Batman: Arkham Origins – How to Defeat Bane

Bane and Batman have a long history and Batman: Arkham Origins probably sets the tone of events to follow. Bane is a ruthless foe who will not bow down to your Bat theatrics easily. No matter how you approach it, you must always evade his charges.

In Batman: Arkham Origins, main storyline is just small portion of what you can do. Finding collectibles like Enigma Datapacks and completing map challenges like Predator Challenges are some of the things you can do when you want to take a break from the main story.

First Encounter
Your fight with Bane can be quite a frustrating and difficult one. He has multiple mechanics that can be quite a pain to deal with such as splash damage. But like any other boss, playing it out properly will win you the fight.

One of the key things about Bane is that you can’t counter his charges. This means that you are forced into evading them as soon as possible or you take a big chunk of damage.

Other than his charge, Bane will also occasionally leap in the air and deal splash damage where he lands so you’ll always need to be focused in order to evade this with proper timing.

After he has done one or two leaps, Bane becomes vulnerable to a super cape stun so this allows you to get a beat-down off on him and then evade out of his range.

During this fight, there will come a time when Bane will ingest venom. When he does this he becomes an unstoppable monstrosity and you need to keep out of his way at all times unless you want to take massive chunks of damage.

Proceed to continue evading him and as soon as you get the opening, go in for a stun and perform a take-down on him.

Eventually, Bane’s thugs will enter the arena. This gives you the opportunity to charge up your shock gloves. Combo and leap from thug to thug to charge up your shock gloves as well as making short work of the thugs.

The charged shock gloves will allow you to go through Bane’s seemingly indestructible defenses so always go in for a combo of hits whenever you get an opening. Proceed to continue this while evading his charges and leaps eventually defeating him in the first encounter.

Second Encounter
Your second encounter is initially identical to the first one so follow the same drill and you can easily be done with the initial stage. Once you have reduced Bane’s health to near empty, a cutscene will occur and Bane will inject himself with T1 by the end of it.

This T-1 enhanced bane is an abomination and you will fall along with him to a basement area where you will continue with the second portion of this fight.

Note: T-1 Enhanced bane is immune to standard attacks and can’t be countered so evade is the only actual close range defense you have against him.

The area where you’re fighting is a rectangular hall which consists of two cell blocks with a corridor between them. The blocks are riddled with vents and there are also electrified doors alongside the corridors.

The seemingly easiest way to get damage onto Bane here is by luring him onto a takedown spot near the electrified doors.

Once you have lured him in, go in for a beat-down sequence and knock him into a wall or a door by the end of it and then run like crazy while evading any attacks. Rinse and repeat this process and you will be going through this fight with ease.

Note: Midway through the fight your detective mode radar will be disabled.

When this happens you may either choose to clear the interference through your disruptor or fight using your normal senses. Three electrical doors coupled with another beat-down are enough damage to take down Bane in this fight.

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