Batman: The Enemy Within Listed For Nintendo Switch By ESRB, Reveal Soon?

Telltale has been releasing games for Nintendo Switch and last year we saw the debut of Batman: The Telltale series on Nintendo eShop. Batman: The Telltale series includes the first 5 five episodes of the first season and people have been waiting for Batman: The Enemy Within which might be finally on its way according to ESRB ratings.

In the recent months, we have been getting some clues about the arrival of the game because some retailers listed the game for all current platforms including Switch. Telltale hasn’t confirmed the rumors of Batman: The Enemy Within as of yet which has disappointed a lot of Batman fans.

Now finally, ESRB has brought some hope for the Nintendo Switch players. The appearance of Batman: The Enemy Within appeared on the Entertainment Software Rating Board page and it suggests us that we might be finally near to the official announcement of the game.

It might take a few days for the company to officially confirm the rumors and announce the game for Switch.

Batman: The Enemy Within is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The second season of the game includes a total of 5 episodes and costs $24.99 USD for the whole season but you can also purchase the episodes independently for $4.99 USD.

In other news, Telltale games have finally decided to ditch its old engine, Telltale tool and replace it with a popular engine that is Unity Engine. This change is for the fans who were tired of the same old engine of the game and Unity Engine will play a good role with lots of improvements in the future titles.

Batman: The Telltale series provides the same addictive game experience and the second season of the game brings a lot of twisted stories of Gotham to you which you will not want to miss when the game finally arrives on Switch.

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