Batman: Arkham Origins Deadshot Side Missions Guide

Deadshot is one of the few villains hired by Black Mask to take out the Dark Knight in Batman: Arkham Origins, but he is still an optional foe, and it is possible not to encounter him at all during your course of the game.

For those who want to though, you’ll have to take on the side-quest involving Deadshot. There is no direct confrontation between you and the eagle-eye assassin, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled and ears unplugged to take on the clues.

Initiating the Batman: Arkham Origins Deadshot Side Missions
After your encounter with Copperhead, you’ll be heading to the bridge to track down Electrocutioner’s signal. While on the way, you’ll receive word from Alfred of an S.O.S in The Bowery. You need to go there to start the Deadshot side-mission.

Investigating the Crime Scene
Head to the location of the S.O.S. There is a police chopper that has been shot down, and you need to investigate.

Set up a crime scene investigation, and follow Batman’s suggestions. It’s a pretty lengthy investigation, like that of Sionis’s murder. You’ll be going up and down from the building you start off from.

You’ll also be doing plenty of rewinding; take your time because you’ll need to find several small details during the rewinding/forwarding of the crime scene. Head down to the body to complete the crime scene once you have found everything.


Now, you need to look at the other laser during Detective mode, and spot the location where Deadshot may have fired from. It’s a small radio tower, head there and scan the bullet, and you will receive a message from Deadshot. He wants you to meet him at the Gotham Merchant’s Bank.

Go to the bank and enter it from the roof. Deadshot will be present there, alongside a set of other enemies. Use your element of surprise to quickly take his subordinates out, and then focus on Deadshot.

Make sure you stay away from him, as he does lots of damage, especially on Hard difficulty. Deadshot is more or less a slightly powerful armored thug, but the method of fighting him remain the same; cape-stun him and beat him up.

Once one-third of his health is left, he will call in additional armored thugs to fight against you.

Take them out, and then finish off whatever is left of Deadshot. By the end of it, he’ll take up a hostage. Typical sore loser. He will kill the hostage if you get too close, so get out of sight from him. More thugs will appear in the area, with one of them having a jammer.

Take them all out, and then head to the second floor. You can’t take Deadshot out from the front, so you will need to sneak up behind him and perform a silent take-down. Once you do so successfully, the mission will end.

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