Batman: Arkham Origins – How To Defeat Copperhead

Copperhead fight in Batman: Arkham Origins is one of the more confusing boss fights in the game because of the hordes of fake copperheads you’ll have to deal with during the encounter.

In the initial stages of this fight, you’ll be fighting multiple waves of identical enemies. While they may be in large amounts, they’re easy to deal with as they are unarmed so you can combo them with ease.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by the mass amounts of fake copperheads, concussion bombs can make short work of them.

Group stuns can also aid you quite well. When you reveal the actual Copperhead, begin to spar with her while evading, improvising and getting in hits whenever you see the opportunity and also keep the counter prompts in mind.

Note: The blade dodge skill is very useful here as you’ll encounter multiple foes who’ll be swinging their weapons on you. You can see who these are by the yellow prompt.

The closing stage of the fight is where you’ll need to always be on your toes so that you can evade Copperhead’s rushes. Keep a keen eye out and evade them when you can while taking out the decoys and countering whenever you get the chance.

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