Battle Breakers Best Starting Hero Guide

In Battle Breakers, the first decision you make after the tutorial is a crucial one. You need to select from one of the three unique heroes you’ve played as to be your starter. We have compiled the perfect Battle Breakers Best Starting Hero guide for you to check out before you make this decision.

The starting heroes available after tutorial are Tessa, Laric and Mei. Each of them shows unique proficiency in different categories but which one is the best? We’ve prepared this handy guide that will help you choose.

Battle Breakers Best Starting Hero

Every hero has 3 types of skills: Special Skill, Passive Skill and Commander Skill.  All 3 heroes can also trigger Reflex attack or defense moves that do different things. So let’s examine these features in each of our starters:

Tessa Trueshot
Tessa is an Archer who is proficient with the Element of Water. Like other archers, she deal out massive pain to her foes and also do burst damage. You can acquire her from evolution

  • Special Skill: Multishot (Shoot 6 times for 50% ATK each)
  • Passive Skill: Boss Killer (25% more damage against bosses from attacks)
  • Commander Skill: Battle Gear (20% ATK to the team)
  • Reflex ATK: 15% chance for double strike (performs another attack of any type)
  • Reflex DEF: 10% chance for dodge (completely avoid attack, ignoring all negative effects)

She can do a lot of damage to single targets pretty solid in most difficult boss fights due her status as a boss killer. That makes her sound ideal until you consider that she’ll have to also go against foes who have an elemental advantage over her.

Laric Grey Wold
This warrior-class hero in Battle Breakers has a ton of health, but doesn’t deal too much damage. His goal is helping other heroes survive by helping you lead from the front. You can acquire this hero by completing levels

  • Special Skill: Power Strike (300% ATK boost and ignores the target’s Reflex DEF. Also boosts your team’s DEF by 16% of his max health for the next 1 hit.)
  • Passive Skill: Stonewall (Blocking Successfully gives your block chance a 15% boost for 5 turns. Also boosts ATK by 100% Block chance)
  • Commander skill: +20% Block chance to the team
  • Reflex ATK: 20% critical hit (double damage)
  • Reflex DEF: Combo (25% chance for Block, 25% chance for Intercept)

Lari’s shield skills and survivability in the battles makes him an excellent addition to your team. His boosts ensure that your heroes will take fewer hits in his presence.

We would recommend you to choose Lari as a starter hero. He’s a pretty good choice for a starter but until you get more heroes build up your team, you should stick with someone who deals more damage.

Firestar Mei
Mei is a Mage who can control spells and deal AOE damage to her foes. She starts off with double mana compared to the other starter heroes, but deals far less damage and has less health.

Despite this, her control effects may help you in certain battles.

  • Special Skill: Fireball (250% attack to target/ additional 188% ATK to the area around target. Destroys crystals and forms fire terrain for 12 turns.)
  • Passive Skill: Rise of the Phoenix (50% reduced Resurrection turns)
  • Commander Skill: +15% Special Skill ATK
  • Reflex ATK: 30% Power Surge chance allows you an extra attack to all foes
  • Reflex DEF: 15% chance to Reflect attack back at foe

The low health and not dealing a lot of base damage makes Mei not the strongest start choice but her ability to restore Mana might make up for it.

Best Starter Hero
Each of the heroes excels at their own proficiency, but we would stick with Tessa. You need someone who can deal a ton of damage early on, at least until you get more heroes in your roster.

She is ideal for that due to her to status as a Boss Killer. This makes up for her not having the elemental advantage all the time. Her commander skill is the best of the three and provides your entire team with a boost.

Despite this, you can pretty much pick whichever one you feel comfortable with. You can definitely work that hero for a while and as your hero collection grows, you can still end up with a diversified and well-balanced team.