Battle Boom Guide – Units, Missions, Events (Beginners Tips And Tricks)

In our Battle Boom Guide, we have discussed some handy tips for beginners that will help you get all set up for playing Battle Boom. Our guide covers different aspects of the game such as units, missions, and more.

Battle Boom is the latest tower defense game to make its way to Google Play Store. Players take the role of the Commander planning defense and offence and using strategies to achieve victory. With a huge arsenal of weapons, vehicles and other equipment, it could be a little tricky to know when to use which one. For that precise purpose, we’ve got this Battle Boom Guide for you to master the art of surviving waves of enemies.

The game contains over 70 units. Knowing when and where to deploy them could mean all the difference when it comes to success or failure. Some units will have lower health, while others will have a higher damage output. Positioning is key here. As the tutorial instructs you, your ranged units should always be at the back of the pack.

Meanwhile, your heavy hitters and assault-oriented units should be upfront dealing with the enemy directly. So planning a move with the correct timing is vital and is what combat in the game is based around. Moreover, having more than one line of attack will enable you to not get completely hammered in case of a missile strike. Clumping all the units in one line makes your units more prone to enemy attacks.

Missions & Stages
Earning gold in the game is important since it’s what you use to upgrade and modify your units. A quick way to obtain gold would be to complete missions which you can find on the left of your screen. The other way, of course, is when you open chests and get reward with the in-game currency.

The singleplayer part of the game also has many stages for you to try. Unfortunately, you cannot breeze through them since some would require a certain rank which can be only increased by PVP mode. However, get back to this ‘Stage’ mode whenever you can. This will help you earn gold and vital pieces of information. These include knowing about both the strengths and the weaknesses of your units.

Lastly, the Casual Mode, found under ‘Events’, has been made for rookies and newcomers. Here, you will have minimal restrictions so to try out your units. The mode will pit you up against another player but without any ranking points at stake. So feel free to practice, experiment and try anything you want with absolute freedom.


This is all we have in our Battle Boom Guide for Beginners. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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