Batman: Arkham Origins – The Batcave Detailed in New Trailer

Batman: Arkham Origins will feature a pretty massive Batcave, which will be equipped with plenty of features that we have come to expect from the billionaire caped crusader.

A new trailer released by Warner Bros. details the cave’s design and the role it will play in the game. Starting off with scale; unlike in previous Arkham games, the Batcave this time around is not going to be some miner’s trap underneath a hill. Instead it’s massive enough to store super-villains in case they break out of Arkham Asylum. Similarly it comes equipped with all the necessary precautions Batman needs to have to secure the captives from any mischief.

There are going to be multiple entrances, including a roof entrance for the Batwing. Plenty of platforms will be available to hold numerous Bat-vehicles and there will be a wardrobe section which displays all downloadable Batsuits.

The cave will not be just for show either. Players will be able to upgrade their equipment and gadgets at the cave, as well as access challenge maps.

Warner Bros. revealed that Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred will also play an important role in the game. Like Gotham, he is also new to his employer’s nightly adventures.

Batman: Arkham Origins is being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal and will be published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC on October 25th, 2013. A Vita/3DS version of the game, Batman: Arkham Origins – Blackgate, is also in development by Armature Studio and will be released on the same day

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