‘Overdrive’ to regenerate his attack power damage.

V.L.A.D also deals some heavy damage and generates Overcharge via his Ram and Raging Rush moves, the latter requiring 100 Overcharge to execute. His ‘Vengeance’ move will come into effect when his pal Ruckus goes down.

This move will inflict large amounts of damage on the heroes.

Try to eliminate V.L.A.D first because that way you do not have to deal with Ruckus’ powerful Twin Fury move. Healers are more important in the party now than ever. Debuff moves and other power strikes including burst attacks are recommended to shave off the two robots’ HP quickly.

Loots that you receive after fighting off these bosses are Ruckus Armor Plating, Vlad’s Impaler Lance, and a Twin Power Core. Head back to Beastmaster Raha in Harm’s Way to collect a Mass Ruckus, 1000 Gold, and 20 Shadow Coins as a reward for the whole ordeal.

That is all we have for our Battle Chaser: Nightwar Destructive Duo Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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