Did You Catch Batman In The New Gotham Knights Teaser?

Gotham Knights has received a teaser of sorts which may or may not be hinting at a dead person not being dead.

Gotham Knights has received a teaser of sorts which may or may not be hinting at a dead person not being dead.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment shared a new artwork for Gotham Knights to showcase the Bat family (Tim Drake – Robin, Dick Grayson – Nightwing, Barbara Gordon – Batgirl, and Jason Todd – Red Hood) walking down an alleyway on a rainy night in Gotham City.

The artwork itself can hardly be taken as a teaser except that it prepares fans for a probable gameplay reveal taking place at a new DC Fandome digital event next month. The artwork also hides a reflection of Batman in a puddle on the ground.

Batman is believed to be dead in Gotham Knights. The entire premise of the game revolves around Gotham City losing its Dark Knight when Bruce Wayne destroyed the Batcave in an explosion. However, not before sending out a pre-recorded coded message to the Bat family to take over as protectors of Gotham City.

The fact is that Batman has faked his death a number of times in the comics. There is already a fan-led belief that Batman is very much alive in Gotham Knights and his resurrection so to speak will be a major plot twist in the narrative.

Ideally, the reflection of Batman in the artwork is probably a way to remind everyone that the mantle has been passed in the game. It still makes for a good teaser though since heroes of comics are always destined to return in one way or another.

Gotham Knights will allow players to take control of all four Bat members — Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood — in a free-roam Gotham City. They will all feature unique combat gadgets and moves, making for interesting combo attacks in cooperative play.

Gotham Knights has been slated for a release somewhere in 2022 for both previous- and current-generation consoles alongside PC.

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