Battle Breakers Best Areas To Farm XP Gold and Gems

In Battle Breakers you will find yourself continuously farming for gold, XP, and gems. The idea with farming is that you always have to be extremely efficient so it is important that you know exactly where you need to be to farm everything. In this guide, we will detail you on the best strategy to farm the mentioned items alongside Battle Breakers Best Areas To Farm XP, Gold and Gems.

Battle Breakers Best Areas To Farm XP, Gold and Gems

When we say Farming, I mean doing the same thing over and over again until you amass a decent amount of the thing you have been working for.

You will be completing various stages over and over again for farming Gold and XP, whereas Gems are a little harder to come across.

Farming Gems
You get Gems when you complete an entire area. You will not get these by simply completing stages over and over again. These are a bit more premium compared to Gold. Complete all the zones of a specific Chapter and you will get gems.

For example, if you complete all the Stages of Chapter 6, you are rewarded with 100 Gems. Make sure you complete each and every stage for the maximum bonus of Gems.

Farming XP
Leveling up is an integral part of the game as you need to increase your HQ level and your Heroes. Completing various areas is going to give you a good amount of XP but if you are looking to be a bit more efficient with your time here is what we would recommend.

Make sure you complete all the First-Time rewards which are obtained by completing all the Star Challenges.

Certain stages we recommend that you repeat over and over again are Stage 3-8 which will also give you a great amount of XP in the start of the game.

Finish Trials in accordance with your Level. Complete the highest one available and you will find yourself with a lot of bonuses and XP.

Farming Gold
For Gold, you can farm certain stages which seem to give more Gold than the other Stages.

Stage 2-4 will give you a great amount of money in comparison to how fast you can actually complete it. Good for low-level players of the game.

Stage 6-2 is a bit difficult, but if you want to complete it and keep farming it for Gold, it is definitely one of the more consistent option with a good amount of Gold as a reward as well as some XP.

These are all the methods you can employ to farm Gems, XP and Gold. All in all, farm these stages and follow these methods, and you will be able to stock up for anything you need to get for the future.

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