Battle Chaser: Nightwar A Watcher of Graves Guide – Boss Battle Tips, How To Defeat, Rewards

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The Battle Chaser: Nightwar A Watcher of Graves Guide is for helping you out regarding the side quest titled A Watcher of Graves in Battle Chaser: Nightwar. Since you will have to overtake some challenges during this mission including a boss fight, it will be best to learn some strategies and tips we have compiled for you.

Battle Chaser: Nightwar A Watcher of Graves

The quest is acquired from Beastmaster Raha in Harm’s Way. The requirement for the quest is having completed The Dig dungeon before. You will first have to interact with three graves and then proceed to fight a boss enemy.

To get on with the quest, firstly make your way to the ‘Red Grave’ area in west Southern Wilds.

Coming across a graveyard, you can see a monster yelling out three names in particular: Dominick, Argeas, and Jarren. You now need to interact with the graves that have these names embedded in them.

Dominick’s Grave is found lying left to the large tombstone while Jarren’s grave is to the right of the entrance.

Once you have interacted with both the graves, you will get the Argeas Mausoleum Key that you can use in a Mausoleum at the extreme right of the entrance.

Move forward until you come across a stone coffin and then use the key to unlock it and do the ‘Crush the Rune-etched Stone’ on Argeas’ grave. Now head outside to face the boss enemy: Grave Warden.

Grave Warden has three basic attack moves. His ‘Guillotine’ move will deal huge melee damage while his ‘Execute’ move will quickly deal high damage without any short delays.

His last move, ‘Ghastly Visage’ adds to the stun meter of the opponent and will decrease their attack power damage by 50% for a single turn.

Defensive play is key here, so have Gully provide shields for absorbing damage and Alumon when it comes to healing other members of the party. Random debuffs from Red Monika and Bleed from Garrison will ensure the Grave Warden’s HP is reduced over time.

To deal damage quickly, Red Monika’s Love Bomb and Garrison’s Heart Bleed is most recommended.

After defeating the boss, you can use the Edrick’s Tomb Key you receive as the reward and open a gate opposite to the entrance of the graveyard.

You will be able to collect Surcoat of Sir Edrick and a Distinguished Cane as loots. Head back to Beastmaster Raha to collect 800 Gold, 16 Shadow Coins and a Hangman’s Smock as the reward for your hard work.

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