Batman: Arkham Origins Mad Hatter Side Mission Guide

Mad Hatter makes an appearance in Batman: Arkham Origins once again, as a part of a fun side mission. The Dark Knight will get a special invitation from the psychopath’s subordinates, which is impossible to miss.

Whether or not you go for the quest is your own choice.

The mission is available when his hatted minions sing you a nice little tune inviting you to a party. Mad Hatter will then contact you, introducing himself and informing that ‘Alice’ needs to be put right.

As the Dark Knight, it’s your job to save innocents, and to bring the crazy mind-controlling creep to justice.

Batman: Arkham Origins Mad Hatter Side Mission
Once you get the invitation, you can choose to go any time you like. It’s best to wait till you get the shock gloves later during the main story-line to make things a better easier. Whether you decide to wait for that long or not, go to the mission way-point whenever ready.

At the entrance of the building, you’ll hear Mad Hatter talking to his men. You’ll need to access the vent near the ceiling to get to him. Once you do, take out his men, and then speak to him.

It’s time to be in Wonderland! Keep following the path, and you’ll eventually get to electric panels on the floor. Avoid them when they are electrocuted, and move forward. By the end of the passage, you will have to sit on the last electric platform and take out the 6 lamps across the gap.

Head to the bridge and avoid the next set of electric panels.

You will eventually drop down to a room with many doors. You need to select the room with the bunny on top of it three times to get out of this perplexing hell-hole. Once you’ve done that, you will face several waves of enemies. This is where the shock gloves can be handy; power them up and unleash havoc.

Once the enemies are defeated, head through the next door. There’s another set of electric panels, which you must avoid. You’ll end up getting to a dead end. Use your Detective Mode to find out the wall is destructible.

Spray some explosive gel on Mad Hatter’s face and detonate. Head to the tea-cup plate, and use the bat-claw to get to the other side.

Follow the path forward, and you’ll eventually to a place where you can use the zip-line. Once you land, start running quickly, because the floor won’t last too long. Once you do that head up to the rope and you should see a clock box below. Jump to it, and it will break.

Use the remote claw then to get up to the door.

Now, head through the next area, and enter the door to another room with gear. Shoot up to the ledge then look up again to see another shoot up point. Shoot up again, and you will eventually make it to the top of the tower.

On top of the tower, the Mad Hatter will have ‘Alice’, and you will need to save her. You need to lock on to the Hatter with a remote-controlled batarang and hit him. Once you do, Alice will be saved, and the mission will be over.

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