Batman: Arkham Origins Cheats, Easter Eggs and Exploits

The Batman: Arkham series has had its share of Easter Eggs that tease various characters and entities from the comics. Arkham Origins is not different, as it contains quite a few various Easter Eggs and other interesting secrets that can be exploited.

This article will list the ones we have discovered so far. Note that some may contain SPOILERS, so read at your own risk!

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Batman: Arkham Origins Cheats, Easter Eggs and Secrets

Jingle Bells
It’s snowing and stuff, and for the Joker, it’s the perfect time to quote a famous song popularized by The Simpsons. During the final Blackgate encounter, Joker will single a part of the “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells” song.

Joke Dancing
During the final encounter, if you don’t punch Joker for a while, he’ll start dancing. You can continue to walk around if you like, but he’ll just keep on dancing till you actually give him a taste of your fist.

Free Flow Fifty Achievement Exploit
The Free Flow Fifty achievement has a seemingly heavy demand of an x50 combo, but it can be easily achieved in the first combat challenge called “Intensive Training”. The fourth round of the challenge will have plenty of enemies, and none of them will have shields or armor, so you can dish up a huge combo.

Perform normal strikes, then jump over enemies, and strike them again. Keep doing this to avoid being hit, and you should get it all the way up to x50 easily. Don’t perform combos or finishers, because you’ll need to keep the enemies alive to get to 50.

Point Counter-Point Achievement Exploit
Early on in the game, you’ll fight Deathstroke. He’s one of the most physically powerful villains in the DC Comics universe along with Shiva. This achievement demands you do not get hit by Deathstroke at all.

In order to do this, you need to counter his attacks by pressing Y every time. Once you do so, attack him with a normal strike. This will initiate a QTE where you would need to press the counter button again at the right time.

If you fail to time the press correctly, you will get hit, and this achievement will fail. Pause the game and restart the mission, which will put you back at the beginning of the fight. Keep attempting this again, and you’ll be able to get the achievement.

Flawless Display Achievement Exploit
Shiva is perhaps the physically strongest character in DC Comics, is one of the Assassins on the Most Wanted list. Once you play through the story, head to the Gotham Merchant’s Bank, located in The Bowery district. You need to listen for a crying baby here, and inspect the empty stroller in front of the bank to begin the quest.

You then have to go through a series of tasks for Shiva. Once you do, you will meet up with her in Sheldon Park.

You need to take no damage whatsoever during the fight to complete the mission. Use the cheap tactic of hitting an enemy, then jumping over to avoid getting hit, and strike again. This will make the fight last much longer, but it will ensure you do not get hit.

If you get hit during the fight, pause and choose restart to make the entire fight start from the beginning.

Infinite Space Glitch
Glitchers will enjoy this one bug in the game which will lead you to a place of oblivion. Know that this glitch will render your save completely useless, so only perform it if you feel like goofing around.

When you are reloading the game in Wonderland during the Mad Hatter encounter, you can descend into the map and fall into the abyss below. This happens most when inside the clock tower room.

Stepping off the ledge will kill you during this glitch. Not only that, you will return off-map, making it impossible to get out, and your save will be destroyed!

Don’t forget to share any other cheats, easter eggs and exploits you come across in Batman: Arkham Origins.

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